like ninety percent of this fic is just them Thinking. Appearances of Nathaniel Malick (Earth-1010), Character Gallery: Nathaniel Malick (Earth-1010), Quotations by Nathaniel Malick (Earth-1010), The key to controlling the Quake powers lies in emotional self-control. The Chronicoms kept Wilfred alive for another six years, though, and although he was killed by Deke his son Nathaniel was never sent to Maveth - and remains a force to be reckoned with. :). He was used to the feeling of standing at the edge of an abyss and trying not to fall in.

AU of 7x10. There, Nathaniel Malick happens to come across Garrett, who is fresh out of S.H.I.E.L.D training and more than willing to align himself with the growing power of Hydra. After having to watch her mother die again, this time at the hands of a Malick, Daisy has some trouble controlling her emotions and powers so May and Daniel have to calm her down. Since we’re back in 1983, we’re seeing a new actor take on the role of Garret, but he’s got a major … It's unclear how closely he is with Hydra, but he's likely still in close contact with Daniel Whitehall, their expert on all things Inhuman. The most dangerous changes to the timeline, however, involve the Malick family. a good ending (judging from the way it’s been going so far!).

Some of the changes are disturbingly personal, including the fact poor Mack lost his parents in 1976. SHIELD believed he had been died, or at least badly injured, when his newly-acquired powers backfired; but it seems that wasn't the case. This story mostly follows canon but is interspersed with missing moments between Daisy and Sousa that I imagine could have happened off-screen.Depending on how this season ends, this fanfic might turn into a fix-it but I have high hopes for the writers to give Daisysous/Dousy/Sousy (has a ship name been decided?!)

When the search for wanted fugitive Howard Stark comes to a stand still, a new agent named Daisy Johnson is sent from the Los Angeles office to help. The ancient Inhuman made its way back to Earth over 45 years later due in part to Gideon Malick's efforts. All that mattered was the way this undeniably new development made her ache in a way she had almost entirely forgotten, forsaken in fear. Daisy and Kora go to an alien bar to have a bit of a girl's night/sister bonding. Daniel & Daisy have entered a chronicom ship to look for their missing teammates. Nathaniel Malick was a member of Hydra during the mid-20th Century. They were her family? Coulson meets up with her and they attempt to escape together. He would feel for the notch to avoid drawing the white rock and becoming a sacrifice. If so, he has the potential to crack the planet like an egg, and he could well be one of the most dangerous foes SHIELD has ever fought.

Amid the loop of destruction and death, their very existence on the line, Daisy ironically felt safe in this moment. Nathaniel Malick; Alternate Universe - College/University; nathaniel malick is a dick; Complete; Summary. When Nathaniel felt the notch on the white rock, he knew his brother had betrayed him. Nathaniel Malick has gained the powers of Quake in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sousa could see and hear everything that was being done to Daisy through the hole in the wall boards and it probably killed him to have to just sit and wait it out. And that’s when she knew. Four generations later the Forgotten have resurfaced, displaying new and dangerous abilities. More: Marvel's New Project Insight Targets Explained: Who Every Character Is. Now, on top of trying to figure out where Stark is, Daniel suddenly has to fight with his feelings for the mysterious and beautiful new agent. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nathaniel Malick. Transportation: None known. That may be especially the case given Quake's powers were boosted in Agents of SHIELD season 5, apparently permanently, and Nathaniel may already be operating at that high power level. She would run into walls if that’s what it took. That isn't to say Nathaniel will have been without help, though. He was used the worry, the fear, to people he cared about throwing themselves into danger. Whitehall tried to shake their belief in the Hydra religion by suggesting their father rigged the lot-drawing ceremony so he would never be sacrificed to the Hydra god, and told the Malick brothers to look for evidence of their father's cowardice in his copy of Paradise Lost. Nathaniel decides to keep Coulson from figuring out his plan by bragging about future recruits.

A look at one of Kora’s missions as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. Nathaniel Malick (portrayed by Joel Dabney Courtney in season three, Thomas E. Sullivan in season seven) is Gideon's brother, who he sacrificed to Hive. This is particularly impressive given he would have lacked the support of the Inhumans, who helped Quake understood how to control her abilities and avoid breaking her own bones with them. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Just as the team is facing their final battle with Malick, Fitz arrives displaying new time powers.

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