Make sure you have internet connectivity. You always have choices. At completion of entire sections (chapters), you progress to the Knowledge Reviews for that section. Our staff of full-time instructors will always be available to assist you with any problems or questions. During the sign-up process, PADI gives you a sample demonstration of how the eLearning program works. Well, it is slightly more expensive than doing it the “old way”…….but not a lot more expensive. Sign in to PADI eLearning for pros, enter your login credentials, select the role of Student in the drop down menu, and click the eRecord link that appears below the course name.

The nine online sections provide foundational information that better prepares the candidate to focus on learning to become a dive educator and teach the PADI System of diver education. The name on my eLearning account is misspelled.

Only dive centers are allowed to sell it, again to make sure you have access to tutor help. We are fairly confident that eLearning will be a MORE complete and comprehensive learning method than those currently available to us.

If a purchaser doesn’t affiliate a Gift Pass to a specific PADI Dive Center or Resort, the person redeeming will be asked to select one.

While you may designate one Dive Center as your “original” affiliated store,  you are free to choose ANY PADI professional dive instructor or store to complete your training. You will need to affiliate with a dive center to complete your diving certification. What compromises did PADI make in the class content in order to implement eLearning? The name on my eLearning account has spelling mistakes The email address associated with my eLearning account is misspelled. Of course, the PADI offices will always be able to provide proof of your eLearning completion should you lose or misplace this referral document. You spend the time that is necessary to fully comprehend each element. How do I correct the following problems? If incorrect answers are given, the student is shown the proper answer and guided to the specific section of the program for a review of the learning content. So, think hard which of your e mails you used and try different ones. Simply sign in to PADI eLearning for pros, then enter your login credentials, in the drop-down menu select the role of Student, and then click on the eRecord link that appears below the course name.

There have been no changes in the teaching standards to accommodate eLearning. Register now at PADI eLearning!

Your commitment to learning to dive will require you to complete the course properly and require you to dedicate the time necessary to complete all aspects of your learning experience, including the eLearning program. If you come to Easy Divers Cyprus and purchase the traditional PADI Go Dive Crew Pack and the PADI Go Dive Companion DVD, you would spend about €85. Prior to being awarded your PADI Open Water Diver certification card, you will be required to take one additional written Quick Exam, proctored by your PADI dive instructor.

You can click any of the SIGN UP NOW! Within 24-hours of the purchase of an eLearning Gift Pass, the intended eLearning Gift Pass recipient will be sent a welcoming email, which will provide confirmation of the eLearning Gift Pass and a PIN number.

Diving wouldn't be possible without our community-based dive shops, and we want PADI Dive Shops there for us as divers when we are able to dive back in. In fact, PADI anticipated that many eLearning customers might select one dive center for the eLearning process and decide later to use another for the water skills work. How long will it take me on average to complete the PADI eLearning program?

Restart the browser and try again with our link.

Sign in and start PADI eLearning today! At each testing phase of the program, remedial training steps are built in to make sure you complete the necessary learning. PADI Single Sign On eliminates the need for separate usernames and passwords for ScubaEarth®, the Pros’ Site, eLearning, etc. . If the steps above don’t solve the problem, please contact us: Your eLearning username is the email address used during registration.

PADI ®, Professional Associaion of Diving Instructors ®, is known for its slogan - The Way the World Learns to Dive ® and is the global leader in scuba diving education. Regardless of how you learn your academic material, there will always be a need for some face-to-face academic contact with a scuba instructor.

PADI Club doesn't talk to Scuba earth, the app doesn't talk to PADI Club, all the websites are clunky and very dated.

Email Address: Do you have a PADI eLearning password? Therefore, PADI has made it compulsory to designate such PADI dive center as tutor when signing up for PADI eLearning. Without the PADI Dive Center and the services of your professional PADI dive instructor, your eLearning program would be an empty information shell, not unlike any other website you might visit. When you are completely finished with all of the material, a final examination is administered and immediately scored to allow you to remediate your training and move on to the water skills portion of your training.

Of course, most people will finish in a very small fraction of this time. Sign up to get the latest updates, offers and more.

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer (web version only), PADI Digital Underwater Photographer - web version only. Their past changes to allow more flexible classroom presentations made scuba diving education available to many people who could not fit into a 6 or 8 week class due to their work schedules.

Individuals who purchase PADI eLearning Gift Passes have the option of affiliating their gift passes with a PADI Dive Center or Resort. In fact, you are welcome to come into Easy Divers and make use of one of our computers in our dive training learning lab. Already Heard Enough? Discussion directly with Easy Divers Cyprus instructors will help you determine what is right for you individually. The PADI teaching method is a performance-based course of instruction. Of course, eLearners must also take the 20 question quick exam, proctored by our instructors,  prior to receiving final certification. How do I know if my personal computer has all of the “stuff” necessary to run the eLearning program correctly?

So the cost difference is minimal. What if you have forgotten your eLearning username or password? The Easy Divers classes will always be comprised of those skills and learning segments necessary to make you a fun and safe scuba diver for life! Why wait for a weekend or vacation to start a PADI scuba diving course when you can do it now with the PADI eLearning log on? Important Note:   If you sign-up for eLearning through a link from our website, or during a visit to our store, Easy Divers will automatically be your chosen dive center.

We strongly recommend you sign up for eLearning instead using this link, as it truly is the most effective and complete online academic preparation, reserving your vacation or weekend time for pure diving only.

Unfortunately, due to internet privacy laws, students must be at least 13 years of age to enroll in the PADI eLearning program. After all, the real fun begins when you complete the eLearning program! We know that you are eager to become a scuba diver for life and are willing to dedicate the time necessary to do it properly. You work where you want, when you want, for as long as you choose.

All the following PADI courses are available with PADI eLearning and tutoring by the Dressel Divers Cozumel PADI eLearning academy. If you have a scuba diving question, the global PADI organization is here to help. We will offer tutoring sessions prior to your water skills work, and of course, you will benefit from our standard academic reviews on each morning of your confined water training.

This is needed to register and create your student account.

What is PADI eLearning Electronic learning (eLearning) is the delivery of education, using your mobile device or web browser.

How is the testing done to determine if I have properly learned the eLearning material? Each student must have their own PADI eLearning account and each individual must pay the eLearning fee to PADI. Finally, with PADI eLearning, you can extend your classroom to any resort in the world.

While no agency or training school can teach you to dive on the internet, the PADI eLearning program provides you with the most interactive, media-rich home study option available for the development of the academic knowledge necessary to continue to the water skills development portion of your diving class.

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