RideApart found both bikes to be extremely well-balanced, and their smaller size makes them great for shorter riders, especially female riders. Throttle is responsive but smooth, torque-rich but entirely manageable. Or, well, perhaps that’s a misleading statement. I would normally place myself solidly in the romantics/dreamers/travellers/poets circle but the goofiness of the V85TT’s electronics, along with the fact that Moto Guzzi’s electronics have a history of being far more ambitious than reliable, draws me just a little bit into that nasty group of cynics. However, this dirt lane was probably a mile and a half shorter than the road to Dan’s place. How reliable are the new Moto Guzzi's??

The 853-cc motor makes a not-class-leading but also not embarrassing 79 horsepower at 7,750 rpm. The Interceptor starts at $5799, and the Continental GT 650 at $5999. Going back to that mystery button, if it does help connect the bike to your phone then you’ll (theoretically) be able to use an app that Moto Guzzi says allows you to control various phone functions via switchgear (It would be hilarious – and not terribly surprising – if volume were controlled via the bike’s horn button: quick beeps to turn the volume up, and a long blast to turn the volume down), as well as use your phone as a sort of secondary dashboard. It also feels very stable when you're in a corner. My first bike was an 800-cc Triumph Tiger, and other entrants in the class, like Ducati's excellent Multistrada 950 S or BMW's F900, offer compelling reasons to ditch the weight, cost and complexity of bigger, full-fat ADV units. Which is fortunate considering the fact switching riding modes is such a pain in the ass. Both claim to have roughly the same horsepower (80 hp for the V85TT vs 79 hp for the Bonneville T120) but my butt dyno says that’s not true; the Bonnie has markedly more oomph, especially at the top end. Coupled with the shape of the seat, it made for an extremely comfortable ride. The $3599 Honda Super Cub 125 is the modern recreation of the original Super Cub, the best-selling motor vehicle ever. Another high point on the V85 is its seat, which is one of the best stock motorcycle seats I've experienced to date. cbr500r review. As I mentioned in the review I wrote for Common Tread, it’s near impossible to talk about the V85TT without using the word “character.” That has long been the selling point of any Moto Guzzi and this bike is no different. The Street Twin weighs just under 437 lbs dry, while the Speed Twin’s dry weight is 432 lbs.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The V85TT delivers a wonderful, stupid, raw experience that almost kills one’s concerns about reliability. On paper, with its screen, handguards, and luggage rack, the V85TT is a better proposition for long hauls and getting around in poor weather. In addition, Moto Guzzi’s accessory catalog rivals Harley-Davidson’s, meaning you’ll be able to customize your bike to exactly your specifications. The V7 III is available in a variety of trims, but all but the limited editions sticker for under $10,000.

The only real downside for the V85 as a long-distance tourer is the small windscreen -- though that will be rectified in the Travel model.

Of the two, the Street Twin is the more affordable: it starts at $9,300. Interested in buying a new motorcycle? Ever since I spent a summer with the Harley-Davidson Street Bob I have come to realize that character is important and necessary to me. Even the accessory bits, like aluminum luggage, look rugged and of better quality than the rebranded Givi kit** you’ll get on a Triumph Tiger 800 or Tiger 1200. A lot of people looking for their first Moto Guzzi have mailed me about what to look for when buying a used bike, which parts to check, models to avoid, reliability, price, and many other questions. Feet and hands fall exactly where they should, the riding position relaxed and upright. The less mature rider (ie, people like me) will be inclined to hoot or shout things like, “Hell yeah,” in Aquaman-style. Instead, it is part of the process of navigating the bike’s not-at-all-intuitive options menu. Being a Beemer guy I don't know much about the reliability of the Guzzi's. This is a touring/commuting motorcycle that can be taken to Dan’s house, but don’t start plotting your route on the TransAmerica Trail. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Guzzi engine is a real gem. You’ll be hard pressed to find many English-language articles about Torri, however. Both offer a great mix of character and modernity, the V85TT more so. Less agricultural than the former, not as slick as the latter, it's still a pleasant enough box to use. I didn’t get enough sustained seat time to make an informed judgment about long-distance comfort, but suffered no aches or pains during a day of mixed riding. The Continental GT feels lighter than the Interceptor, due to its handlebars and riding position. I hadn’t heard about him until Moto Guzzi made mention at a pre-ride presentation. Aging and crude but still useful and charismtaic, A class act. Because if I am, it will mean that the V85TT is the bike that made me fall in love with Moto Guzzi. Press the starter on the V85TT and the whole bike rocks to the right as its powerplant comes to life. Along with Aprilia and Vespa, Guzzi falls under the Piaggio umbrella of companies. Moto Guzzi says the bike’s ergonomics are designed to suit a wide range of rider heights – from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 1 inch – and I believe it. Both It’s actually surprising no one else has done this. Technical : The complex stuff - exciting but heavy reading, take your time. Moto Guzzi's eyelids didn't flutter and close because of adult-onset narcolepsy, or even impending death. BMW flat-twins do this, too, and it always makes me smile. Personally, I love that kind of stuff. The Triumph Bonneville is available in two trims, the T100 and T120. Long known for its reliable single-cylinder machines, Guzzi began building transverse V-Twins in the late ’60s and haven’t stopped since. Moto Guzzi is another Italian motorcycle brand known for its impressive style, however, with lots of reliability issues.

The 2019 Moto Guzzi V85TT has an old-school feel but loads of technowhizzbangery Not Just Another Pretty Face. Follow more updates from MotorBiscuit on our Facebook page. Rolling through town or hustling along country roads, however: awesome++. It has the same 125cc engine, albeit with a traditional 4-speed manual.

So, you control the headlights using two switches in two very different locations. Just a little bit, though. Even if it means that they'll go for another kind of bike.

The experience on the highway is similarly enjoyable.

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