The s-word is spoken 10 times, and a subtitle includes a censored version of “m—–f—–.” God’s name is misused close to 20 times, while Jesus’ gets profaned in four instances. A 1994 article in Vibe, for instance, mentioned the “phat-ass rap of LL Cool J.” The ass in this phat-ass isn’t about any impressive cushion.

In South Central L.A., a misguided 20-year-old African-American man, a "baby boy", faces the commitments of real life.

In the 2000s, phat ass also takes off as a category and genre in online pornography, prominently figured in PAWG, or phat ass white girl. Most of the actors cannot act for their life. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Yes, she plays a character you know (Jazmin Biltmore), brassy, angry, and smarter than everyone else. Jazmin and Co. celebrate every chance they get with a night out on the town, which means lots of alcohol. “This is about lust.”. View production, box office, & company info, Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language, including some crude sexual references, Rebel Wilson Called Out for Blocking Black Critics Over Plus-Size Rom-Com Comment, Why Mo'Nique Isn't A Bigger Star, According To Mo'Nique, Forget Beau Brummell, Let’s Cast the Rest of the Annie Remake, Worst Movie to Have Been the IMDb Bottom 100 #1. It means you are curvy. I think it was . PHAT is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms PHAT is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The other day my boyfriend said that I was "ph" fat but not "f" fat. Mia piles food on her plate, stating that she wants to bulk up so she can find a rich Nigerian doctor as well. When 8-year-old girls are dieting to the point of becoming anorexic, it’s clear that we have a problem. It also meant that a girl was thick and nicely shaped. That’s a serious cultural struggle that affects adults, teens and, sadly enough, even children today—particularly those of the female persuasion. Looking for something to watch?

But it’s obvious to me that, despite its B-level quality, Phat Girlz tries really hard to make a positive statement about accepting yourself for who you are—flabby thighs, love handles and all. Directed by Nnegest Likké. List of 35 PHAT definitions. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web. To help Jazmin overcome these problems, Tunde plays the perfect gentleman. I certainly don’t encounter public ridicule on a daily basis, nor do I have to wrestle with unspoken backstabbing based solely on my physique. Likewise, Tunde’s friend, Akibo, is equally complimentary to Stacey. Big Booty Judy. Stacey puts aside her own pleasure to comfort Jazmin, and the two shore up each other throughout their daily trials. Means ur dope lol... he could be referring to your personality or body... Phat means fat but a phat woman has fat in all the right places, making her attractive and curvaceous phat, unlike simply fat, disproportionate women. I am nowhere close to being part of the tightly niched target audience of Phat Girlz. Phat Girlz is all about attempting to convey a positive message (see my “Conclusion” for whether it succeeds in doing so or not), one that faces American society’s obsession with thinness head-on. Sounds great … except that he’s more than “happy to oblige” her wishes when she voices her concern that he hasn’t tried anything.

i kind of for got.

The film ends with Jazmin and Tunde in bed, while Jazmin insists on having the lights on to see every sexy thing on Tunde's body, with the credits ending. Akibo is successful in bringing Stacey out of her usual shyness. How to use phat in a sentence. Mia, Stacey, Jazmin and other women reveal cleavage throughout. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Was this review helpful to you? Upon their night out, Tunde expresses even more interest with her outspoken behaviour and strong opinions. There’s also plenty of crude dialogue and terms, including a repeated play on Jazmin’s boss’s name, Dick. Looking for online definition of PHAT or what PHAT stands for? [4] Entertainment Weekly gave the film a D grade, remarking that "Mo'Nique is fat. I am no way a fan of this, but I think that many, many other horrible films deserve the honor of worst film ever, not this. There are some (surprisingly) touching scenes! A woman opens the door holding a baby. Rather, it’s a slang suffix making the sense of phat more intense (think badass or radass). Its suppose to mean cool with style. Though critically panned, the film is considered to be a financial success because it recouped its $3 million production budget from theatrical and rental revenues, totaling over $18.6 million. An edgy comedy about two frustrated plus-size women obsessed with their weight while struggling to find love and acceptance in a world full of "hot bodied" babes. In the 1990s, phat hit the hip-hop mainstream as slang for “excellent,” often seen in phat-ass. The food facility used to film the FatAssBurger scene was the Fatburger in Palm Springs, California. Good- He was thoughtful to add you to his group. Everything else is someone trying to rewrite history.

Tunde and Jazmin begin dating with Jazmin constantly questioning his attraction to her, to herself and to Tunde. By contrast, it uses what it presents as the Nigerian culture’s love for “thick madams” to turn the tables and place the overweight on a pedestal—while model-sized women are mocked as being unhealthy and malnourished.

For Jazmin, then, life is an endless cycle of unsuccessful diets and calorie-burning pills, all in an attempt to reach the Ultimate Size—in her eyes, a 5.

An edgy comedy about two frustrated plus-size women obsessed with their weight while struggling to find love and acceptance in a world full of "hot bodied" babes. More like something was real cool or slick. One year later, she travels to Nigeria to apologize to the man she realizes she loves. It has kind of phased out and is mostly used by wannabes, lowerclassmen in high school, or middle schoolers. Almost every scene in Phat Girlz — the fancy z is for Z-grade — is about how she's fat",[5] and concluding that "the movie reduces her to a single discernible characteristic, which is a telltale mark of many a wholly awful comedy. “Who said anything about love?” Jazmin tells Stacey. 'Pretty Hot And Tempting' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

E-girls and e-boys are the future of the subcultures. Review by Madi Lou ★★★★ Absolutely adore seeing a movie centered around a fat Black woman not losing weight to …

rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of phat ass Jazmin's career blossoms from a section in the store to a store of her own, and finally her … It also made $340,762 overseas, thus totaling $7,401,890 in theaters worldwide. See more words with the same meaning: good, okay, cool, awesome, fun . Her pent-up frustration apparently leads to an erotic dream, which leaves her moaning and writhing under the sheets. It meant like "that's cool bro' back in like 1999. Use the HTML below. [2], The film received mostly negative reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes reporting that out of 43 reviews, 10 were "Fresh" and 33 "Rotten", making for an overall 23% approval rating and the consensus: "Although Phat Girlz has good intentions, it is sloppily made and thin on laughs." Explaining she could not accept love from someone when she did not love herself and though she still cares for him she is not a "homewrecker" and will not pursue him.

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