And those wheels probably weigh 35 lbs each. the color of the bumper isnt matching up, id be annoyed considering the effort and money that went into this thing... Speedhunters is an international collective of photographers, writers and drivers with a shared passion for uncovering the world's most exciting car culture stories. Naja, in der Wüste von Nevada gibt es ja nicht so wirklich einen Winter. At the AF Imp Super Carnival event held in Odaiba, Tokyo last weekend, a Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 wasn’t the only car creating a stir among the fans. Hallo zusammen, Ich habe eine Frage zu einer gewissen Slant Nose bei Porsche Modellen.

And with the help of AP Garage in … Interior and Performance Upgrades. Zuffenhausener Sportwagen erfreuen sich in der Tuningszene weltweit großer Beliebtheit. It's beautiful! Photos don't really show them. Kommentardocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa67083b3f0d31b94e9e1b6c9b4a704c" );document.getElementById("df5d578149").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Vor allem in den USA waren 911er in der Optik des Rennwagens sehr beliebt und konnten auch so geordert werden. glad someone else thought the same.

Otherwise,great build. Yes. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. Der Porsche 996 ist da keine Ausnahme. When the Old & New aero kit debuted at the 2016 SEMA Show, paying homage to the iconic Porsche 935 slant nose – or flachbau – by drastically altering the styling cues of the 997, the owner of this 996 fell head over heels in love with it. Headlights aren't removed.

Wie man zu gut Deutsch sagt, geht natürlich auf den Rennsport zurück. Allerdings hat der Verkäufer eine sogenannt Slant Nose hingebaut. „Old & New“-Bodykit aus Japan sei Dank….

Wish I had 996 money.

Custom made 19-inch Super+ forged 3-piece wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes add the finishing touches to this beautiful masterpiece, and it sits super low thanks to an AccuAir/Bilstein suspension setup. Der Porsche 996 ist da keine Ausnahme. This slant nose porsche supercar for sale has an original widebody 935 rear clip rearfenders and sports a handmade fully adjustable, functional, and modified stainless steel wing.

Too bad its no street legal running with no headlights. Die „Slantnose“-Optik wurde über das Sonderwunschprogramm in Handarbeit in der Porsche-Reparaturabteilung durchgeführt. Looks like this thing makes a crap ton of wind noise at anything over highway speeds. Love me some Porsches, but this one...well, it just doesn't look super-tight and some of the bolt-on's look like they don't belong there (rear whatever-you-call-it, bolted-on thing with the missing rivet/bolt/whatever) so really, once again improvement was not achieved.To me, this whole fad revolves around making something different, but not better, which I truly don't understand. Motorkran kaufen: Das sind unsere Empfehlungen.

everywhere.Sloppy! Naja, in der Wüste von Nevada gibt es ja nicht so wirklich einen Winter. We talking about the one in this article.... How about a closer look at that green Peugeot RCZ - quite a rarity, I didn't even know there were Peugeots in Japan. Perhaps the LED lightbar in the front grille counts? On the flip side, 996 and 997 prices are becoming more palatable, which means many enthusiasts can still have the experience of owning a 911 without having to be that wealthy or file Chapter 11. Those things can be pretty bright. Standard wheel set up 11" front wheels & 13" rear wheels with either 335 or 345 tyres, The 996 GT2R  wide body Style for the Porsche 996 turbo / GT2 model is now available in carbon fibre, for the coupe or cabriolet models, Front Bumper, Front splitter, Front Vented Wider Fenders, Side Skirts, Rear Over Fenders, Rear Bumper,  Rear Diffuser, Rear Engine Cover, Rear Wing Assembly, Cup Race Style Mirrors, Front Bumper Canards. The front end is a930 slant nose and highly modified, with 89 porsche speedster windshield. Released in 1975, the 930 quickly earned the reputation for incident after several boost-lag induced snap over-steer accidents. Flat under floor, arch liners, Carbon Light Weight Roof, Kevlar Arch liners, brake channel coolers, Roof Air Scoop, Light Weight Doors, Forged 3 piece 18" 19"  wheels in various designs, finishes and widths, Tyres, Coilover Suspension, Exhaust System, Interior and Performance Upgrades.

The 996 Old & New  wide body Styling for the Porsche 996 Chassis is now available for the coupe or cabriolet models. Oh, wait, just checked Craigslist. Absolutely hate the back part of the rear fenders, almost all of the widebodys in the market share the same design and it looks terrible. Posted on November 13, 2019 November 18, 2019 by admin. Der Drang nach Individualität sorgt dafür, dass wie so oft Anleihen aus dem Rennsport genommen werden…, Las Vegas im Winter 2018.

Schon, als wir einen Tag vor dem offiziellen Beginn der SEMA Show 2018 über das riesige Gelände schlenderten, um uns einen ersten Eindruck zu verschaffen, fiel uns am Messestand der Luftfahrwerkeherstellers AirLift Perfromance ein fetter Porsche 996 auf, welcher nicht nur in die Breite gegangen. The OLD AND NEW JAPAN Slant Nose, for the Porsche 997 and 996 models is now available exclusively from VAD from the European market.

Fitting and painting is available on request, please email us with your enquiry.

Every manufacturer has ability, the difference... how it’s used. Porsche set the world on fire with the 930 Turbo. It doesn't look quite right to me. Everybody does the same design with rivets.

It is road legal (el' eedee's), and looks pretty good as well. What I ask myself, how is that thing roadlegal with removing the headlights? Love the car, only would change to more 935esque rear fenders and a flashier/racier paintjob. Pop-up lights would be amazing, Get rid of the rivets; conceal them somehow, I don't get why all of their kits have those rivets visible.Everything else is cool; Headlights are overrated, just don't drive at night time! Allerdings war der Umbau nicht als Zusatzausstattung ab Werk lieferbar. The full aero pack consists of the following parts: Front Bumper, Front splitter, Front Vented Wider Fenders, Side Skirts, Rear Over Fenders, Forged 3 piece 18" 19"  wheels in various designs, finishes and widths, Tyres, Coilover Suspension, Exhaust System, Diese Flachbauwagenfront wurde schließlich wieder auf den für den Straßenverkehr gedachten Porsche 911 (Typ 930) übertragen. Good call on the gas door.

What is the name of that grey?

Sondern auch eine flache Nase erhalten hatte. Anyway, that kit is sick, and for some odd reason I feel like this car should have pop-up headlights equipped, that would definitely add some spice to the front! Getting the kit from the 997 to fit the 996 Turbo was no easy feat, but as you can see, AP Garage have done a great job of making it work. Forged 3 piece 18" 19"  wheels in various designs, finishes and widths, Tyres, Coilover Suspension, Exhaust System, GT2R wide body aero based on the Turbo, GT2 chassis, RSR wide body aero based on the C2, C4, GT3 chassis, P O R S C H E  996 DP MOTORSPORT  DP5  -  A E R O, Slant Nose, Full wide body aero kit, includes front lights and DRL's. And with the help of AP Garage in Osaka, his car has been transformed too. Er sagt, dass Sie ein Nachbau ist, ein anderer hat eine originale Slant Nose. (jk).

Der Porsche 911 Turbo (Typ 930) brachte in den 1970ern den Rennwagen Porsche 935 hervor, der mit einer „Slantnose“-Front ausgestattet war. Looks like someone's running around with just their fogs on.Still, this kit is gorgeous.

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