, Happy thanksgiving. We should consider carrying part of the load and give them a bit of a break with all that hardcore travel. We understand that people work hard for their money and for some of us this is our only holiday time. So, we suggest you buy the music at the equivalent of $2USD per song. We imagined, by now, we’d be out of quarantine completely. It was such a great start to the year on so many levels. Check out the drummer cake on the Tears for Fears Travel Fan social media channels.

We’re trusting that they’ll just NOT tour right now and resume in 2021. Trope band did a cover of SHOUT! Those I probably best not mention I will never forget the kindness by so many like I’ve known you forever. We appreciate your band facts! Fans at other venues stick around but this was like an army or what you’d see at a protest.

Another hug fest broke out and people were loving on each other, their eyes filled with tears of joy – the band does that to people you know.

How many times have you passed by the band while on tour or out and about? This was a hard time for so many and we were thankfully able to focus on the band and fun in fanland! Shoutout to Adam for taking care of business and looking out for others.

It’s been a short, eventful, educational, entertaining, emotional, healing and unforgettable experience! We wish them all continuous fun! Big hugs to Bobby R in Oklahoma and all his efforts as well! pic.twitter.com/KP9roWEsyJ, — Kenneth Jimenez (@MrKennyJimenez) May 4, 2019, Great show by @tearsforfears at @ShakyKneesFest tonight. They’ve been very responsive and we’re happy to have them in the fold. I am forever grateful and thankful to have had this opportunity to come over on such short notice. Arrive early, meet with fellow fans and make some of the best memories of your lives with Curt, Roland and team leading the way! How did this come about? Discover (and save!)

Shaun gave permission and the response from fans was very nice! It was intense, that was strong love. 528 Pins. The past 6 days have been filled with celebration as Tears for Fears’ fans in the UK and those who flew in from the Americas came together to enjoy shows at pristine, immaculate venues. This is dedicated to our dearest Valerie, a VERY LOYAL Tears for Fears fan who has been in this circle of love for over 15 years. Dedicated to Tears for Fears UK & Tamara! The amazing drummer genius turned 50 years old earlier this month! You can follow the Wonky Woo on Twitter @thewonkywoo and also follow the incredible @antonyedensays – the voice of the Woo family series. Several of us have come to agree that this is best for their health. Again, HUGE THANKS to Tory Burch and to KTLA. Please note these are not all in the order as they aired: -The Sex Pistols’  The God Save the Queen  Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. That’s how Bandcamp works.

The two reviews by the local papers were also very kind and loving… please enjoy!

Curt was featured right at 12pm ET on the dot. Those in the UK should be able to access it using this link.

Follow: @CurtSmith @jameswollam @charltonpettus @dougpettyla @TearsForFears @carinaround on Facebook and Twitter. Great music but…we expected all VIP lounges to be the same and they were not. We live for this! -Blondie’s Atomic

Enjoy the photos from the shares earlier this year. Not only did people attend more than one show and in some cases literally follow them like loyal soldiers of sound, the band was warm, kind and caring from start to finish. She also celebrated a birthday this quarter – 4 May!

Have a listen and spot Shaun throughout the video on guitar (e.g. They’ve been travelling to shows for years and helping create amazing fan experiences – they are part of the original Travel Fans from the 80s. There was a moment in the show where Curt’s guitar cord or something was falling out and there was Bill, like a vigilant angel, to hurry and get it reconnected. Another way we are staying focused on the music that heals all ails is #TFFTuesdays. TEARS FOR FEARS LIVE in Hamburg – 19.02.2019 . They stood there and chanted, “One more song, one more song!” It wasn’t a small group, it was like…the whole crowd that got into it. It was face melting, YouTube their cover of @radiohead’s Creep. Several of us are still in absolute shock at what felt like lack of consistency for the Piedmont stage.

Tamara lit the fire by deciding that we should all wear our merch on Tuesdays during the lockdown. May the love train fly again with you all included! We first met him in 2014 at the Wiltern when he wow’d the crowd accompanying Tears for Fears on The Working Hour.

He enjoyed a lovely birthday with his family on the 24th and we were happy to celebrate it virtually as a group. KTLA was really respectful (you know what we’re talking about) and focused on the band’s bright future as well as Diva’s current career in music. We first met her online nearly 2 decades ago when we were just glowing up the travel life and meeting up together to go to shows prior to Facebook days! Jul 18, 2020 - Pascal Orzabal (@quarterboymusic) • Instagram photos and videos Either way, we’re getting on by focusing on one of the main sources of healing for many of us which is Tears for Fears’ music. As travel fans we understand all the work that goes into just getting to the concert. mollymalonelv. Big thanks to Richard Blade for notifying all fans about the amazing song filled weekend featuring incredible artists that we’ve loved most of our lives!

He only had one lighting rehearsal which is significant because that is super important to get correct! Follow @tearsforfears @curtsmith (@papasfans for travel info and unique details). #tearsforfears #ruletbeworld #shakyknees #shakykneesfest #newwave #poprock #80s #eighties #livemusic #livemusicphotography #livemusicphoto #shout #sing #concert #concertphoto #concertphotographer #concertphotographer #musicfest #music #instamusic #musicphotography #legend #legendary #ruletheworld #british #uk #ukmusic #britishmusic, A post shared by Fleisher Photography (@fleisherphotography) on May 4, 2019 at 9:42am PDT, @tearsforfearsmusic Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith of Tears for Fears @shakykneesfest 5/3/19 Atlanta, Georgia #tearsforfears #rolandorzabal #curtsmith #shakyknees #shakykneesfest #shakyknees2019 #atlanta #musicfestival #concertphotography #musicphotography #concertphoto #musicphoto #timtellerphotography #canong7xmarkii, A post shared by Tim Teller (@timtellerphotography) on May 4, 2019 at 8:50am PDT, @tearsforfearsmusic Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears @shakykneesfest 5/3/19 Atlanta, Georgia #tearsforfears #rolandorzabal #shakyknees #shakykneesfest #shakyknees2019 #atlanta #musicfestival #concertphotography #musicphotography #concertphoto #musicphoto #timtellerphotography #canong7xmarkii, A post shared by Tim Teller (@timtellerphotography) on May 4, 2019 at 8:47am PDT, @tearsforfearsmusic Curt Smith of Tears for Fears @shakykneesfest 5/3/19 Atlanta, Georgia #curtsmith #tearsforfears #shakyknees #shakykneesfest #shakyknees2019 #atlanta #musicfestival #musicphotography #concertphotography #concertphoto #musicphoto #canong7xmarkii #timtellerphotography, A post shared by Tim Teller (@timtellerphotography) on May 4, 2019 at 8:45am PDT, DE AGORA! 255 Followers, 60 Following, 3 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Pascal (@porzabal) Lady Tamara grabbed her phone and recorded it for us and Curt sent this link from KTLA. I was moved to the words of Woman in Chains as I expected I would be. Words from Tamara: Tamara sums it up well. We’re okay with a Weezer – TFF show.

Our hope is that we will have a clickable prototype to play with this year. We created a short montage of the photos and she provided the incredible full show!

We look forward to hopefully a full album and some appearances by Pascal/Quarterboy. Gwen and Wendy are breaking records as well by going to 16 shows and Darren got the guys together for group hugs and hanging out. Europe and the UK were super delighted to have the band in their presence. You support the band by being present online and in person. That teapot of tunes hasn’t steeped thoroughly. Now that I have wi-fi – here is last night’s video courtesy of Diva ❤️ pic.twitter.com/JhTcZAzeQQ. He did it with a smile and it was beautiful. *It should be noted that Curt Smith came down with a TERRIBLE cold that he referred to as just a flesh wound. Once registered you can listen for free a few times and then you get cut off.

You name it, we’re wearing it and sharing it while enjoying great conversations online –  some of which include band members! There was a lot of really cool information that he shared and we’d like to hear that again. If you had a great time in Hamburg and wish to share your story with fellow fans, email us on Facebook or tweet us @papasfans on Twitter. So if you followed our suggestion and hung out in the Piedmont VIP you probably got a bad sunburn and your legs hurt!

bands they've worked with or like) by Music Industry and Fans, Tears for Fears at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta #Shooketh. *We’re especially grateful to you the readers. The Fan App is going through the complications of copyright laws. First of all, Richard Blade is the reason these great things happen. The Pilgrimage & Rockrimage – Lady Tamara is out and about in England this week.

However, the Piedmont stage was not a main stage and their VIP Tier 1 and Platinum area did not have the comfortable chairs, shade or the perks of the Platinum area like the main stage which was called Peachtree.

See, how we all take care of each other? This is what we do.

Some of you may or may not believe in that sort of thing. Stay well, Stay with us. An hour or more before the show, he was there with several other amazing friendly beloved fans. Ode to Valerie, notre amie superbe! Tears for Fears – Absolutely Perfect in Paris!

We’ll close this update with a suggested read which is an interview that dear guy Paul Halpern conducted with Good Man Curt Smith. It’s less than $2USD donation. Dawn and Jack have agreed to be there too! -David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Members of the band joined in as you can see in the photo.

And yes Curt approves!

Speaking of spending time, Curt mentioned he’s down for the fan conference which is a green light for us to continue with the plans and pray that we can move forward with it. Shaun also noted that he would have been in it as well but he was headed off to college that day. -Tears for Fears’ Travel Fan Team This is all from Valerie! Music Releases She finds the shows very healing and comforting to say the least. 281 likes. Curt kindly decided to spend what was initially to be 15 minutes (it  joyfully turned into well over an hour – thank you, Jon Cryer “Duckie” from Pretty in Pink and many other great productions) with fans, chatting and discussing all sorts of fun topics. So get yours while you can. We exist to help you get to shows! We will go to them. No matter what donation, you can listen to it without restrictions when you pay for it.

It happened during a conversation between moderator Andye and Superfan Lady Tamara. I managed for 3 shows in a row. Many feel they made it their own and rightly so as it was not the exact same but a glorious tribute.

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