Can you pls make this or something close to this for console I’m dying for good shaders that work. As a result, computer-generated scenes can look more realistic and gorgeous in lighting and shade. Can you please fix that bug with grass? Don’t even look at this Nicinator, these comments are just from people who are filled with jealousy and entitlement due to their inability to afford RTX Gpus. Looks really cool! For mobile, the laws of thermodynamics won’t allow that but your 20 IQ brain won’t understand that. I know it’s a PBR Ressource Pack for RTX, but can I test it on my phone?I hope it will not burn LOL.

That’s the Minecraft specs for ray tracing: RTX 2060 or above but you can get the upcoming RTX 3000 series cards which are cheaper and have better performance than the 2080 ti. Yeah why are you rating one star. And do you have the RTX beta (1.15) installed?

It is impossible for me to make my own RTX.

(I actually made them all with paint xD). but of course in my pc it’s going to be nice! This is just a texture pack for the shaders. wish me luck. I don’t think you realise, they literally can’t. Apparently people are confused on what this is, so to be clear:

There is no fix for the brightness in the caves. But hopefully it will be soon , Ok I think I’m gonna upgrade to RTX, is RTX 2060 enough? The shader is excellent. ESTN Shaders 1.6.2 has come to Mcpedl one last time as the Win10 Update! 41 Realistic Texture RTX Texture Pack PE 1.12 to 1.14 [no lag] FlipoChannel. If your PC is compatible, switch to that version and you should be good! Click Done. Thanks for remembering me that this update finally came out! And this requires an RTX graphics card that mobile phones will probably never have in the next 10 years.

3149 6796 152K.

bruh, Can You Try Making A Non RTX Version Of The Texture Pack Thanks Best Regards-mikegaven.

Any device other than windows 10 that runs bedrock is not powerful enough, and it’s not the creators fault. You need a NVIDIA RTX card on windows 10 AND 1.15 beta to get ray tracing.

what if you dont have the system requirements make one for radeon and intel bro, If you don’t have the system requirements, this pack will not work. I don’t want to give such a permission to a liar. mine doesn’t work, its windows 10, but it doesn’t work.

Most of the people that don’t know what Vanilla RTX is aren’t even reading the title. GTX cards don’t have any RT cores that are specifically made for path tracing / ray tracing.

It’s not an OS or piece of software. If that is the case I don’t exactly know what could go wrong.

Can you flipping understand that if mobile devices or xbox devices got this they would explode/be unable to play the game due to limitations in an instant?

Unless you have a RTX graphics card, this will not work. Go to the ".minecraft" folder and then to the "ShaderPacks" folder. I’ll link it here, oh nvm somebody made it Anyways amazing pack!

I know what I am talking about.

NO IT DOESN’T WORK ON MOBILE AND CONSOLES. You are so stupid… BlackPistol I know that what I am saying will upset you, but for now you can either wait until you are able to buy a GPU with RT cores or you can wait for the full release 1.16 to access beautiful shaders that may serve as substitutions for ray tracing in Minecraft.

I don’t know exactly which operating systems you installed on your RTX laptop but it needs Windows 10 to work. I HATE THIS KIND OF COMMENT On xbox and PS4, it has only 60 FPS and not RTX for them. The _mer and _normal files should never have transparent pixels in them. It’ll probably look the exact same.

Device: PC, Xbox series X, PS5 (no mobile device), Supported graphics cards: NVIDIA RTX 20xx, NVIDIA RTX 30xx, Xbox series X GPU, PS5 GPU, The version number at the bottom right corner of the screen should be, Download "Vanilla-RTX-v2.2.mcpack" from this page, Minecraft will import the file automatically, Select "Vanilla RTX" inside the global resources settings, Download "Vanilla-RTX-3d-stone-addon-v2.2.mcpack" from this page, Select "Vanilla RTX 3D Stone Addon" and "Vanilla RTX" inside the global resources settings (the addon needs to be on top of "Vanilla RTX"). But it will still require an RTX graphics card.

But could you try to create a shader that fakes the lighting like the java edition shader, but works for win10 bedrock edition pls? No, it will not work in the 1.16 beta.


I could just be being stupid though lol.

Hey! This is a texture pack for the Minecraft RTX Beta. and if you cant try to upscale it a little bit maybe to 32x or 64x. Mojang added this because so many players complained that it was too dark in caves. 80% of the comment When RTX releases it will automatically work in the newest version.

Click Done. to have reflective surfaces on some objects, rays of light, and global illumination that allows light to be more emissive and perhaps more vivid. Fixed the featured image to show correctly instead of distorted.

@Mr Caterson This is the installation directory. 16x 1.16 Texture Pack 30 17 … So don’t go screaming about why it doesn’t work on your toaster, RTX IS A RAY TRACING DONT CRYYY RTX IS FOR HIGH DEVICE. You Stupid Moron,You Dumb Fuck,You Absolute Buffon RTX İs Not A Shader.İt İs A Technology That İs Aimed At Making Light Simulation More Realistic.You Need A Nvidia Graphics Card For RTX But İt İs Super Laggy İf You Are Not Using Nvidia RTX Line Of Graphics Cards. Hey, the card you’ve got is still super good, and will hold up for a quite a while still, I imagine. It must be for 1.15 beta and above with an RTX GPU.

This is for MCPE its sad to see stuff only for windows 10 thats why i came here i came here for mcpe shaders not windows 10. Where is the water?

ESTN Shaders Official Release. look at the title and requirements. in that folder you can delete the resource pack. Dude some of these comments… THIS ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS 10 COMPUTERS. If you’re on Windows 10 Edition, it does.

But you will need an RTX graphics card.

I guess a base-line for an attempt to create a vanilla RTX pack on my own?

We’ll see about that.. , It will work if you shove an RTX card in your phone. Hence, it’s possible to use this texture pack for Mobile, but your device has to be tethered to an RTX computer system, yet its battery’s power would be depleted.

Shaders in the Bedrock Edition can change the overall colors or make the surface of the water more realistic. I know its for win10 only but i tried in my phone only invisible water lol, the invisibildy glass or water is in the texture, because it should be reflected from rtx. thank you.


Sorry but I can’t do this. And this pack isnt rtx it’s a texture pack for rtx, I have windows 10 mcpe but for some reason the graphics don’t work some blocks are affected by the addon but everything else like light and graphics doesn’t work, you need a specific kind of processor for it to work properly.

heres a much better way to get minecraft rtx like graphics on a windows 10 computer without an rtx graphic card: 1: download minecraft java edition …This comment section made me lose brain cells. Click Manage.

It ONLY works with an RTX capable graphics card in the RTX beta!

Sorry for the abuse comments mate. Therefore I decided to use Minecraft RTX. 36 Shaders Texture SSIPE shaders (Super Realistic) PE 1.12 - 1.13 [no lag]

I figured out what caused a lot of blocks to glow.

I really enjoy playing Minecraft with your texture pack for Minecraft RTX Beta (even though my RTX 2060 super is tortured by that )

It’s made to work on Nvidia high end devices. I found a pack that makes the vanilla textures more 3D.

Right now the nether is not optimized for RTX, that’s a beta issue, and has nothing to do with this texture pack. I think this saved me at least 4 hours.

Perhaps in the future Mojang’s Render Dragon system will support like some fancy shadows and stuff on other devices, but for the forseeable future the only devices capable of running the full-on path tracer are computers with an RTX graphics card.

It doesn’t matter if you have this ‘superphone’, the GPU just cannot run RTX because of how the physical chip is structured. By Nicinator|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, PBR + | Vanilla Textures with improved lighting and depth! That Temperatures Can Burn Your Hands İf You Hold İt For Even 10 Seconds.Thats Why You Cant Use RTX On İOS And Android Even İf You Get RTX Beta Running On A Phone İt Would Probably Explode Because Of Overheating.But I Dont Think You Understand This Because You Are Probably A Five Year Old Looking At Your Logic That Makes You A Stupid Moron,Dumb Fuck And An Absolute Buffon.I Think No One Needs To Write Another Comment Here Because He Will Probably Dont Understand. (Liars make me mad) Hi, this is simply the best RTX pack. Though, I am quite new to this stuff.. How did ya get something like iron bars, or the doors to work??

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