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Gay Moment from P Diddy 51st Birthday Video... Kanye West Shows His First Voting Ballot EVER in Video and... Japan’s #MundaneHalloween Tradition Goes Viral as People in America See the... Did Safaree Disrespect Erica Mena? OTF DEDE RESPONSE ON SETUP IN CHICAGO - Duration: 0:26.

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In his response he said, “The internet is the new version of the streets just more snitching”. Safaree Announces Divorce From Erica Mena in a Cold... Are P Diddy and Nas Gay? Him hold on to them , he gon put them back on in a couple months . Gay Moment from P Diddy 51st Birthday Video Sparks Rumors of P Diddy and Nas a Gay Couple. Chicago rapper Lil Durk has been facing his legal troubles as of late, and now his crew seems to be facing opps troubles according to video footage that surfaced.

that's when niggas shoot a whole church in broad day just to get you.

Chicago really fucked up. Drake Gifts ASAP Rocky with New Custom ASAP Yams Pendant.

Lil Durk seems to be telling the people who attacked his artist OTF DEDE that there will be real life retaliation for putting the OTF DEDE video on the internet for clout.

Rumor has it, Dede was robbed at gunpoint, forced to eat out a female on her period (and her butt), plus his dreadlocks were cut off while being filmed. How they did him just weird tho.

I dont cut and grew dreads twice, they could have slumped him then released the vid when shit died down... unless those dude's werent really his main opps just some dude's who prob didnt like him and wanted to bitch him for clout, they should killed him then release this later. The police report states that she was standing in an empty lot near 6700 block on South Parnell Avenue, then a silver car pulled up and opened fire on her. He just came out on bail after doing 5 years in the county for murder. OTF Dede, who is Durk’s artist, supposedly got set up by a female and was caught lacking.

This shit really fucked up man, them niggas who made him do that shit be bitches too cus real street niggas wouldve finished him there if he was there opp but these niggas making niggas eat booty now wtf? He Held them both at GUN POINT *VIDEO*, Yoni Pearls Womb Detox Tampon for Vaginal Cleansing, Trump Expressions 3D Full Printed t shirt, Simpson Anime Streetwear Graffiti 3D Hoodie, Cardi B Lace Up Blazer Backless 2 Piece Pants Set, MoneyBagg Yo Says Megan Thee Stallion Has Body Odor, She Reacts, Nicki Minaj Defends Her Sex Offender Murderer Boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa Said Megan Thee Stallion Smells, George Floyd & Fired Killer Cop Derek Chauvin Knew Each Other & Worked Together “For 17 Years,” Minneapolis Official Says.

These girls cant be trusted man, they done bro dirty.

Safaree Announces Divorce From Erica Mena... Murda Mook Clowning Tay Roc Colored Contacts with No Prescription Goes... Joe Budden Has COVID-19 Coronavirus and Makes Major Announcement about the... Lil Wayne Girlfriend Breaks Up With Lil Wayne For Supporting Donald... Man Gets Worst Krillin Tattoo Ever that Looks Like Bobby from... Roddy Ricch Gets Nipsey Hussle Chain that Flips in Viral Video. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The good news, he’s still alive, but the violation he endured is pretty horrific. Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ Receives First Week Projections, Meek Mill Previews More ‘Dreamchasers 5’ Content, Alleged Sextape Of Tyga & TikTok Star, Bella Poarch Leaks, Fans Go Crazy As Tyga Posts His Nudes On OnlyFans, Conor Michael Smith Shares First Single & Video “With You In Mind”, NLE Choppa Tweets He’s Going to Kill Himself on the Last Day of 2020.


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ALSO SHARE THIS . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. His response was more subtle than OTF DThang’s response, but his message is still clear. but embarass a nigga and let him live? ALSO SHARE THIS.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. otf dee got set up by a thot from the hood, had to eat a bloody pussy, and get his dreads cut by the same girl!!!

He Held them both at GUN POINT, OTF DEDE got caught lacking and was forced to eat a female booty while she was on her period and got all of his hair cut off. LISTEN NOW & DONT FORGET TO LIKE THE VIDEO AND LEAVE A COMMENT! Its a sad situation and someone gonna end up dead. Wouldve been worse if they had him eat the butt of another guy...all things considering, Lol like if they brought Kidd Kenn in that bitch, Dawg what if he catches them lackin and does that to them then the new chicago thing would be making opps eat ass and pussy , had they made me do gay shit THAT I'm willing to die for before you ever gone have me eating some dude ass, If yall know Dede he’ll get his own get back not to mention his homies gone be straight on that too, They Wanted To Scar Him For Life They Cut The Nigga Dreads THE NIGGA DREADS FAM, The way they cut them off , and the way i see. I rather kill a nigga (which aint light work) than do some grimy shit like this and forever be looking over my shoulder.

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