We’ve listed these N64 coop games by the following types: Campaign; Side-mode/mini-game; N64 games in which you can team up against AI bots in multiplayer; American football; Basketball; … If you can get your hands on a copy of Mario Kart 64, whether on the original console or through emulation, it’s a fantastic way to pass the time with friends.

We collected the best Nintendo 64 Games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Super Smash Bros. The game’s famous item system throws an element of chaos into every race.

This setup does a good job of keeping races fairly close and exciting right until the end. It’s a challenging game, and the tracks arguably put up more of a challenge than your friends. 007 - GoldenEye (Japan) 1,473 1 1. There are 32 different types of vehicles to operate and 48 tracks to explore. For example, you can pump up bombs to increase their explosive range without needing a power-up.

Mario, Zelda and more San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing. Play Mario Kart 64 game online in your browser free of charge on Arcade Spot.

The best versions of the series’ most beloved levels can be found in Mario Kart 64—particularly Rainbow Road.

Pokémon Puzzle League is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to put down again!

Throw banana peels, turtle shells, and bombs to your enemies in this competitive racing game – Mario Kart 64! Lego Racers allows split screen mode only for single races, which is a bit of a shame. Let us know in the comments below. In this mode, one player tries to beat campaign missions while the other plays as the enemy guards. The Nintendo 64 version of the racing game contains six tracks, two of which hold secret “stunt” courses. And it does so for the better. Susume!

The frame rate is a right bottleneck. Lego Racers lives up to this expectation with insane customization options. Play Super Nintendo (SNES) classic games online in your browser.

Any game with Lego in its title is bound to have at least two or three standout aspects. Damage also plays a big role in this title. F-Zero X did not disappoint. The game features a novel dual power-up system: projectiles and items that you don’t need to aim. Susume!

Play Mario Party (USA) (Nintendo 64) for free in your browser. All of the THQ/AKI grapplers are great with three friends. In GoldenEye 007, you’re limited to a smaller selection of stages. There is even the “X” cup to participate in, that generates random tracks each time you play. However, you and up to three friends can also play cooperatively through the international and world league modes.

Browse more Sega Genesis games by using the game links on this page.

Project 64k has online support, but runs off of an old version of Project 64, leading to some graphical issues. PS1; PS2; SNK . This adds another level of difficulty and is also an impressive technical feat given the Nintendo 64’s limited hardware.

Play Game. Jokingly referred to as the destroyer of friendships, the Mario Party series is first and foremost a multiplayer affair. NFL Blitz 2001 and NFL Blitz Special Edition all support four players and cooperative play for two players. We’ve chosen 25 games that we think are still fun and relatively playable compared to modern games. As a player, you are given a number of Legos to work with that let you build both your driver and your vehicle. Fast and easy! No need to download roms or emulator! If you lose your vehicle before the end of the race you get to play a slot machine mini-game. Game Boy; Game Boy Color; GBA; N64; NES; Nintendo DS; SNES; Virtual Boy; Sega . Each character has their own unique traits and set of attributes that will affect the gameplay.

NFL Blitz 2000 is satisfyingly fast and brutal, and a lot more enjoyable than its now outdated competitors on N64. Super Smash Bro's is great for this, … While the first game is our personal favourite, it features joystick-spinning mini-games that destroy your controllers and palms.

We just wish it supported up to four players instead of only two. To top it off, the frame rate remains consistent with four players, making Mario Kart 64 very playable today.

And unlike the other to games, it actually has background music in four player! Play Game.

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There are multiple deathmatch options and great weapon selections, including automatics, power weapons and remote mines. 1. While Mario Kart 64‘s single-player mode is a drag, the multiplayer is both fun and accessible. My name is Aseem Kishore and I am a full-time professional blogger. Marutama Chō is the greatest N64 puzzle game you’ve never played.

Play Game. And the outdated controls take some getting used to. Each player is given a team of AI tanks, resulting in large-scale warfare. The control setup primarily uses the A and B buttons, keeping the gameplay nice and simple. This is the perfect game for anyone that enjoyed playing with the Micro Machines cars as kids. How is GoldenEye 007 so far down our best N64 multiplayer games list? Offering a wide range of game modes for four players, BattleTanx: Global Assault is immensely fun to play today. Super Famicom Classics and new hacked ROMs. This online game is part of the Racing, Driving, Mario, and N64 gaming categories. Play Emulator has the biggest collection of Sega Genesis emulator games to play. Donkey Kong 64’s multiplayer is an incredibly limited affair, but we can’t stop coming back to it. © The written content of this blog is copyright of its respective authors. Thankfully, Snowboard Kids 2, an N64 sequel, offers a similar gameplay experience but with new courses and characters. I consent to N64 Today using my email address to send me blog post notifications.

Mario Kart 64 is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. It’s bright and colourful, and you don’t need an appreciation or understanding of Pokémon to enjoy it. In fact, you’re probably yelling at us through the screen right now. Taisen … 007 - The World Is Not Enough (Europe) (En,Fr,De), 1080 TenEighty Snowboarding (Europe) (En,Ja,Fr,De), 1080 TenEighty Snowboarding (Japan, USA) (En,Ja), 64 de Hakken!!

It's exactly like playing your N64. It’s much more fun as a single-player adventure, but Diddy Kong Racing is still entertaining with friends.

It also introduces more weapons than the previous titles, including rear-locking missiles. Tell us what you think are the best N64 multiplayer games on Twitter or Facebook. Even the most skilled racers are rarely safe from the wrath of a blue shell or lightning bolt.

Join the wacky race with Mario and the rest of the gang! Micro Machines is an odd series, but don’t let the name fool you—the amount of fun in this title is anything but micro. If you’re looking for a great N64 racing game, then Star Wars Episode 1: Racer is one game you shouldn’t miss. What makes San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing stand out is the Practice Mode and Death Race Mode. Emulator Online Blog; … This means the variety of races is nearly endless. Our opinion is that it works just fine, although using a peripheral steering wheel did add a new element to the title. N64 Today uses cookies to anonymously track visits and measure the performance of this website through Google Analytics and Hotjar.

It supports up to four players, and you can even all team up against the AI. Doing so dumps junk into your opponent’s play area, potentially making it more difficult for them. Up to four players can work through the story together. Play Emulator has the biggest collection of Nintendo 64 emulator games to play. Each race is different, making this one of the N64 racing games with the most replayability. Home; Nintendo . Being able to move around in full 3D means you need to use different tactics in this game. Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey ’98 holds up as a result of its arcade-style gameplay.

It’s quick, exciting and features beautiful 2D animations – a rarity on N64. There are only three arenas (and a throwaway secondary mode), but it’s fun to play in short bursts. Unfortunately, Snowboard Kids is a bit light on content.

This would be a great title to play with friends, but the multiplayer mode is somewhat limited.

It’s a constant to and fro until one player is simply overwhelmed. Game Gear; Master System; Mega Drive; Sega 32x; Atari .

You also unlock more throughout the storyline, a series of four different cups with six tracks in each. GBA; SNES; NES; NDS; N64; GB; Genesis; Neo Geo; Download Roms; Our Apps; Blog . Was there really any doubt which game would top this list? Throw in some power-ups and it’s an even sillier affair!

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In addition to the standard deathmatch modes, you can play cooperatively through the campaign and “Challenge” scenarios. If you don’t still have one laying around, you can also check out a N64 emulator. And then there’s Counter-operative mode, which is a novel twist on the classic coop formula.

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