And at the same time, it makes it possible for you to protect your face from the various potential dangers that might happen such as injuries and excess light. When you’re shopping for this item, it is quite evident that you have to get one that suits you for the particular application. Impact protection isn’t only necessary in case of an accident; at high speeds, even small types of debris become a hazard that will shatter your regular street lenses. Nose pads and adjustable ear socks give it the ultimate fit matching a bold brow line and beefy frames.

The particles of the photochromic coating are enduring and also have a mechanism of preventing UV radiations from getting into your skin. Different materials can make various types of helmet visors. Therefore, let us look at some of the applications of helmet visors and also determine the right type of technology that suits each one. The essence of this inspection is to validate safety and quality standards of the material and render it suitable for manufacturing this product. Answer Save. If the unit is not ideal, it will form fog, especially on its interior surface hence hindering clarity which can compromise your performance. *excludes LiP prescription glasses. The thing is, when you wear a visor that conceals your eyes, it becomes difficult for the opponents to see how the move. Wiley X Arrow. Light and comfortable, yet rugged and durable TR-90 frame. The heads-up-display for helmet visor is a high end accessory, common in the aviation industry. For example, it would be unrealistic to apply anti-reflective coating when you intend to use the visor in cold or high humidity areas. Fit: Medium to XL. An AR coating gets rid of the glare hence allowing sufficient light to pass through the helmet visor and ultimately get better performance.

Some of these objects including stones and other sharp ones can really hurt the officers. It comes with the patented AirShield that keeps your eyes hydrated and virtually eliminates the negative effects of wind, dust, pollen and other air-borne irritants. You may find those which are suitable for the night when there is no light, and you can also see those that ideal for foggy conditions. Published: 26/11/2010. Even these key advantages are a clear sign that you indeed need to use this accessory whenever you have to. Before setting off, make sure your visor is clean and free of smudges, scratches or marks which could affect your vision, especially in strong sunlight. So at the end of it, the opponent player will not be able to detect your possible move since they cannot see the movement of your eyes. And at WeeTect, we are here to skyrocket your business. These provide protection for the eyes from wind, dust and airborne irritants. Copyright © 2020 WeeTect. Featuring a detachable foam insert to shelter your eyes from the wind and dust, and an adjustable elastic strap for more secure fit. Different types of football helmet visors. MA Healthcare Ltd Other factors such as fog, scratches, abrasion and light reflection might as well lead to invisibility. In other words, what I’m trying to say here is that there is that need to find a suitable company that guarantees you best products. The first versions are designed to work with the 10 most popular helmet patterns. Prescription Motorcycle / Road Bike Eyewear, Dry Eye Eyewear, Sunglasses, Fishing Eyewear. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. Highest grade co-molded rubber temple arms for the ultimate in comfort. We will go over them lightly in this article and then review a few glasses for you.

The most popular colors however, are red, yellow, smoke and clear. Product Features.- TR-90 Frame- Polycarbonate Decentred Safety Lenses.- Anti-Fog Coating.- Detachable Positive Foam Seal.- Maximum UV Protection.- Compliant to the Australian Standards for Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles. It is removable, replaceable and washable. The need for having and wearing a helmet visor narrows down to your own safety and convenience. Rubber injected temple tips for added grip. Fogs are often as a result of respiration or due to extremely low temperatures within the surrounding of the activity. Several technologies that manufacturers incorporate in this headgear makes it possible for you to see every aspect around clearly regardless of the condition. There are a number of reasons that make polycarbonate material suitable for helmet visors. As you know, the size, shape or generally the design varies depending on the application of the helmet visor. The Derby presents a modern rectangular design with a perfect orbital seal. The classic wrap design of the Bora makes it an excellent choice for sport and casual use. Featuring a detachable foam insert to shelter your eyes from the wind and dust, and an adjustable elastic strap for more secure fit. Light and comfortable, yet rugged and durable TR-90 frame. Adjustable temples let you dial in your fit, optimizing the performance of the AirShield to block wind, dust, pollen and other air-borne irritants. This type of helmet visor is critical in making it possible for you to confuse the opponents’, especially when making a run. This company ensures that all the visors it produces meet the necessary specifications. Purchase: $90. Moreover, the modern coating technologies such as anti-reflective and anti-scratch enable the visor to maintain its properties even when in such adverse conditions. Light transmission 14%-20%.» Captivate™ Polarized Platinum Flash Lenses are Comfortable, stress free lenses ideal for prolonged usage under bright sunny days, without altering the perception of colors and offering a neutral color vision. Fit: Small to Large. Purchase: $90, Panlees makes beautiful use of polycarbonate with the SP016. It is ideal to fit with all types of helmets. Purchase: $90, The Bolle 6th Sense is almost frameless, it’s unbelievably sleek. T-PEG adjustable elastic strap which docks into the temple. It will all depend on where you intend to use the HUD helmet visors. The Buran comes with the 7eye exclusive AirShield that creates the ideal environment for your eyes. One way of attaining this is by wearing safety helmet visors. In this section, my interest is to take you through some of the key benefits of helmet visors. Ugly Fish Riderz Ultimate. As you can see, this item can present a wide range of benefits that you would ever think of. Prescription Motorcycle / Road Bike Eyewear, Dry Eye Eyewear, Sunglasses and Fishing Eyewear. Additionally, it improves the durability and assures you of superior quality vision irrespective of your particular application.

Again, we all have different facial structures meaning the shape and size of a visor that fits you won’t necessarily suit me or any other person. Ideally, helmet visors have several advantages that you need to know. Safety face shield visor allows you to perfectly see what you’re doing because of the clarity which integration of different coating technologies provides. Therefore, the small water droplets instead of sticking on the surface, they spread into a transparent film. I’m talking about some sort an accessory that seemingly covers the head skull and possibly has an extension that covers the facial area too. They’re all over in many places especially for motor racers, footballers and hockey players among others. The essence of this is that it makes it possible for you to be sure of the safety and effectiveness of the particular helmet visor you’ll select.

You also stay safe even after colliding with an opponent, and you fall down in a compromising manner. 7 Eye Taku Plus. Remember in as much as you cover your face; you also need to see what you’re doing. This is due to its unique features that I am going to share with you in this section.

Get comfortable and flexible with its dark blue plastic and gray rubber frame which runs through the back. Skiing is the other area where the application of this item seems to be dominant. Undoubtedly, from its features, it is a fabulous material for this product. As you can see, there are many types of helmet visors that feature different technologies. You see, when you operate in areas that are comparatively cold, you can agree with me that wearing this accessory can be problematic. Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection.

They are impact resistant and are perfect for your next adventure.

Some people call them ‘intelligent lenses’. Some of the glasses come doubled as sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight and the others come just like your regular eye glasses. Mostly, you’ll cover your face using a helmet to protect your head and even face. You’ll find that most designs of such helmets tend to be so deliberate, permanently to protect your facial area and eyes from push impacts and errant objects. Cases make it easy to keep your glasses and carry them around. Visors that incorporate anti-scratch coating technology consists of microparticles which are typically hard.

So without putting you through too much task of figuring out what this accessory is, let me try and expound it so that you can understand it better. But then, what makes a significant difference is the type of helmet you get, its design and material. So how is this necessarily advantageous to you as a player?

Cleaning motorcycle helmet visor – Image source: MCN. Also, the helmet visor should allow you to see the events accurately to find a way of taking charge without delaying.

Tinted coating technology offers the best efficiency and performance in helmet visors. With the HUD technology, your helmet comes with different technologies allowing it to project all information on the visor. These goggles are ideal for the rider who wears an open face helmet. This non-air-permeable shield has a fast dry fabric that wicks away moisture. The products we recommend offer clear and valuable benefits. Wiley X Valour Sunglasses are a rugged yet sleek style that is the ideal pair of shatterproof, ballistic-standard shades for the shooting enthusiast. Prescription glasses specially made for bikers and motorcycle riders are the perfect fit for your eyes because they are strapped and also protect you from the elements. Meets the military's ballistic requirement, MIL-PRF-31013. The other important thing that you must consider when buying this item is whether it has a strap and how it fits. Football helmet visor with abrasion resistant coating. Prescription Motorcycle Goggles.

And since the mask covers even the eyes, you need to get one that has a visor which enhances your vision. It is, of course, important because every helmet requires the unique design of this material.

The helmet visors must have other technologies such as anti-fog, abrasion resistance, mirror coating, etc. Cases are important for your glasses. This is also another fundamental benefit of helmet visors. This is in the sense that you may not be able to see appropriately due to a particular type of eye problem. This one is quite obvious because I’m sure you’ve seen a wide range of peace enforcing enforcers wearing such headgear’s, especially during protests. As you can see, the underlining factors that they bring on board in all the applications are safety and better visibility.

Now, as I had indicated earlier, to make polycarbonate helmet visor safe and reliable, manufacturers include different types of technologies. It thus happens that they form on the visor surface and appear as small droplets of water. So lets us move swiftly to the next section and discuss in brief some of the critical areas where the use of helmet visors is seemingly common. Purchase: $90, Panlees’ D548 is known for dependability. So that you don’t find yourself struggling and straining your eyes to catch a better view of the particular activity, you’re doing. Oracle said around 80 per cent of the 1.4 million motorcyclists used prescription eyewear and Sarangapani estimated that around 20-30 per cent could be riding with no correction.

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