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Remus Gall

Pais: Reino unido Available amazon, book retailers. 카지노사이트추천. Hi.

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Ya he cancelado mi tarjeta de crédito . I'm guessing so. Get hundreds of keyword targeted visitors directly to your site. Cuando tengas la denuncias vuelves al banco para que con el seguro te hagan la devolucion. I just got chrged $18.95 from some1 called FACEBOOKIER via PAYPAL...I have no recollection of such a payment and I dn't utilised my c/card for paypal.... i also have had money debited from my account by the same item number if any 1 has any info could really do with the help.

I use a debit card from O2 with my paypal account, you get a text every time you spend with your balance etc. -Even your promotional products and printed materials…!

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if someone got into your paypal account and used your credit card, then this can be traced and you will get a refund from paypal.

I made a picture so that you can see what I have received.

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