If you want to show the Browser user agent version in browser's Settings -> Advanced page, add following code to XML file: true, 11. So you need to make sure that you add any new code between these two tags. From long battery life to an amazing display to new S Pen tricks -- there's a lot to like about Samsung's latest phone. For example, to go home, you would swipe up from the center of the display where the home button used to be.

Open Settings and select "Display." You can copy the file to PC, edit it and then replace on mobile phone.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a superb smartphone and it is full of deep and rich features, so that is why I want to make sure you master every aspect of your Note 10 to maximize your ownership.

So as you can see in the above screenshot just type the code to your normal dialing keypad, that’s it the code will just execute. These phones have a hell lot of cameras, one 16 MP camera, two 12MP cameras and one 10MP camera. As you all know they are the flagships for the respective series with amazing specs like 6.3, 6.8 inches dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, 4300 mAh battery, stereo speakers, 512GB internal storage and 12GB of RAM.


Sir, i have samsung galexy s4 i9505 international lte support rooted how to enable volte calling in aosp custom romes. false Code to Enable Native Voice Call Recorder Feature.

Enable video over LTE, RCS, and other carrier features on U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 20 October 24, 2020 Download the Google Pixel 5’s hidden Conveyor Belt live wallpaper © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Now open the text file in your device, select all and copy the whole text and then you can replace existing code in your device's system\csc\others.xml file with the copied text. Code to Disable Anti-Malware Feature in Smart Manager Program. How to Turn Your Galaxy Note 10 into a Google Pixel, How To Get Android 10's New Gestures on Any Phone, What's New in iOS 14? Next up: Get the most out of this new-age S Pen of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus with these nifty tips and tricks below. For your convenience, we are providing a text file containing all above mentioned useful codes.

All Samsung Secret Codes List. After doing this, the "A-Z" option will also get removed from the Launcher screen and all apps will always be shown alphabetically in the list. The Note 10 Plus has a lot more going for it than just looks. true

There is no option provided to turn off this sound and we need to put the mobile phone on Silent mode if we want to mute the Camera shutter sound. You can use screen recordings to walk someone through troubleshooting their phone, show off a cool new feature, or even record yourself playing Fortnite -- complete with a video of your face as you drop in. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a superb smartphone and it is full of deep and rich features, so that is why I want to make sure you master every aspect of your Note 10 to maximize your ownership. Also Check:-Android Secret Codes List.

When you remove the S Pen from the Note 10, a series of options show up on your screen, tap on Smart Select. true

Part 1: What is the Secret Code(Samsung Galaxy Secret Code)? The Note 10 Plus has a lot more going for it than just looks. Smart Select isn't new, but it's worth pointing out.

I found almost 1000 codes in the firmware but very few of them worked on most of the devices. Share this article: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn, About the author: Vishal Gupta (also known as VG) has been awarded with Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award.

:), Optimus_Prime on February 2, 2016 at 11:44 am. We've already talked about how Samsung's decision to move the power button is jarring when you first start using the Note 10. But One UI 1.0 introduced its own gesture navigation, which is almost as good. You can download that file, put it on your device, copy the whole text from the file and replace the whole text in others.xml file with the copied code. This is another useful hidden feature. © 2020 SamsungSFour.Com. Assistant Menu. true All content, features, and design are Copyright 2001-2020 PhoneArena.com.

The Samsung secret codes are used by developers and designers to access hidden settings and features. With the help of the code given below you can add this new "Floating Messages" option in Settings app as shown in following image: true, 8. The all new Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 Plus are marvelous pieces of technology from the mobile phone giant Samsung. Fix the navigation bar layout.

After you get your phone, there's plenty to learn. i have confirmed that.


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