Poems: By others ©2012 Raven Kaldera    [email protected]    Hosted by NorthernPaganism.org. Let us remember your gifts, And honor you with well wrought work.

Our love and desire to honor you

Our second part to Honoring the Gods: Offerings for the Norse Gods and Spirits will be offerings for the Vanir tribe of gods, and the Jötnar (giants). peace between warring members of a group. Of course these lists of offering ideas and inspirations are not complete, as practitioners will find plenty of different items that please their chosen gods when working with them, and you may even find the gods rejecting offerings that worked for another devotee. © www.kenaz.ca.

Great Mother, accept our offering, Before Odin made his way onto the scene, Tyr was considered the main god worshiped by the early proto-Germanic people. Frigga prefers cleanliness and neatness. Bragi is a god of poetry, wisdom, music and storytelling, and delights in all sorts of offerings. He is rumored to be very easy to please, unlike his wife Idun. Mani is a god I feel personally attached too, although the only way I currently honor him is with a silver moon phase ring I wear daily, and always look up towards him when out at night. He is a god of knowledge and wisdom, and therefore he would understand that it truly is the thought that counts. May we aid each other in times of need. This work by

About & FAQ She is famously connected to fruits, especially the apple or pomegranate, and these fruits imparted immortality to whoever ate them. Take in other people’s foster children. He is said to be a very easy god to please, and is the only god I actively honor upon my own altar. by Gyðja of

Forsetti is only mentioned twice within the old Norse sagas, and according to Snorri, he is the son of Baldr. As the wife of Loki, Sigyn was also the mother of a son named Narfi, or sometimes said to be Nari, who was ripped apart by his step-brother Vali turned wolf, and his entrails were used to bind his father to a rock for his part of murdering Baldr. Stories & Myths

Although technically jötunn-born, at some point within the myths Loki managed to win favor with Odin, and they are considered to be blood-brothers through respect. Gefjun is a goddess of fertility and agriculture, and is one of the patron goddesses for gardeners, farmers, landscapers or anyone else who lives off the land. You want to build an everlasting bond with the deity, or deities, you seek aid and wisdom from, so it is worth taking the extra time to find the perfect type of offering they are seeking to build that relationship and bond. Through you, Frigga, we can learn much, She blesses married women and is called upon for weddings, and to help married couples weather the storms of ill fortune.

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