The European Union has strict laws which prevent member cities from bidding against each other with state aid (tax incentives) in an effort to lure private companies. All Rights Reserved, Student Reporting Labs: Michigan teens on pins and needles before state called, What to discuss with your students on the day after Election Day. ... Should social media companies ban political advertising? Since 2001 5,900 people have overdosed at a safe haven in Sydney, Australia but no one has died. Flag desecration is any act that is carried out with the intention of damaging or destroying a national flag in public. Amazon said the company could invest over $5 billion and the offices would create up to 50,000 high paying jobs. Opponents of deficit reduction argue that government spending would increase demand for goods and services and help avert a dangerous fall into deflation, a downward spiral in wages and prices that can cripple an economy for years.

National Security Issues. Proponents argue that social media companies don’t have the tools to stop the spread of false information since their advertising platforms aren’t moderated by human beings. Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which fractures the rock and allows the oil or gas to flow out to a well. in 2014 Colorado and Washington will become the first states to legalize and regulate marijuana contrary to federal laws. 2020 Political Quiz.

In 2013 the Government sold its stake in GM for $39 billion.

Opponents argue that governments should spend the tax revenue on public projects instead and that the federal government should pass laws banning tax incentives. Foreign electoral interventions are attempts by governments, covertly or overtly, to influence elections in another country. In the U.S. approximately 5.8 million people are ineligible to vote due to voter disenfranchisement and only two states, Maine and Vermont, have no restrictions on allowing felons to vote. About  •  

Transportation Issues. Multiple citizenship, also called dual citizenship is a person's citizenship status, in which a person is concurrently regarded as a citizen of more than one state under the laws of those states. Senators proposed a law that would make it a crime for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel. In March 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump proposed executing drug traffickers to fight his country’s opioid epidemic. Answer the following questions to see how your political beliefs match your political parties and candidates.

This is commonly done in an effort to make a political statement against a nation or its policies. Proponents argue that nuclear energy is now safe and emits much less carbon emissions than coal plants. Some countries do not permit dual citizenship. Countries with single-payer healthcare systems include the U.K., Canada, Taiwan, Israel, France, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Opponents of the ban argue that punitive regulations will make it harder for American companies to compete and will further discourage businesses from locating and investing in the United States. What is your stance on abortion? Abortion is a medical procedure resulting in the termination of a human pregnancy and death of a fetus. In 2014 President Obama proposed raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 and tying it to an inflation index. Larger unions also typically engage in lobbying activities and electioneering at the state and federal level. The Human Rights Act of 1998 is an Act of Parliament which aims to give further effect to the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights.  Learn more  or. Proponents argue that social media companies don’t have the tools to stop the spread of false information since their advertising platforms aren’t moderated by human beings. Senator Warren proposed that the U.S. government should designate tech companies who have global revenue of over $25 billion as “platform utilities" and break them up into smaller companies. There are currently no private prisons in Norway. In 2013 the Government sold its stake in GM for $39 billion.

In 2018 members of parliament and Prime Minister Theresa May proposed a “backstop” which would allow the UK and Northern Ireland to remain inside the EU’s single market for goods and farm products. Answer the following questions to see how your political beliefs match your political parties and candidates. Proponents argue that nuclear energy is now safe and emits much less carbon emissions than coal plants. Opponents argue that it is a waste of money since the tests will cost more money than they save.

Share. It is funded by voluntary contributions from member countries and private donors. In April 2016, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe issued an executive order which restored voting rights to more than 200,000 convicted felons living in the state.

August 17th, 2020 Take the Political Party Quiz to find out where you fit! Do you support the use of nuclear energy?

In 2018, officials in the U.S. city of Philadelphia city proposed opening a “safe haven” in an effort to combat the city's heroin epidemic. In 2020 face masks were mandated by certain countries as a control measure against the spread of SARS-CoV-2. document.write('Contact');  •   Should the government increase spending on public transportation? The document exposed how world leaders and wealthy individuals hide money in secret offshore tax shelters. In 2016, France became the first country to ban the sale of plastic disposable products that contain less than 50% of biodegradable material and in 2017, India passed a law banning all plastic disposable plastic products. As of June 27, 2019 456 troops from the U.K. died in the conflict.

Several countries, including Finland, India and Brazil, have experimented with a UBI system but have not implemented a permanent program. Should Switzerland assassinate suspected terrorists in foreign countries? Currently, all states must allow abortions early in pregnancies but may ban them in later trimesters. A certain amount can be passed on tax-free, which is called the "tax-free allowance" or "nil rate band". The World Health Organization was founded in 1948 and is a specialized agency of the United Nations whose main objective is “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.” The organization provides technical assistance to countries, sets international health standards and guidelines, and collects data on global health issues through the World Health Survey.

Answer the following questions to see how your political beliefs match your political parties and candidates. Opponents of deficit reduction argue that government spending would increase demand for goods and services and help avert a dangerous fall into deflation, a downward spiral in wages and prices that can cripple an economy for years. It is the most expensive and most powerful capability of the British military forces.the development, procurement and operation of the current generation of British nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them. As of early May 2020, 88% of the world's population lived in countries that recommend or mandated the use of masks in public. Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release energy to generate heat, which most frequently is then used in steam turbines to produce electricity in a nuclear power station. Women currently make up 24.7% of the lower house and 38.2% in the upper house. Opponents argue that a UBI would be detrimental to economies by encouraging people to either work less or drop out of the workforce entirely. Proponents of deficit reduction argue that governments who do not control budget deficits and debt are at risk of losing their ability to borrow money at affordable rates. Polls  •   2020 Political Quiz. iSideWith is not affiliated with any political party, candidate, or interest group. Yes, tuition costs are currently too expensive, No, not until we balance our national deficit, No, but tuition costs are currently too expensive, No, but free for low-income students with excellent grades, No, but tuition costs should decrease based on family income, This question is no longer relevant and should be removed, Yes, and adjust it every year according to inflation, Regardless, minimum wage standards should be adjusted by age group, No, this will only cause prices to increase in a never ending cycle, No, most minimum wage jobs are meant to develop experience, not support a family, No, any worker should be rewarded based on their success, More, but increase benefits for the elderly and disabled, More, reform the system so that it supplements, rather than replaces, a working income, Fewer, current benefits do not provide enough support, Fewer, and ensure benefits go to those that need it most, Remove taxes on corporations and tax shareholder dividends instead, Lower, but eliminate deductions and loop holes, Keep current rates but eliminate deductions and loop holes, Increase for large multinational corporations but lower for small businesses, Yes, everyone should receive an income to cover basic necessities including food and housing, No, this will encourage people not to work and harm economic growth, Yes, and raise taxes on all income brackets, Lower the income tax rate and remove all existing tax loopholes for large corporations, Abolish the income tax, disallow all deductions and increase the sales tax, Yes, but it should not replace our national treasury-backed currency, Yes, and all countries should switch to a blockchain currency like Bitcoin, No, it provides too high of risk for criminal activity, Yes, the government should receive equity for any financial aid they provide to companies, No, the government should never own shares of private companies, No, this impedes technological progress due to competition being stifled, Yes, but by drastically reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials, No, increase taxes on the wealthy instead, No, reduce the number of government officials instead, No, increase taxes on large multinational corporations instead, No, cuts to public spending will negatively affect the economy, Yes, and drastically increase taxes and import tariffs on outsourcing businesses, No, the government should not interfere with the free market, No, but drastically increase taxes and import tariffs on outsourcing businesses, Yes, but in the form of tax breaks for all citizens, Yes, the government should intervene to boost a recovery, Yes, but in the form of tax breaks for low income citizens, Yes, but in the form of increased spending on infrastructure, Yes, but in the form of assisting sectors most heavily hit by the recession, No, recession is a natural cycle that purges excess, No, and the government should drastically reduce spending during recessions, No, reform so the tax rate is based on the wealth of the recipient rather than the deceased, Yes, as long as offshore income is reported, No, and neither should corporations and business organizations, No, too many wealthy citizens are abusing loopholes in offshore banking laws to evade taxes, Yes, adjust them yearly for cost of living, Yes, for government workers but not for politicians, No, not until we decrease our national debt, Hurt, I support some private unions but am strongly against public unions, Help, but ban their ability to make political donations, Help, in theory but have recently become corrupt and should have their powers limited, Yes, but provide treatment for those testing positive, Yes, and immediately terminate benefits for anyone testing positive, Yes, test anyone receiving money from the government including employees and politicians, Regardless, we should end all social welfare programs, No, only if they have a criminal history related to drug abuse, Yes, but only for deadly contagious diseases, Yes, but with exceptions for those whose religious beliefs forbid use of vaccines, Yes, they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated, No, but require vaccination in order to attend public school, No, fund public ad campaigns about the risks and benefits instead, No, but hold parents criminally liable for transferring deadly diseases to other children, Yes, as long as there is no public subsidy, Yes, temporarily while we increase investment into cleaner renewable alternatives, No, we should invest in cleaner alternatives such as wind, hydroelectric, thorium, and geothermal, Yes, as long as they pass the same background checks as straight couples, No, and gay couples should not be able to adopt children, No, and I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child, No, and adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples, Yes, but the victim’s family should decide the punishment, Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence, No, too many people are innocently convicted, No, spending life in prison is a harsher sentence, Pro-life, and I also oppose abortion for victims of rape and incest, Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child, Pro-choice, but ban after the first three months, Pro-choice, I don’t agree but the government has no right to ban it, Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions, Yes, but allow churches the right to refuse same-sex ceremonies, Take the government out of marriage and instead make it a religious decision, No, allow civil unions but don’t call it marriage, No, marriage should be defined as between a man and woman, Yes, but only if there is no chance they will survive their illness, Yes, but only after a psychological examination to show they fully understand this choice, No, but they should be allowed to refuse artificial life support, Yes, but only for large international corporations, Yes, and the government should do more to require diversity in the workplace, No, board members should be the most qualified regardless of gender, No, the government should never require the diversity of private businesses, Yes, but only if their hormone levels are equivalent to those in the gender category in which they compete, No, athletes should compete based on the biological sex that is listed on their birth certificate, Yes, we should respect all cultural traditions, Yes, but their identity must be privately verified by a female staff member, Yes, as long as it does not threaten violence, Yes, because I don’t trust the government to define the boundaries of hate speech, No, and increase penalties for hate speech, No, freedom of speech laws should only protect you from criticizing the government, Yes, as long as they can pass the same physical tests as men, Yes, preventing women from serving in combat roles is discriminatory, No, women are not as physically capable as men for combat, No, combat roles place women in a high risk situation for sexual assault, No, men are more likely to risk the success of a mission in order to protect a women from danger, Yes, but only accept families (no single Muslim men), Yes, but we should accept much more than the proposed 10,000 refugees, Yes, but only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections, No, we should eliminate any opportunity for terrorists to enter the country, Yes, and it should be at least two years of service, Yes, but only for those who are starting to build a criminal record, Yes, but only for those who do not pursue further education or employment, Yes, but with less focus on military training and more focus on education and skill development, No, service should be a choice instead of an obligation, Neither, I am satisfied with the current amount of spending, Increase, but only after our deficit is drastically reduced, Yes, but only to address security threats, not monetary interests, Yes, but only to influence public opinion, not tamper with a fair voting process, Yes, but only to protect the country from human rights violations by a tyrannical ruler, No, and we should not try to influence any other country’s elections or policy, Yes, boycotts against Israel harm one of our most important allies in the Middle East, Yes, but I would prefer to abolish the European Union, Yes, keep the EU bloc’s single market and its customs union, No, this will prevent Britain from signing trade deals on its own, Increase, but only for countries that have no human rights violations, I am satisfied with the current amount of spending, Decrease, and we should not give foreign aid to any countries, Decrease, until we drastically reduce our national budget deficit, Decrease, and deny aid to countries that harbor or promote terrorism, Yes, and ban all disposable products that are not made of at least 75% of biodegradable material, No, increase consumer incentives to recycle these products instead, No, but increase tax incentives for companies that make biodegradable products, Yes, and provide more incentives for alternative energy production, No, and I believe global warming is a natural occurrence, No, and the current government is over-regulating businesses, No, provide more incentives for alternative energy production instead, Yes, but producers should not be able to patent seeds, Yes, but require the labelling of foods that are genetically modified, Yes, as long as the local environment is not compromised, Yes, as long as the tax revenue will eventually exceed the tax incentives, Yes, if the company promises to create new jobs by hiring local residents, Yes, but only if local citizens can vote on the amount of incentives to offer, Yes, but I would prefer lowering corporate taxes to benefit all local companies, No, but punish them for moving jobs out of the country, No, the government should never subsidize private businesses, No, spend that money on improving infrastructure and the community to attract companies, No, we should pursue more sustainable energy resources instead, No, more research is needed to measure the long term effects of fracking, Yes, there is too much fake news and misinformation on social media, Yes, social media companies are politically biased and need to be regulated, No, the government should not determine what is fake or real news, No, social media companies are private and should not be regulated by the government, Yes, but only in places where crime rates are high, Yes, and more police should be added to high crime areas, No, more police should be added to high crime areas instead, No, and the government has gone too far in the invasion of privacy of citizens, Yes, and retroactively reduce sentences for those already serving time, No, and increase punishment for drug dealers, No, but increase funding for addiction prevention and rehabilitation, No, but decriminalize drugs that offer medicinal benefits such as marijuana, Yes, and decrease their salary and retirement benefits, Yes, term limits will increase performance and prevent corruption, No, we already have term limits that are called “elections”, No, officials gain valuable experience and become more effective representatives over time, Yes, this is necessary to combat terrorism, Yes, but only for those with criminal backgrounds, No, and enact legislation preventing government surveillance of citizen communications, Yes, and it should be illegal to burn any nation’s flag, No, it’s just a piece of cloth that doesn’t represent what it should, No, I don’t respect anyone who does but they should have the right to do so, Yes, but only if the information was legally obtained, Yes, but only if releasing the information does not threaten our national security, Yes, only if it’s strictly based on a pay-per-quality model, Yes, this would make the internet faster and more reliable for users, Yes, but only give priority by type (video over images) and not source (big website over little website), No, treat all traffic equally and continue the openness of the internet, No, this would allow them to remove competition, create artificial scarcity, and increase prices, Yes, schools should require at least one teacher or security guard to be armed, No, hire professionally trained security guards instead, No, this would increase the risk of accidental shootings, Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they are planning to attack our country, Yes, but only if there is undeniable evidence they have committed an attack against our country, No, they should be captured and given a fair trial, No, capture, interrogate, and imprison them instead, Yes, and provide more free public transportation, Yes, but only if the spending goes towards environmentally friendly solutions, No, and we should reduce current spending, No, we have more important issues that need funding, No, I am satisfied with the current amount of spending, No, and we should privatize more public transportation services, More, and privatize the entire healthcare industry, Less, and provide more government funding, Less, and there should be no privatization of the healthcare industry, Yes, but only increase funding for personalized care instead of subsidizing pharmaceutical companies, Yes, our mental healthcare system needs more funding to provide a higher quality of care and services, No, incentivize private companies to address this issue instead, Yes, and immediately release anyone serving time solely for drug offenses, Yes, and legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana instead of criminalizing it, No, and increase penalties for non-violent drug offenders, Yes, this is necessary to reduce the drug overdose death rate, Yes, drug abuse should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue, No, this would encourage drug use and lower funding for rehabilitation centers, Yes, but only relative to the amount that other countries contribute, No, fund national and local programs instead, Yes, except for certain medical conditions, No, we should let the virus naturally run its course, No, the government should recommend it but not require it, Yes, but allow people to use private insurance, Yes, this system guarantees healthcare for everyone, Yes, private companies should not be able to profit off of healthcare, No, the government should not be involved in healthcare, Yes, but only after living in the country for 5 years, Yes, but only after living in the country for 10 years, Yes, anyone who pays taxes should have the right to vote, Yes, but they should not be allowed to vote in local elections, Yes, but they should only be allowed to vote in local elections, No, only legal citizens should be allowed to vote, Yes, and also required to release their medical records, Yes, and require a public audit each year they are in office, No, I would respect them more if they did but they shouldn’t be required to, No, tax returns have nothing to do with their ability to perform their duties, Yes, as long as they have finished serving their sentence, Yes, as long as the crime was not committed while in office, Yes, as long as it was not a felony, violent, financial, or sexual crime, No, and disallow politicians that are under investigation for a crime, Yes, but limit the amount they can donate, No, these types of donations just turn into bribes, No, but allow donations from unions and non-profits, No, and political campaigns should be publicly funded, Yes, any citizen that pays taxes should be allowed to vote, No, and voters should be required to pass a basic test demonstrating their understanding of politics in order to vote, Yes, and ban all immigration until the government improves its screening process, No, but we should ban immigrants from “high risk” countries, No, banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional, Increase, our economy relies on businesses hiring the highest skilled workers at the lowest cost, Decrease, companies are currently taking advantage of this program to decrease wages, Decrease, and the government should provide more incentives to prepare our citizens for these jobs, Yes, unless they have committed an act of terrorism, Yes, but they should not be able to claim citizenship status of more than two nations, No, and revoke the status for those currently holding dual citizenship, No, and we should not allow any new immigrants into the country at this time, Yes, but after they have finished serving their sentence, Yes, as long as it is safe for them to return to their country, No, only if they have entered the country illegally, Yes, but the government should provide free language learning courses, Yes, and remove multilingual translations from government documents and services, No, we should embrace the diversity that immigrants add to our country, No, but remove multilingual translations from government documents and services, Yes, but it should only cover very basic and simple topics, Yes, and it should test more than just a basic level of understanding, No, most citizens couldn’t even pass a citizenship test, No, but we should spend more to increase our border security, No, and we should increase the amount of immigrants we currently allow into the country, Yes, but eliminate contractual occupancy quotas, Yes, but they should be strictly regulated to prevent mismanagement and corruption, No, private prisons will sacrifice quality of care and rehabilitation services for profit, Yes, replace police with unarmed community based responders for non-violent calls, No, increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities, Yes, every citizen deserves the right to vote, Yes, except for felons convicted of murder or violent crimes, Yes, but only after completing their sentences and parole/probation, Yes, as long as they are given a fair trial, Yes, but only if they are repeated offenders, Yes, but only if there is proof someone died from the drugs they trafficked, No, I do not believe in the death penalty, No, sentence them to life in prison without parole instead, Yes, but they must perform community service on a daily basis, Yes, but place them under house arrest using an electronic bracelet, No, but we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners.

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