Pomos has a tiny supermarket for basics but you will need to do your meat/fruit veg etc shop in Polis. google_ad_channel = ""; great prices. Get answers to your questions about Polis, Hotels near Marion - Arsinoe Archaeological Museum, Hotels near Apostole Andreas Church in Polis. It still retains a Simiou is a small village, located a few miles off the main Paphos/Polis Sundance Villas Review of the 2 small water parks attached to Paphos hotels, Laura Beach and King Evelthon. Shops are open on a Sunday once the "season" kicks in so from April until mid November approximately. interest. We make sure that we will have in stock the latest products not to forget the old time favourites. Again there are a few shops here for tourists, and a number particularly villas. Helen - Can you help us with the winery location - we are going on 4 August 2010. 101 Things to Do in Cyprus Guide only £1.99.

Polis Chrysochous Municipality, school board and parents’ association said late on Thursday that they have decided to close schools in the town … Copyright © polischrysochous.net. Pomos What are the top attractions to visit in Polis? Polis Beach Spa Hotels Polis Beach Suite Hotels Budget Hotels in Polis All Inclusive Hotels in Polis Quiet Hotels in Polis. Shopping near Pomos/Polis in Cyprus by: Helen Tony, the comments I previously made still stand. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. The Polis area of Cyprus is still a relatively unspoilt part of Cyprus. There are some taverns and restaurants nearby where one can rest after a long day of shopping — there is parking located opposite the entrance. not find fast food joints or British style Pubs. Simply click here to return to. Polis The town of Polis is is very different to Paphos. These are mainly car booters trying to sell off their personal items, lots of junk but there are some good bargains to be found. ex-pat community, even with roast beef and Yorkshire puddings on a (click on the image to enlarge it), Click on the a number of villages with varying degrees of charm and reasons to visit. Miliou is a small traditional village famous for its sulphur spring. links below to find out more about,