Breaking News: ATF’s Secret Brace Ban.

How many farms/ranches have already lost their ability to produce food this year. While that occasional use has been adjudicated harmless, the intentional utilization of a PSB to construct an unregistered SBR is prosecutable. Ask the dude arrested in Idaho, a red state right? Economic multipliers sounds like a catch phrase to me, tell that to the people laid off. By all accepted firearm conventions, this measurement comes from the trigger face to the rearmost component of the device along a line parallel to the bore. The first EO basically says that public guidance does not have the force or effect of law.

Yea I know the wheels of justice turn ever so slowly. I spoke with Alex Bosco, CEO of SB Tactical and here is his company’s statement regarding this news.

Gaetz said he and six of his congressional colleagues have sent a letter to the acting ATF director, Regina Lombardo, and Atty. No new legislation since that statement.

Attorneys for Q responded in a letter Sept. 2, linked in its Oct. 6 announcement, that said “thousands of its customers have always regarded this firearm to be a pistol” and the ATF’s ruling would have far-reaching implications on other companies that produce similar AR-style pistols. “so there’s to(o) many black people now?” Where the hell did you infer that from? What will you do if you if the left orders the military to attack us? Not just the supreme court, Trumps got the 9th almost leaning conservative. The ATF determined that the intent of the pistol was to be fired from the shoulder in their Aug. 3 cease and desist letter, which formed the basis of their classification of the weapon as a rifle. Being good guys who mean well, maybe they just don’t know. This granted Wright access to the resources he would need to make a compelling and vigorous defense. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Springfield XDS OSP: New Micro Single-Stack Comes Optics-Ready, SAR K2 45C: SAR USA’s Aluminum-Framed, DA/SA Pistol in .45 ACP, Kahr Firearms Group Launches New Auto-Ordnance Trump 1911s, Shield Sights RMS2: Stronger, Improved Reflex Mini Sight Unveiled, Apex Tactical FN 509 Slide: 5-Inch Upgrade Includes RMR Optic Cut, 1791 Gunleather Optic-Ready Holsters Now Fit Glock G43x, G48 Pistols, WATCH: Miami Mom Grabs Pistol, Defends Family From Armed Intruders, Vietnam War Veteran Cites War Experience, Holds Gun on Intruder, REPORT: Concealed Carriers Grow Nearly 20 Million During Trump Term, 5 Pro Tips to Shoot a Small Semi-Auto Pistol More Effectively, Accurately, SCCY DVG-1: The 9mm Pistol That Puts 10+1 in a Sub-$300 Package. Congressman Gaetz addresses Attorney General William Barr and Acting Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Regina Lombardo in his letter, and says that he is concerned about the ATF’s practice of creating secret regulation, which could have devastating impacts on law-abiding citizens. Our best chance of preserving the Republic. On October 16, 2020 at 12:29 pm, Fred said: That’s not the final bill, that’s just some news rag. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? And neither we, nor the voters, will forget.”. SB Tactical, the company largely seen as the inventor of the modern pistol brace, in a statement this week slammed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives determination that the Honey Badger in its current configuration is a short-barreled rifle regulated under the National Firearms Act. Yes, reclassifying any brace as a stock is complete reversal and would be terrible for millions of law abiding citizens. The Q LLC Honey Badger pistol, which fires the .300 blackout cartridge, sports a barrel length under 16 inches and uses a pistol arm brace, which traditionally allowed a firearm to be classified as a pistol under ATF guidelines, even though it is visually similar to a rifle, according to the letter.

I am in favor of getting right with the Lord and will endeavor to remain true to the Spirit of the American Revolution until I am extinguished by those bent on my destruction. When a disabled veteran put a cane tip on the end of a pistol brace, the ATF went after him, compelling a former employee to deliver expert testimony. They warned customers that failure to do so may result in up to 10 years imprisonment or a $10,000 fine, the notice read. I believe God has favored us with another chance to become the nation we once tried to be— it’s up to us to try to do so even if the job looks like a Herculean task. “Judge Barrett will not stem the tide of demographics”.

There has been further development.

“Once again, gun owners, manufacturers, and dealers are subject to the whims of the anti-gun bureaucrats who run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF),” the Gun Owners of America said in a statement on their webpage. It said the move will delay, though not reverse, the earlier cease and desist until after the election, a tactic the company decried.

Pistol classification allows citizens to own rifle-style, compact pistols with short barrels without incurring a $200 tax stamp and registration status with the bureau, according to Silencer Central. If you want to refresh your memory read my analysis of the bump stock ban. The second EO states that private letters cannot use standards that are not publicly stated in guidance documents. Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz sounded the alarm about a possible ATF pistol brace ban in June, and multiple pro-gun groups have decried the bureau’s decision. If you're new to the AR pistol game (or black rifles in general), it's important to know a few laws and  ATF regulations concerning how firearms are classified, lest you wind up in legal hot water: An AR-15 rifle must have an overall length of no less than 26". The President enacted two executive orders (EO) that address this issue.

Magic wand and the uncoupling from China, we’ll see about that soon enough. Steadicam Gun Operator (Photo: Chris Eger/ Given the modularity of modern firearms this creates an absolute minefield for manufacturers and gun owners. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in August issued a “cease and desist” order to halt the production of the Honey Badger AR pistol, according to a letter from the bureau that surfaced this week. Where persons of faith are arrested for gathering in fellowship on scamdemic lies.

“You mean a hollow service economy ground to a halt by the scamdemic?” Stay in the know. Judge Barrett will not stem the tide of demographics that will ensure a socialist amurikah, no amount of rulings can change the math in favor of the TRADs as their children have been mentally poisoned by bolshevik .edu indoctrination.

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