Bhā (Karanjit), Sāyami (Manandhar), Kāu (Nakarmi), Nāu (Nāpit), Chitrakār, Ranjitkar, Khusa (Tandukar), Balami, among others.

Buddhist Newars living in a baha—a residential quadrangle around a central court with Buddhist shrines and temples—consider themselves to be of common descent, making intermarriage a taboo. The Madhesiyā population have a history of being embraced by the Newar population. [4], Unlike the Hindu caste systems prevalent in Khas and Madhesi societies, the existence and influence of Buddhist "ex-monks" from ancient times in the Kathmandu Valley added a "double-headed" element to the Newar caste system. [13] Similarly, Madhesi royal clans including Malla themselves and their courtier castes like Kayastha, Hada, Chauhan, Chandel, Vaidhya, Rajput, etc. The Sae(n) were generally treated as water-unacceptable by Brahmans. Required fields are marked *. If you love reading our post, support us to keep it up.

Your email address will not be published. Newars are one of the major castes of Nepal. [3], According to various historical sources, even though the presence of varna and caste had been a known element in the social structure of the Kathmandu Valley since the Licchavi period (c., 3rd century CE), majority of the residents of the Nepal Valley were for the first time codified into a written code only in the 14th century in the Nepalarastrasastra by the Maithil–origin king Jayasthithi Malla (1354–1395 A.D.)[4] Jayasthithi Malla, with the aid of five Kānyakubja and Maithil Brahmins whom he invited from the Indian plains, divided the population of the valley into each of four major classes (varna)—Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra—derived from the ancient Hindu text Manusmriti and based on individual's occupational roles. [6] Exclusive religious preference largely disappears from this occupational caste which consists of people who numerically form the majority population among the Newars —the farmers and agriculturalists— and are collectively called the Jyapu. List of Nepali Surnames | Family Names in Nepal Get the famous, popular, surname of Nepal. [17] The Brahmins are higher in caste status than the king not because they are more powerful, but because of their superior ritual status.

Of these four groups, the first two form the core of the Buddhamargi Newars. [16] Despite the varna and endogamous caste differences between Chatharīya and Pañchthariya from the inside, non-Srēṣṭhas often tend to see them as a singular composite unit from the outside. Conversely, those Khas groups untouchable to the upper Khas groups themselves are also untouchable for the Newars. The Newar caste system is the system by which Newars, the historical inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley, are divided into groups on the basis of Vedic varna model and divided according to their hereditary occupations. They also serve as chief priests of the three Taleju Bhawani temples, the ista-devi of Mallas, the Kumbeshvar temple, among others. ➤ Jr. Business Development Officer. Locals at Thimi Bhatkapur watching ‘Newar festival Bisket Jatra’ (Pic, Anything missing? Referred to as 'Deva Brahman'(God Brahmin) or colloquially as 'Dyah Baje'(God Grandfather), these Brahmins with surnames Rajopadhyaya, Sharma, Acharya, among others, serve as family priest (purohit) primarily to the Hindu Srēṣṭha clans. the Gubhajus or Vajrachāryas, and Bares or Shākyas. Before the invasion of the valley, the three cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur were autonomous Newar kingdoms and the latter two cities still have large number of Newar residents. They have provided significant contribution to Nepali society and have been seen as the backbone of the Newar community. [18] In some areas the rule of "seven generations" of descent is observed; members who fall within the common descent group of seven generations are restricted from intermarriage. They are a prominent community in the business and cultural life of Kathmandu and have played key roles in the development of trade, industry, art, architecture, literature, and Buddhism in Nepal and the Himalayan region. Malla Khacarā, Thaku, Rajlawat, Bagha Shrestha, Bade Shrestha, "Shrestha" of mixed-caste marriages and unions, Providers of purification rituals to Deva Brahman—Jyapu, Painters of various deities, houses and temples, Also referred to as 'Māhābrāhman' or 'Pretabrāhman', This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 02:37.

[16] The remaining castes all fall under the rubric of "matwali" or liquor-drinking groups. Jyāpu group, consisting of several sub-castes or clans, viz Maharjan, Dangol, Awale, Suwāl, Duwal, Singh, Kumha/Prajāpati, Khusa/Tandukār, etc. Notable exception of the religious syncretism is that of the Bhaktapur Jyapus who maintain their exclusive affiliation to Hinduism and invite the Rajopadhyaya as their purohit, where as most Kathmandu and Lalitpur Jyapus invite the Vajracharya. ➤ Social Media Management The Newar Community

migrated into Kathmandu Valley in the 14th century and ruled as Malla kings and their nobility, who have since coalesced to form the current Chatharīya (Kshatriya) caste. ➤ Jr. Video Game Developer The Khadgis (Nāya/Shahi), Dhobis, Kapalis/Jogis, Halwais (Rajkarnikars) among other caste groups are also believed to have immigrated to Kathmandu Valley from the southern plains. [11] The most drastic change came only as late as 1935 A.D. during Juddha Shamsher's reign when amendments were made in the old legal code as a result of years of lobbying that granted the Rajopadhyayas the status of Upadhyaya Brahmans, and the Chatharīya Śreṣṭha the status of "pure" Kshatriya, enlisting these two Newar castes in the pan-Nepal tagadhari caste of "dwija" status. [9], Newars were not admitted in the army till 1951 A.D. -the year when the festival of Indra Jatra discontinued to be celebrated as "the Victory Day"— commemorating the conquest of the valley by the Gorkhali army. It was only those clientele Newar families patronized by the Ranas who succeeded in upgrading their social and economic status by imitating new norms of the Rana Durbar. For the non-Mongoloid hill 'Khas' tribe of the west who are in large part associated with the Gorkhali invaders, the term Partyā or Parbaté meaning hill-dweller is used in polite reference.

For Buddhist Newars, the non-celibate (gr̥hastha) priestly sangha class Vajracharyas and Shakyas ( who are collectively called "Bañdā" or "Baré") were provided with the highest position. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always thought that Subedi(s) belong to shudderingly stinking “Baahun” community. ➤ Music Nepal (Current Working Office) [8], The distinction between Hindu and Buddhist is largely irrelevant from the castes occupying the Shudra varna (Jyapu and below) as they generally do not differentiate between the either and profess both the religions equally and with great fervour.

1. After the takeover of power by the Khas rulers, Newars as a block were reduced to the status of an occupied subject race, and except for a loyal family or two, they were stripped of their social status and economic foothold. It was in 1863 A.D. that majority of the Newars were upgraded to "non-enslaveable" category, after Jung Bahadur's content at Newars' administration of public offices during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. Also listed is the approximate percentages of the major castes of Newars sampled within Kathmandu Valley. The Brahmins were like all other specialized service providers, except that they were considered higher to others in ritual purity. The Shakyas, who are next to the Bajracharyas in the caste hierarchy, can also be called Vihar priests. Boiled rice and dal (a sauce made of lentils), in particular, must not be accepted from a person of lower caste. First introduced at the time of the Licchavis (A.D. 300 – c. 879), the Newar caste system assumed its present shape during the medieval Malla period (A.D. 6 Easy Steps, Top 30 Bestselling Nepali Books Of Last Decade You DoNot Want To Miss, 28 BEAUTIFUL PICTURES FROM DIFFERENT ETHNIC GROUPS OF NEPAL TO PROVE ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’, Untold Story Of Bindu Pariyar, From Village Of Kaski To Dallas Strip Clubs, Check The New Rules What You Can And CanNot Bring Into Nepal From Abroad, 39 Timeless Photographs Of Historic Nepal You Must See, Nepalese Notes Among World’s Most Beautiful; Represent Animals & Stand Out In Colors Combination & Simplicity, The Truth Behind Narayan Gopal And Chandani Shah, Kristi Mainali, Where Is She Up To?

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