Especially topics on when they will get the delivery or which boutique has the most stock available.

Unfortunately, the more senior SAs already have long lists of clients they’re working with, which means you will be competing with a larger pool of people for the bag. I remembered stumbling upon a photo on the PurseForum of this gorgeous Gold colored Birkin on the arm of my favorite style icon at the time, Miroslava Duma. Also, you need to build up a relationship with the sales associate in a store if you want to get a Birkin. But for those of you who want to skip the hassle of dealing with getting one at the boutiques, luckily there are sites like Fashionphile, The RealReal, and Vestiaire Collective where you could easily get a pre-owned, preloved Birkin! I had great experiences shopping at this mothership store in Paris. I was lucky enough to meet a very friendly sales this time in London who gave me a “hint” instead of disclosing anything specific. Real vs. In my experience, dressing up nicely or wearing Hermes products do not guarantee you get offered a Birkin. It looks like I might have to get gifts throughout the year in order to get a bag fo her. After chatting more about the new colors and designs they had for the season, she eventually opened up and asked me to wait. Stay in touch with the SA via email or text. So work your charm! She took me to a private room and showed me a 35 Birkin in bamboo color. That was offered by the same sales associate who sold me the bamboo Birkin a few years back. Try your luck as a walk-in at Hermes boutiques. As a sale representative at Hermes, they are restricted from disclosing any information to customers. We didn’t have to line up outside to get an appointment. Moreover, their available bags are really for collectors who are VIPs or are looking for special leather, sharp colors, bold color block etc. I am neither a VIP at Hermes nor celebrity but I have brought back a total of five Birkin bags from the Hermes boutiques (United States and Paris) within three years. This works to your advantage because you don’t have to compete with as many people, that means your chance of scoring a Birkin with the newer SA is much higher! Whereas with the newer SAs, they are still trying to build their clientele and have far fewer clients. Once you’ve developed the relationship with the store, getting a Birkin is a lot easier. My favorite past time used to be browsing the PurseForum and reading up on all things Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc. However, what you buy and who you buy it from matters. I don’t know if my strategies will work again under FSH store’s new appointment system, but they are definitely worth trying. I lost patience when it comes to buying a bag from Hermes boutique. I just walked into a friendly sales associate and told her that I wanted to buy a bag but not sure what to get. If the bag is not completely perfect, it will be rejected and does not make it to the shop floor. It was an amazing feeling to get an offer and I happily bought it.

Spend a lot more and become a big client for an offer for a crocodile or ostrich Birkin/Kelly/Constance. Show up later in the day and see if there is one leather specialist available to help you without an appointment. So, what are your thoughts on the Birkin? My wife has been eyeballing a kelly bag for ages.

I think my SA knows about all my trips, my horrible house building experience, my crazy obsession with shoes and bags, etc. How you ask and when to ask for it matters. Some were obtained as a walk-in while others required certain purchase history. You need to have a genuine interest and appreciation for the brand. Sales associates know that men who walk into the store are ready to spend $$$. You probably heard stories about the exclusiveness of the Birkin. I wanted a neutral colored Birkin, but they only had bright colors left for the day. Have you always wanted one, or do you think it’s crazy to jump through hoops to spend that kind of money on a bag?

4 Tips on Buying Your Very First Birkin Bag, What My Husband Went Through For My First Birkin, 3 Types of Bags For Under $300 You’ll Need This Spring. We chatted a little bit. Looking back, that was when I discovered Hermes and learned about the Birkin. If you do have any tips on ‘How to buy a birkin at the Hermes boutique’ or did successfully got one from the boutique, do comment below and I would love to hear your stories!

But, this time, she felt really bad and offered me a special order. Even if you play their games right, you might still not get one unfortunately. Most people don’t realize that every SA is allotted the same amount of inventory to offer to their clients.

I made a few contacts with their sales and got their ‘hint’ to help you buying your first Birkin at the Hermes boutique. It would have been much quicker if I bought less popular products that had higher commissions, such as fine jewelry, clothing, and home products.

And even then, getting your dream bag in the color, size, and leather of your choice is not a guarantee.

If you only buy non-Birkin/Kelly items, it may take you longer to get a bag offer, especially as a new client. With this, many people have asked me to share my experiences and tips on how to get a Birkin. This is the reason they encourage their customers to explore other things in the stores aside from the Birkin or Kelly. Therefore, there is a high probability that they have more Birkins in stock. It was a black Birkin in size 35! My husband walked into the same boutique that offered me the bamboo Birkin and told a lovely SA that he wanted to get something special for my birthday.

They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more.

It was a 35 black birkin in gold hardware (as shown below). Try to buy fine jewelry, clothing or home products and have the sales associate in these departments to introduce you a leather specialist without an appointment. The greeting team just assigned one leather specialist to see us immediately. Where do I begin…before I get into the 4 tips on buying your very first Birkin bag, here’s a little backstory on how I discovered the  IT bag. I was able to select the exterior/interior leather/colors, the stitching and hardware. She politely explained that I needed to have a relationship with the store first.

Choose a SA that is new! So work your charm! It was a total obsession to say the least. A Luxury Classic Style Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, Do not ask for a Birkin right away but do ask. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I remembered feeling super nervous and out of place. That meant I had to build my profile by starting out with items like scarves, jewelry, other style bags, and slowly build my way up to the Birkin.

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