RESTful APIs have very different core principals, Manage API keys for developers, including providing a consistent way of authorization and authentication. Kong has moderate complexity when it comes to deployment. If not, the developer will have to wait in line in order to update API Gateway.

Kong vs Ocelot: What are the differences? It enables multiple independent teams to work on a large application without stepping over each other or dealing with long deployment times. This pattern provides a single entry-point for group(s) of microservices. Embedded dashboards are an easy way to share the insights you got from Moesif across your team and with your customers. Ocelot describes the routing of one request to another as a ReRoute.

However it might be something in the future! Such API platforms are built by API first companies like Stripe or Twilio and also companies with developer platforms such as Github or Twitter. PeriodTimespan: This value specifies that we can retry after a certain number of seconds. I will use a simple demo to show you how to use Ocelot. Furthermore, you can use Nginx on low power systems, and with the systems that operate under heavy loads. NGINX is the most popular HTTP server after Apache and IIS and also very high performing even at high request rates.

The API Gateway also becomes development bottleneck. , Some of the API gateways have large developer communities building scripts, questions answered on Stack Overflow, etc. We have just finished a PoC for API Gateway that uses Ocelot. Let’s focus on the following part (the configuration for Product API): Note: Do you remember two 2 services (APIs) that we already created at the beginning of the article? Besides, here is the list of features that we can do with Ocelot: Increasing adoption of Microservices Architecture and API first technology has introduced an array of different API Gateway/Management products. Apigee is the oldest API Gateway listed in this article. However, AWS API Gateway doesn’t have a large developer community writing extensions or plugins. I set TtlSeconds to 15 which means the cache will expire after 15 seconds. Note: Obviously, you can by pass the tollgate, but you will be arrested if they caught you — don’t do that :).

Rate limiting and billing which can be quota or usage based. Taking about Apache vs Nginx, both of the web servers process static and dynamic contents differently. Their design philosophy is to keep it minimal and declarative. KrakenD is also an open source product built in GoLang.

Moesif has plugins for popular API gateways such as Kong, Tyk and more.

In such use cases, API gateways can take a legacy SOAP service, apply data transformation to the API such as transforming from SOAP to REST and JSON to XML). Feature Completeness: Kong out of box provides many expected features of API Management, such as creating API keys, Routing to multiple microservices, etc. If the gateway includes such features, are features like the developer portal have a good user experience and design

Whether your publishing a public API or building a new integrations marketplace, While basic features are Depends on your perspective, Apigee can seem either bloated feature wise or be the full solution. Apigee Edge requires running 9-nodes minimum on-premises and includes running Cassandra, Zookeeper, and Postgres forcing deployment to be planned by a centralized infrastructure team spending many months planning the deployment. If you already are using AWS Lambda or EC2, you can deploy AWS API gateway in the same data center region as your upstream services so that the added latency will be less of an issue. You can visit this project’s Github page to find more information. It was founded in 2004 and acquired by Google in 2016.

Even though it comes with rate limiting, it doesn’t have billing integrations. Just like the web era had HTTP servers to serve those websites in production, APIs have API Gateways in order to serve APIs in production.

I believe, API Gateway is a reverse proxy that can be configured dynamically via API and potentially via UI, while traditional reverse proxy (like Nginx, HAProxy or Apache) is configured via config file and has to be restarted when configuration changes. Serverless

It's good to mention that Ocelot is an OpenSource project, I am part of the Three Mammals team, contributing to the tool/platform with bugfixes, and improvements, so if you're a contributor, feel free to create some PR's, I will be happy to check it out!

You can find the solution for PoC in my GitHub:,, How ignoring technical debt nearly destroyed a bank’s reputation, Waterfall vs. Agile Methodology in Software Development, The TICK Stack as a Docker Application Package, 5 Minute DevOps: You Can’t Measure Quality, No, You Won’t Get It Done Over the Weekend.

There are so many API Gateway frameworks from “Open Source” to “Commercial” — you have to buy license or subscription like NGNIX, Kong, Tyk, APIGee…. Besides Golang, Tyk has interpreters for running plugins in other languages like Javascript and Lua. Ocelot supports rate-limiting of upstream requests so that your downstream services do not become overloaded. Being based on Nginx, Kong is equipped with the OpenResty package and allows us to create plugins using Lua. One of the biggest concerns using AWS API Gateway is vendor lock in. , Similarly, API Gateway is a component that sits in front of your APIs and insides an intranet or firewall.

You define metrics, build your dashbo... Find out what’s important for PMs from the man who literally wrote the book on API product management, An in-depth discussion with Box’s first API product manager and Moesif advisor, Jeremy Galssenberg, covering a veritable A-Z of product management issues.

When setting this URL it should be the external URL that clients will see Ocelot running on e.g.

Ocelot is currently just a nuget package because I don't want to have the responsibility of looking at hosting options! Above isn’t an exhaustive list, here is a quick summary of some others: Azure API Gateway is very similar to AWS’s offering.

Add Ocelot APIGateway project to the solution.

Tyk is built on GoLang, which, as a system language, is designed for high throughput and parallelism. The port is the internal port of service.

Ocelot is being used by Tencent as well as Microsoft for some projects.

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