Thank you to all our buyers and bidders for purchasing our sheep and supporting our White Dorper program. Fading black single from a yearling that was bred, then shipped. California Red Sheep Lamb - RAM XC Magic Man. They shed their hair/wool naturally and they breed throughout the year. This is the sheep version of the beef 7 bone steak, complete with a 7 shaped slice of the shoulder blade. These are registered as well. Delivery can be arranged. Anim. eterozygous for white. The Dorset Horn ram crossed with the Blackhead Persian ewes produce fast growing and heavily muscled lambs yielding very satisfactory economic returns under a variety of environmental conditions. Bambi died of old age this year. We have been breeders of Registered Katahdin Hair Sheep since 2010. Sire:  Boulder Ridge 117 Xenophon (white ram).

At Finley's Mountain Ranch we are dedicated in breeding and improving the Katahdin hair sheep breed in California and the Western States. Due to their fast growth rate, usually reaching the weaning weight of 80 lbs in 12-14 weeks, they can be marketed at smaller wieghts as well as heavier weights to the traditional market up to 120-130 lbs. California Red Sheep Lamb - EWE XC Rosie . favorite this post Oct 8 NEW Heavy Duty Greenhouse Kits 7x12 9x14 9x28 (fans, vents, full set) $1,599 (janesville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Dorpers are not seasonable breeders which means they will breed any month of the year. Ten Karakul and two Karakul/Romney cross sheep are being... St. Croix-Dorper ram lamb for sale - 7/8 St. Croix, 1/8 Dorper. A grey ram is for sale. We are trying to down size.

This one is a pet. I need to update to show the newer, amazing rams we have now! Pups are out of working parents.... Sheep - Kind Sheep - Large - Adult - Female - Barnyard Registered Dorper Ram, 9 Months old, $600.00 call 1- if you have questions Smokey died of old age. California Red Sheep Catalog. I made the mistake of selling his mother before I realized how wonderful her fleece was. It is sliced from the Lamb Shoulder Roast.

R&B's Midnight. Lambs are culled hard, only breeding stock are sold, all others go to a wonderful dining experience. Rack #204: Officially, this primal cut is both sides as a saddle, but in markets its generally sold by the side. call Rhianna . California Red Sheep Lamb - Ewe XC Wendy . Thirteen lambs in three years! They range from $2-$5/ea (noted next to each title). Owned and operated by Mark Burgess & Darlene Finley-Burgess. hair sheep ewe for sale $200 (Janesville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. hair sheep ewe for sale $200 (Janesville) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. They are spirited and extremely clever.

But he has left an amazing legacy behind, in beautiful, sweet lambs with docile personalities and gorgeous fleeces. She was 14, had lambs until her 13th year, and quintuplets at twelve!

Not for sale.

The 2020 lambing season is well under way! Lambed a single badger faced ewe on 3-20-2020. 3 female sheep... Border Collie X Catahoula X McNab pup. The Dorper ewes from this cross are excellent mothers that can be bred in any season. We started with a small commercial flock of Katahdin and Katahdin cross ewes, one Katahdin ram and one Dorper ram as a means to keep our twenty acres from being a fire hazard in the summer. California Red Sheep Lamb - RAM XC Marcus $0. I'll take 800 for all three sheep... Tel: (478) 279-0501 | 30457 | GA | 07/07/2020 | More Information. Finns are a lovely, multi-purpose breed that has a beautiful, fine, lustrous fleece; excellent milking capabilities; excellent mothering abilities; sweet, non-gamey meat; and they produce litters (3 to 6) of lambs when they are mature! Beautiful crimpy fleece.

Carmello's Carolina. The ram is black and the ewes are white. $100 deposit and identify male or female. Home News Markets Chat Classifieds Farm Auctions Weather Experts Sign-Up | Login (you are not logged in) 97 Listing(s) found for Livestock / Poultry / Pets, Sheep & Goats Sheep & Goats. Her genetic potential in my flock is unlimited!

Bred to Captain Hook. Willow Creek Ranch raises White Dorper Sheep. They are not particular about what they eat and this helps them stay in good body condition throughout the seasons. Cash's story He is a gorgeous, big ram, with a gorgeous fleece. Convenient slip-on style with an open toe. He has a deep beautiful rich fleece with lots of crimp. They needed a sheep that would yield a good carcass and thrive in the harsh African conditions. We can provide Superior Genetic Breeding Stock. We strive to keep the quality of our breed at the highest level to maintain customer confidence and demand. in one convenient place. Miss Miley. Look for our sheep at the Mid America Dorper sale in Duncan, Oklahoma in April, the Western States Dorper sale in Modesto, California in May and the On-Line Premier West Coast sale. Sometimes things happen in our lives that continue to have a... 5 - Persian aka Dorper Blackhead Sheep. These are registered as well. After extensive research, I decided on Finnsheep, or Finnish Landrace as they are known in the country they came from. BABYDOLL SHEEP FOR SALE I have three babydoll sheep for sale. and 1 small painted desert ewe $75 Contact us if you want to reserve a special lamb before it's born, or request a specific pairing for next year.

15 head at $150/ head. Scroll down to the ewes to see who has had what! A grey pied ram, a badger faced ram and two badger faced ewes. Call me at or She gave me twins the year she died at 14. And she's proven me right! Our flock has been closed since 1997. They are hardy, muscular in size and very attuned to people. Ram is the spotted one, the white... HERITAGE PIGS: Berkshires, Large-Blacks, Tamworths, Red-Wattles, and Various Crossbreeds ... $1500 per person... We have 4 Ewes available. My name is Lou, and I came from... Adorable Shetland ram lamb (will be weathered) friendly with a soft long fleece. white ewe is being retained. 2012 SYM Symwolf Classic 150 LOW MILES the SYMWolf isand you had to see this... Dot- 5 month old border collie Queensland mix.

We breed for meat, milk, parasite tolerance, high fertility and hair coat. kerrville Tx

Res., 36: 255–260. Bred to  Captain Hook. $1,599. BABYDOLL SHEEP FOR SALE I have three babydoll sheep for sale. Owned and operated by Mark Burgess & Darlene Finley-Burgess. Lambed a single grey pied ewe with an adorable speckled face on 3-16-2020.

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