Thankfully, the film survived. All this local content you love is just a click away. Of course, if you’re too shy to visit one of these clothing-optional clubs, AANR suggests combining your nakation with a staycation. Look, it’s not that I find the human form “dirty” or “disgusting.” And I do applaud the group’s efforts to wage the battle against our squeamishness about our own body image — I realize the world would be a much better place if we were all just a little more comfortable in our own skins.

Why would anyone send an email about skinny dipping to me, the guy about which there’s absolutely nothing that could even remotely be considered “skinny”? - LazarusLong.

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1 user thanked Goblin2004 for this useful post. We filled a big watermelon with rum and juice, like we do every year, and just spent all day sunbathing and swimming naked in the pool. Catch and fry your own or try Florida’s Kitchen in Livingston for this and other regional specialties like chicken-fried steak and Texas barbecue. I am pretty familiar with the area. It's best to stick to private beaches that are not in the center of resort property, but even in the light of day, no one is likely to raise an eyebrow at visitors scooting to the edge of the area and taking a quick plunge. Go: If you don’t have your own private beach to enjoy, try Chkalovski. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, little tavernas are scattered throughout the town and serve traditional Greek food. by Team LovePanky . Each photo includes the photographer's name, story, and the best places to stay, eat, and drink in the location. Indeed, if people who enjoy the freedom of nudity call themselves “naturists,” then I suppose I would label myself a dyed-in-the-wool “textile-ophile.” I simply adore clothing and feel absolutely naked whenever I’m, well, naked. Hello from St George: I'm new here. As we knew would happen you’ve reached your monthly limit. Forage with care! Ever felt the urge to dive in sans clothing? There are places that I am sure you can go hiking that if no one else is around you might be able to hike naked if you are sure you really want to. That's partly to blame on U.S. law and social norms. I call it just plain awkward. Drink: Rum soaked watermelon. Or for a more traditional taste of Greece, pay homage to the 6,000-year-old wine history with a glass of Retsina. Mill Creek Falls is a skinny-dipping favorite, with winding trails that connect many falls and pools, making it easy to find a private spot for a quick dip. Get a flight to the Dominican Republic and 5 nights at the all-inclusive, beachfront Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach for as little as $579*. My friend, her boyfriend, and I woke up to find a wild, empty beach where we sunbathed, swam naked, and laughed all day. They also have hundreds of ponds and natural pools along hiking trails that are sheltered from public view. "I took this in Atlixco, México. If you go down to Arizona near Seegmiller mountain area, I am sure you could go hiking there without any concern.

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