Rewards: 500 Exp, 500 Gols, +10 Relationship with Gust. The first thing you want to play on is the See-Saw, so you can get an achievement out the way. Broken Mirror. You buy these from Alice’s Flower Shop. Gives -2, except for Aadit, Alice, Oakes, Tody and Papa Bear, who give +1.

And you’ve probably completed a couple of other secondary missions as well. This is a straightforward mission where you accept her invitation to watch the sunset the following evening.

1 Pigments (easiest to purchase these from the Clothing Store).

community members have thanked the author. Wood. So make sure you feed QQ at least five times to complete the mission. Tea Set (+15) – You can only get these, on occasion, by completing Workshop Inspections. You sometimes get this from boxes in Abandoned Ruins #2. Once you reach Familiar and Pinky comes to live with you, you’ll unlock. He's a member of the Civil Corps. Arlo is one of the most popular bachelors in all of Portia. Brings back more loot when commissioned at the Civil Corps. Phyllis will comment that she loves the Hot Pot from the Winter Solstice celebration and want to make some.

The easiest by far is Apples and Aroma Apples (which you can get by kicking Apple trees).

You sometimes get this from boxes in Abandoned Ruins #1.

You are only able to gain a certain amount of Relationship Points a day, by: There are levels to how an NPC will react to being given a gift: The exception is Neutral gifts, which will usually give +1 Relationship Points. It's also not surprising that he has a distaste for sweet foods since they are the polar opposite of spicy.

This is the first romantic mission with Gust.

Asteria (Bouquet).

Crystal (+6) – easily mined from Amber Island. Given when you want to divorce your spouse.

You gain Relationship Points by performing social interactions with people, and by gifting/going on dates with NPCs. Animal Feces. It’s worth investing in this skill, as it will speed up (a little) the time it takes to get to a good relationship status.

He’ll give you 200 Gols and asks you to find Gust. You buy these from Alice’s Flower Shop.

He's a member of the Civil Corps.

There are also Universal Gifts, that (with the exception of one or two people) will see NPCs react the same way. If you want to increase your relationship with her again for the perks, just give her gifts every day. When you get the conversation options, you need to pick either “Okay, I’ll do it” or “Sure, but why didn’t you ask one of your family members?” to proceed in the mission.

When you’re on the See-Saw, you’ll be given the chance to hold down .

Help us fix it by posting in its.

Displaying relics, either in your Yard or in the Museum (when it’s open). This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.

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