Due to the current situation, there may be some severe delays in shipping. They never nests within soil, and they use their own brood (larvae) to weave. It is even bigger than our native Camponotus ligniperdus.

We guarantee your queen will arrive alive or will be replaced free of charge. Myrmecia pyriformis. Be sure to check back regularly as once listed they often sell out very quickly. Very easy to keep: dry terrarium with observation nest, additional heat source.

Myrmecia are a semi claustral ant and queens need regular feeding whilst raising their first workers. Colony numbers in the wild will often be in the hundreds. Myrmecia brevinoda Product No. We do not recommend Myrmecia species for kids starting out with ant keeping due to their powerful sting and slow development from eggs to workers. Ant Queen Bullant Myrmecia Simillima (ergatoid) Regular price $350.00 Sale Colony Size scroll down here Queen with 1 to 3 workers Queen with eggs or Larvae Queen with Colony 5 + workers and larvae Queen with 30 plus workers new eggs Hebel Farm and large outworld with sliding lids. Similar to other Myrmecia species they have a very good sight. Here at Ants Everything we have all of your queen ant, formicarium and ant keeping equipment in one place. COTW 055 - Hormurus waigiensis - Endoxyla mackeri. Shipping to abroad is only possible on customers risk ! Gestation can be very long, sometimes as much as 6 month from egg to worker. Specimens will grow up to 25mm, making this an average to large sized bull ant. Our queen ants and colonies are from the famous Gamergate brand. Our queen ants and colonies are from the famous Gamergate brand. Tip: May be you can get more information here. Colony numbers in the wild will often be in the hundreds. Only 1 available Oecophylla smaragdina (Green Weaver) queen ant. Ant Queen Bullant Myrmecia Pyriformis SPECIAL PRICE SAVE 20% Queen with larvae Regular price $250.00 $199.99 Sale Ant Queen Piedole Harvester big headed Ant A beautiful colored and mainly in Southeastern Australia distributed ants species with beautiful green-purpur shimmer. Queen Ants For Sale Formicarium, Outworlds & Equipment Blogs Ant Keeping Video Tutorials Contact Us Sign In My Account. These beautiful ants are also known as bull ants. : 1003659 Shippingtime: unavailable (abroad may vary) Weight: 0,07 kg per piece. Smaller Myrmecia species with smaller colonies which is easy to keep and which is not very aggressive. These ants should only be attempted by expert ant keepers. These ants should only be attempted by expert ant keepers. Similar to other Myrmecia species they have a very good sight. Very easy to keep: dry terrarium with observation nest, additional heat source. Myrmecia pyriformis queen ant. The eyesight of these ants is incredible - they will often follow you across the room. Kalytta eCommerce, Version , © 2006 - 2020 Benjamin Kalytta. Noticeable colored Myrmecia species. from 180.00. from 60.00. They are they second biggest ant in Australia, with the queen coming in at 30mm.

Taxonomie: SubfamilyMyrmiciinae, Tribe Myrmeciini; Distribution: East Australia A more timid bull ant species, Myrmecia nigriscapa is a rich red colour with a black tip on the gaster. COTW 091 - Cicindela semicincta - Tentegia weevil, COTW 090 - Rhino beetle - Phyllium monteithi, COTW 089 - Xeroderus kirbii - St Andrew's Cross spider, COTW 088 - Milionia queenslandica - Moth larva, COTW 087 - Macropanesthia rhinoceros - Prosopocoilus torresensis - Utra nitida, COTW 084 - Dystipsidera flavipes - Mopsus mormon, COTW 083 - Aclopinae - Aesa media - Erotylidae, COTW 080 - Aesa media - Eophileurus dentatus - Utra nitida, COTW 079 - Aenetus mirabilis - Ambulyx dohertyi - Imba tropicus, COTW 078 - Austrophorella quadrisignata - Pterolophia_luctuosa - Temognatha vitticollis, COTW 077 - Calloodes rayneri - Temognatha vitticollis - Temognatha carpentariae, COTW 076 - Temognatha carpentariae - Temognatha nickerli, COTW 074 - Parceadecia serrata - Heirodula majuscula - Parapodacanthus hasenpuschorum, COTW 072 - Eupoecila evanescens - Arideus thoracicus, COTW 069 - Ephippitytha kuranda - Acauloplacella suehasenpuschae - Cystopsaltria immaculata, COTW 068 - Eupoecila australasiae - Lyraphora velutina - Neorrhina punctatum, COTW 067 - Leptopius brachystylus - Cyphogastra venera, COTW 066 - Anoplognathus aeneus - Anoplostethus laetus, COTW 065 - Repsimus aeneus - Anoplostethus laetus, COTW 064 - Hawk moths - Xixuthrus microcerus, COTW 063 - Anoplognathus rothschildti - Cyphogastra vulnerata, COTW 060 - Macropanesthia rhinoceros - Coscinocera hercules, COTW 058 - Eudocima aurantia - Neostauropus babrochlora - Millonia queenslandica, COTW 057 - Anoplognathus smaragdinus - Anoplognathus porosus - Repsimus aeneus, COTW 055 - Hormurus waigiensis - Endoxyla mackeri, COTW 054 - Coscinocera hercules - Archetypus frenchi, COTW 053 - Bull ants - Myrmecia nigrocincta, COTW 046 - Leptopius maleficus - Platymopsis agena - Semanopterus subcostatus, COTW 038 - Calloodes grayanus - Parasitic Fly, COTW 036 - Calodema plebeia - Bubastes cylindrica, COTW 035 - Trichaulax concinna - Trichaulax macleayi - Lamprima latrielli, COTW 034 - Anoplostethus laetus - Anoplognathus smaragdinus, COTW 033 - Cyphogastra pistor - Austrophorella quadrisignata - Temognatha vitticollis, COTW 030 - Cyphogastra vulnerata - Male Rhino, COTW 029 - Utra nitida - Macropanesthia rhinoceros, COTW 028 - Temognatha regia - Temognatha duboulayi, COTW 027 - Temognatha duboulayi - Castiarina hypocritta, COTW 026 - Calodema plebeia - Anoplognathus aureus, COTW 025 - Castiarina rollei - Rhytiphora, COTW 021 - Ghost Moth - Aenetus tegulatus, COTW 020 - Anoplostethus laetus - Anoplognathus smaragdinus, COTW 019 - Anoplostethus laetus - Anoplognathus aureus, COTW 018 - Anoplostethus laetus - Anoplognathus abnormis, COTW 017 - Cacostomus squamosus - Acauloplacella suehasenpuschae, COTW 016 - Xmas Beetles - Anoplognathus smaragdinus, COTW 014 - Garradunga beetle - Pterodunga miriable, COTW 003 - Leaf Insect: Phyllium monteithi, COTW 002 - Hercules Eggs & Pupae: Coscinocera hercules, COTW 001 - Hercules Moths: Coscinocera hercules. Diet: sugar - honey water, insectsA great colored great Camponotus.

In contrary with Camponotus nigriceps this Campontus is far more aggressive and has a faster colony growth. A great colored great Camponotus. These specie lives in trees where they build their nests between leaves.

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