When Cortez asked him why, considering his injury, he had not withdrawn, but instead led the fight up the steps to Montezuma’s quarters, Juan answered: “Senor, this is not the time for men to be in bed.”. Nate is murdered in the episode Good Cop by crime boss Teague Nolan in retaliation for Street arresting Nolan. It's called the X1 LTL, according to episode dialogue. Only now is their story being reported.

Mesmerized by what seemed to be a floating city, he compared it to a vision out of the chivalric tale Amadis de Gaul, the sword and sorcerer book of the time. Molly Hicks is Robert Hicks' daughter who works as a pro-bono lawyer and also Street's love interest.

Lieutenant Piper Lynch (Amy Farrington) also uses it as her personal sidearm. Street aims his Kimber Warrior and sometimes used by the SWAT unit to replace the TLE/RL II in some scenes.

Like most conversos, Diego passed himself off an Old Christian, and went to his grave with his masquerade intact.

Nichelle is Hondo's love interest introduced in season 3. After Buck was fired, Deacon was passed over for promotion (despite his seniority) in favor of Hondo who was selected in a blatant attempt to ease the tensions between the community and the LAPD. This information on Hernando Alonso comes from the trial records of the Spanish Inquisition.

In "Crews", Chris is asked by Officer Erika Rogers, a SWAT candidate, to help her prepare for joining the teams; although she declines to help directly – believing that the only woman in SWAT helping the only current female SWAT candidate wouldn't do either of them any good – she does arrange for Street to help her on the course and Luca (who is a member of the SWAT selection board) to ensure Officer Rogers gets a fair shake from the members.[18].

Following his death in 1531, she cemented her place in colonial society by marrying off her daughters to two of Mexico’s prominent conquistadors.

She is portrayed by Amanda Lowe-Oadell. A Heckler & Koch USP Compact is seen in "Wild Ones" (S3E20) with Harper Kerris (Rebekah Graf). [11] The relationship ended due to his anger after an encounter with a racist Arizona Department of Public Safety officer and the inability to prosecute the man who drugged and attempted to rape his sister. The SIG-Sauer MPX is seen in "Immunity" (S3E04) with cartel gunmen. team. What do these marriages portend? The primary sidearm of the Los Angeles Police Department's Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) officers is the Kimber Custom TLE II made by Kimber Manufacturing, Inc.

They raped her for a long time before they let her go.

Christina "Chris" Alonso is a S.W.A.T.

Nia briefly returns in season 3 and intends to get back together with Hondo who rejects her. Annie Kay is Deacon's wife for 10 years and the mother of his three (four as of Season 2) children.

After the first season, he was demoted to a uniformed cop after … Please do not include any sensitive personal information. Winnie Harrelson is Hondo's older sister. He is portrayed by Jay Harrington.[21]. What is surprising is that their mother was from a well-known Jewish family and their husbands would have known of their wives’ blemished ancestry. He transferred over from the Long Beach Police Department. From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games, http://www.imfdb.org/index.php?title=S.W.A.T._-_Season_3&oldid=1379986.

He is portrayed by real-life San Diego Police S.W.A.T.

character: First appearance "Pilot" November 2, 2017: … The Remington 870 shotgun is used by the LAPD in a less than lethal or lethal capacity. The Glock 19 is used by some characters in the season. Michael has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renown Health Network and Renown Medical Center South Meadows.

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