“The evidence points in the direction of an ancient maritime system of which the Mediterranean was only a part…This is reflected in the Timaeus of Plato, which tells of an…ancient Atlantic Order with interests extending from America into the Mediterranean.

God gave these instructions so people would keep their minds focused on God and His laws, and not on physical objects. This further eliminates the types of artifacts (idols) which pagan worshippers commonly manufactured.

(I Kings 14:25-26) While Shishak’s Egypt attacked Judah, the smaller Jewish kingdom, it did not attack the much larger, northern Israelite kingdom of Israel. “They steered by the…last star in Ursa Minor; and they could cast reckonings from the combined application of astronomy and arithmetic (Strabo, xvi, 2, 24). But that’s it. Passing the coast, which is described as “mountainous, clad with trees and inhabited by Ethiopians” they reach a large bay where they went ashore. The first reason is that the inscription is in the Paleo-Hebrew characters in use from approximately 1200-600 B.C., which includes the reign of King Solomon.

It may also explain why an Egyptian Pharaoh became fascinated with monotheism, the religion of the resurgent Israelites. If he is short, pudgy and bald, "he is one of us", says my friend.

That these language groups were still acting in such close concert with each other that they left a trilingual inscription at that time indicates that they were still cooperating very closely in trans-oceanic voyages. Combine that with the Phoenician settlements found in Portugal and a journey to England is not that far-fetched.”, A second story about Phoenician exploits stems from the Greek “father of history” Herodotus.

So, the Street of Magelaen, named after the Portuguese explorer, south of the African continent may have to be called Phoenician Street. The Egyptian text…may merely be a local American copy of some original. Dr. Fell noted that “the inscription, written in ancient Hebrew letters of the style of the Moab Stone, about 1000 B.C., was not translated until 1949.”65 A dating around 1000 B.C. As a result, the exciting story of ancient America’s history has been largely withheld from the American public.

I did not know that my son was consorting with the, Habiru.

(1989 Revised Edition), p. 310, 69.Fell, “Ancient Punctuation and the Los Lunas Text,” Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications, Vol. As noted earlier, the ancient Egyptians were also allies of King Solomon during his reign. This time frame exactly parallels Bible records showing international travel and commerce flourished with fleets undertaking multi-year voyages and visiting other continents. Sailing onto the river, Hanno and his men saw “mountains crowded with savages clad in skins of wild beasts” and reached a second big river “teeming with crocodiles and hippos.”, They returned to Cerne and sailed further south.

These locations are all near the ancient Phoenician/Celtic temple and calendar complex called “Mystery Hill” in New Hampshire. What harmony with the Bible! includes much evidence of the exploration of American soil by ancient people with the above language groups. Under later kings, any sailing fleets would have left inscriptions devoted to pagan gods, as in the inscriptions on the tri-lingual, Davenport artifact. According to Hanno, Cerne was as far from the Pillars as is Carthage. Most scholars agree that the description fits Somalia, and several other texts confirm that the Phoenicians used to trade with Cerne. Its presence suggests that the person interred in the mound may have been an ancient Levite present with Israelite explorers or colonists in ancient America. The lively description of the green African coast most probably refers to Cape Verde and Gambia, while the volcano can only be in Guinea or even Cameroon. It is unfortunate that some in modern academia have resorted to such unscholarly, fanciful extremes to maintain a state of denial regarding the evidence of Old World civilizations in ancient America.

The conclusion is inescapable that the record of ancient history verifies the biblical accounts.

Because the New Mexico inscription is in ancient Hebrew, the sponsor for that ancient expedition had to be a very wealthy king of the ancient Israelites!

The Encyclopedia Americana succinctly confirms the above conclusions in these words: “The name ‘Phoenicians’ was given by the Greeks to the inhabitants of the coastal region of present-day Lebanon and the adjacent shores of Israel and Syria in the first millennium B.C. This time frame begins with the reign of Kings David and Solomon, but continues through much of the history of the northern kingdom of Israel, the dominant partner in the Phoenician alliance until Israel fell circa 721 B.C. The, Egyptian text…may merely be a local American copy of some original. George Rawlinson wrote: “At first, the term [Phoenicia] was used [by the Greeks] with a good deal of vagueness, of the Syrian coast generally between Asia Minor and Egypt.”83 (Emphasis added). What’s more, finds in Britain prove close contacts with Iberia, which for centuries was a colony of Carthage.

Consider the languages of the triple alliance of Israel, Egypt and Phoenicia in the time of King Solomon. 13, 1985, p. 35, 70.Leonard and McGlone, “An Epigraphic Hoax on Trial in New Mexico,” Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications, Vol. Hundreds of inscribed Phoenician, Celtiberian, and Basque stone grave markers, dated to 800-600 B.C., have been found in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.74 The inscriptions on these artifacts had been identified as Phoenician decades prior to Dr. Fell’s research,75 but these facts were incompatible with the dogmas and assumptions of modern historians so they were ignored. If so, the many Lebanese living in West Africa are perhaps but following in the footsteps of their ancie- nt ancestors. The Bible reveals an alliance of these linguistic groups was established under King Solomon during the tenth century B.C. However, several instances will be cited here. I am comeing over for the week of July Fourth and will get up with you for some coffe or what ever :-}}. 17, 1988, p. 206 (see also whole article, pp.

11, Heading entitled “Homer,” p. 689, , Vol.

Hi blam.

Phoenicians around 2000 BC built the sacrificial complex at North Salem, New Hampshire, now billed as America's Stonehenge, which remained in use and operation as late as some 100-300 AD.

Would really like to see your dogs.

13, 1985, pp. The obsequious language of the Philistine king indicates that while Egypt was in temporary decline, the chieftains of Palestine recognized that they were still in Egypt’s “sphere of influence” and they wanted to not alienate the Pharaoh. Jeroboam’s rejection of Israel’s God set a pattern for future kings, which would never be reversed. This ancient stele contains joint inscriptions in three ancient languages: Iberian-Punic (a language related to and descended from Phoenician-Hebrew), Egyptian, and ancient Libyan.45 These are the language groups of the triple alliance that the Bible reveals began in the reign of Solomon! This series of books will sometimes refer to “Phoenicians” and “Israelites,” but the reader should realize that, during the lifetime of the kingdom of Israel, the term “Phoenicia” included the Israelites.

Unless it was a well-established practice for the nations with these language groups to be in joint expeditions, there would have been no need for parallel inscriptions on the same stone.

The reason is, unfortunately, that the modern academic establishment as a whole is in a state of denial regarding these discoveries because the facts overthrow “established” theories. Phoenician Way, LLC is a New Hampshire Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on June 24, 2005. Secular evidence that Phoenicia’s greatness began around 1000 B.C. Whether this inscription dates to the reign of King Solomon or not, it further confirms that nautical travel between the Mediterranean Region and North America took place in ancient times. Again, we are confronted by the refusal of modern academia to accept the obvious because of their devotion to the false dogma that nobody could have discovered America before Columbus. Such fleets could easily have visited the New World during a three-year voyage. Indeed, Egypt’s Shishak was a friend of King Jeroboam of Israel (I Kings 11:40), so the ten tribes of Israel in the northern kingdom of Israel likely cheered Shishak as he attacked Judah, their estranged Israelite brothers.

Since King David was a warrior with little interest in scientific endeavors, the reign of King Solomon is the most logical milieu for any expeditions or colonization efforts which had Israelites carving inscriptions in ancient America proclaiming a loyalty to the God of the Bible. Since the Ten Commandments in ancient Hebrew have been found in both Ohio and New Mexico, it confirms that ancient Israelite explorations and/or colonizations of the New World were widespread. This continent — which Plato mentions without more ado because it was well known to his reading public — can only be America.”31 (Emphasis added). He stayed for a couple of months and should have a job at the CGB in Mobile. Historian Philip Hitti states: “Phoenician trade on an international scale in textiles, metalwork, pottery, glass, timber, wheat and wine gave the country three centuries – beginning around 1000 B.C. The Amarna Letters appear to be the account of Israel’s rise to power in the time of David. This photo does not represent the actual location.

David tolerated no opponents as he consolidated the territory under his rule; rulers of city-states within his claimed domain either submitted to David or they died.

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