Why didn’t the rooster go on the roller coaster? Funny Popsicle Stick Jokes. Popsicle stick jokes have a (well earned!) See Also: 100+ Laffy Taffy Jokes. Why shouldn’t you play hide-n-seek with a leopard?You’ll always be spotted. Why does a quarter flip higher than other coins?It has an eagle on it, 66. 102. And what better place to find funny jokes than on popsicle sticks? What do you call the last bit of snow to hit the ground? What’s a cat’s favorite button on the DVD?Paws, 32. Popsicle stick jokes can be very funny and very witty as well.

Where did Sally take her pet bees for fun?The wax museum, 46. If you're like me, then you love a silly pun. reputation for being some of the most groan-worthy and painful jokes. Why did the cookie go to the doctor?It felt crumby, 57. What’s the best side of the house to put the porch on?The outside, 9. What did the tailor say about her job?It’s sew-sew, 13. Why didn’t the rooster go on the rollercoaster?He was chicken, 11.

What did the banana say to the other banana? What did Mr. and Mrs. They might make you cringe, but in the best way possible. Why was the lamp flunking his class?He wasn’t very bright, 56. What did the beach say as the tide came in? Found this on popsicle stick so don’t judge to harshly, What is the best joke you have heard that was on the end of a Popsicle stick? Why can’t a nose be 12 inches long?Because then it would be a foot. reputation for being some of the most groan-worthy and painful jokes.

Why didn’t the cashier laugh at Emily’s joke? Pom-Pomegranate. Why wasn’t the computer hungry?It just had a byte, 42. These are the absolute best popsicle jokes out there. 10 of them, in fact! They're so corny and lame, but I love them :-P It doesn't have to be from a popsicle stick, I'm open to Laffy Taffy or other stupid jokes as well.

How do you fix a broken gorilla?With a monkey wrench, 17. Below are our top bad but funny popsicle stick jokes to bring back memories of your youth! Get Random Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes Ever - If you're like me, then you love a silly pun. If you enjoyed our collection of funny popsicle stick jokes, then why not check out the rest of LaffGaff for lots more really funny jokes and laughs including our stupid jokes for kids and adults and our corny jokes, as well as these: © 2020 LaffGaff.com. Why do owls always get invited to bird parties?Because they are such a hoot, 77. Copyright © 2020 BestRandoms.com All rights reserved. What do pigs and ink have in common?They both go in a pen, 85. What do you get if you stick a vampire outside in winter? Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. One might even say that is the definitive collection of popsicle stick jokes. What did Mr. and Mrs. What kind of tree would have the best bark?

Does anybody have any good ones to share? Best joke at the end of a Popsicle stick, What's a cheerleader's favorite fruit? Popsicle stick jokes are sure to make you laugh, all while you're enjoying a delicious treat. What did “A” and “B” look for at the beach?A “C” gull, 36. I wanted to make my Dad a chainsaw for Christmas, but I'm not sure if we have the saw and I don't want to ruin a perfectly good chain for it.. Can anyone think of another dad joke gift, like a quarter pounder with cheese?. What did the hot dogs name their kid?Frank, You Might Also Like: 200+ Silly Jokes For Kids and Adults, 71. Where do dogs hate to shop?At the flea market, 78.

A big list of popsicle stick jokes! Stick Stickley blessed our souls with his presence every afternoon during the years of 1995-1998. These are the absolute best popsicle jokes out there. And so we’ve collected together all the most funny popsicle stick jokes ever. What lies on its back a thousand feet in the air?A millipede, 91.

Share: A man gives a pile of popsicle sticks to his artist girlfriend She replies “ this is the best experience I have with you giving me wood!” Long time no sea, 53. Why do basketball players wear bibs?Because they dribble, 31. What did the hotdog say after he finished the race?I’m the wiener, 83. What did the dentist say to the marching band? The current argument is whether popsicle sticks with jokes on them existed before or after Stick Stickley reign. Where do spaghetti and sauce go to dance?The meat ball, 80. A DynaSnore! It keeps your hot stuff hot, and your cold stuff cold!” Intrigued, the man decides to buy i.

Why did the kettle get so hot?It needed to blow off steam, 21. Where did the elephant store its suitcase? Why didn’t the hockey player want to play for dinner?

Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Popsicle stick jokes can be very funny and very witty as well. Why did the fish have a bad report card? What does a tree do when it’s ready to go home? Why couldn’t the dog get the apple?He was barking up the wrong tree, 58. What kind of shirts do golfers wear?Tee-shirts, 4. What time is it when you’re out of ice cream? Q: Where do snowmen dance? How do animals blend into the desert?With Camel-flage, 43. Why do owls always get invited to bird parties? You've come to the right place. --------- All rights reserved. Don't you dare judge me, it was on my popsicle stick. I'm sorry I found this joke on a popsicle stick please forgive me. Why did Sally put her bicycle to bed early?It was two-tired, 49. Of course, some kids jokes are really only funny to kids (mostly because they make them up as the go along), but that doesn’t stop them from telling jokes that make their friends giggle. How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? What’s a cow’s favorite activity?Going to the moovies, 10. What was a trick that the load of bread taught the dog?Roll over, 89. Why are math textbooks so stressed?They deal with many problems, 72.

Hamburger name their daughter?eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'laffgaff_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_1',175,'0','0'])); What can you steal and not get in trouble? With a honeycomb! What do you call a sleeping Tyrannosaurus Rex? What did the zookeeper use to unlock the cage?A monkey wrench, 14. Where did the cow take his girlfriend on a date? We collected a list of "Random Funniest Popsicle Stick Jokes Ever" from ranker, which was screened by countless online votes. EDIT: I did the quarter-pounder with cheese. :P. What do you call a fruit that makes fun of someone? Got it on a popsicle stick. How can you defend yourself under water?Carry a swordfish, 34.

Why was the baby comforter so sad?It was a little down, 50. Why couldn’t the elephant use the computer?He was afraid of the mouse, 45. Popsicle sticks can be surprisingly funny. I know I've made my fair share of trips to the super market just to buy some in hopes of discovering a new joke. (Discovered on a Firecracker Popsicle stick). How do you make a handkerchief dance?Put a little boogie in it, 98. What’s the best side of the house to put the porch on? Sourced from Reddit, Twitter, and beyond! Why did Kayla go to the river when she was sad? Why did Janeen eat her test?Her teacher said it was a piece of cake, 16. We hope you enjoy them as much as us. What did the diamonds name their baby? Popsicle sticks can be surprisingly funny. 74. What kind of bird is always sad?A blue bird, 6.

What can you catch, but not throw?Your breath, 19. A big list of popsicle stick jokes! Why did Susan bring two pairs of pants to her golf game?In case she got a hole-in-one, 54. Popsicle stick jokes are sure to make you laugh, all while you're enjoying a delicious treat. (20) Other Crap (48) Popsicle Stick Jokes (17) Spnak Frnak (46) Ultimate Recipes … To help arm your kid with jokes to share, I rounded up 101 jokes from Popsicle sticks — yes, all of these jokes can be found on Popsicle sticks! Show all by ranking(30 items). (Popsicle stick caliber) What driver never gets a parking ticket?A screwdriver, 38. Why is England the wettest country?The queen has reigned there for years, 23. What’s the hardest thing about skydiving? What did the hunter call his wife? A: At the snowball. What do computers eat for snacks? What did the volcano say to his girlfriend? Why didn’t the sun ever shine in the castle?It was full of knights, 28. Why did the policeman arrest the baseball player? Because all of his grades were under “C”. What animal should you never play cards with? Micro-chips reputation for being some of the most groan-worthy and painful jokes. What kind of phones do turtles use?Shell-ular phones. What kind of horse likes to be ridden at night?A nightmare, 76. What crew mans a haunted ship?A skeleton crew, 84. Looking for a great laugh? What are the smartest animals?Fish because they stay in schools, 67. What has a hundred ears but cannot hear?A field of corn, 3. What do you call a sleeping cow?A bulldozer, 88. Dumb Ass Jokes (131) Filthy Lies (1) Funny Stuff (156) HammerHead (9) Happy Hour Party (79) Images (22) Jokes (172) Least Popular Children's Books (13) Limericks (32) MEOW!

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