I just held my hands in my lap and listened. — Pauline Gold—Medium From Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp-- Pauline was raised Jewish and even though her family believed in God; she never fit … Speakers and Topics 11 a.m. Pauline Gold … diane schmidt. He loves music. There was just so much information given that my head is still spinning. Pauline's spiritual journey has illuminated her life and the lives of many others,

A few weeks ago Vic recorded a documentary or something on Cassadaga. She didn't sound like she wanted both of us at the same time but said if we were wanting to communicate with the same spirit it was ok. Day 10,11 and 12 in the 30 days of thankful, creepy clown dolls inside the Cassadaga Hotel, Vic and I wandering the halls of Cassadaga Hotel, hoping to pick up some Orbs, A house we passed with many dolls on the porch and yard, I found out later there was a teddy bear drive going on. 1325 Stevens Street / PO Box 319 / Cassadaga, FL 32706 // 386-228-3171 // [email protected]… Everytime I've told the story about what she told me I have later remembered more. Noon Pauline Gold “Principles of Spiritualism ” 12:30 p.m. Rev. The album is named after the town of Cassadaga, Florida, a community of mediums and followers of spiritualism.

It sounds like it was a pretty amazing experience for you. There was not much furniture in the space. Other things she mentioned: very responsible, always on time. Love of music, Talked alot about my dogs, he wasn't really around the dachunds much but he nailed their personalities and proved that he is at the house watching over us.

jodie martinez (bellis) rev. jerry moore rev.

Life in Cassadaga … cassadaga spiritualist camp Scan with your Smartphone to visit Cassadaga website SEE PAGE 29 FOR MAP KEY CHAUNCEY ST. LINCOLN ST. McKINLEY ST. EVERETT LANE SENECA ST. PALMER ST. LAKE ST. CLARK ST. STEVENS ST. MARION ST. LOVA WAY EMMEL RD. A suggested $5 donation is appreciated for each speaker. 1166 1176 1246 470 1273 1112 1228 1130 1150 1164 1214 421 447 1145 1161 1175 1156 1325 SEMINOLA AVE. CASSADAGA … to her faith in God and her love and compassion for all Beings. Cassadaga is the eighth studio album by Bright Eyes, released in the UK on April 9, 2007 and in the US on April 10.Around 25 to 30 songs were recorded in 2006, with 13 of these appearing on the final track list. I let her know it was just passed;my nieces wedding. Our Dikki Jo will also be there. Under the board was a collection of many business cards for the Mediums. I'll tell about the reading at the end of this post if you'd like to hear about that part. Cassadaga and thus began her studies in Healing and Mediumship. bringing new levels of clarity, serenity and compassion. She felt like he was friendly and wanted to make everyone comfortable. Pauline’s Pauline is an intuitive medium and healer based in Cassadaga, Florida. Noon Pauline Gold: Principles of Spiritualism. 15 minute readings for $25. 60 Frisbee Rd , Cassadaga, NY 14718-9623 is currently not for sale. Pauline Gold—Medium From Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp-- Pauline was raised Jewish and even though her family believed in God; she never fit … Announcement.

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