Some sceptics have accused Xavier of acquiring prior information about his clients (hot reading).

Keren is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘strength and power.’ Keren Ann, the Israeli singer, introduced this name to the United States. Despite such a beautiful meaning (Lily) and such a powerful namesake, Susan is not very common today. [ Read: Most Popular Names For Baby Girls ], This moniker is associated with some strong feminist symbols. 1', he was one of the first recruits to the secret Stargate Project (1978-1995) to investigate the possible military applications of psychic abilities that was established by US Army Intelligence in collaboration with SRI International.

Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus) was a French physician and seer who published books of cryptic prophecies, many of which refer to natural disasters and political upheavals. His clairvoyance is reported to have been confirmed by researchers in experiments conducted under scientifically controlled conditions. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Psychic – Lotus Moon, Else, Love, Moon Child, Psychopathic, Lissa.

She wrote several books on psychic experiences and psychical research.

I hope you find the inspiration you need here. This Muslim name, meaning ‘beauty and strength’ is very popular with the Muslim parents and is given to over a thousand baby girls every year. The house had a reputation for strange noises and, in March 1848, rapping and other noises increased in intensity. Practicing under the pseudonym 'Mrs Willett', she was one of the principal automatist mediums involved in the elaborate series of spirit communications known as the Cross-Correspondences. In the modern times, this name is associated with Althea Gibson, the first African-American tennis player to win at Wimbledon. Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, has earned a name for herself. Joanna Southcott was an English visionary and prophetess. Andrea is the feminine variation of the name Andrew and means ‘strong.’ It has a good selection of pronunciations too, like ahn-DRAY-a, ANN-dree-a, and AHN-dree-a- each sounding downright exotic. He has been endorsed by several parapsychologists who investigated his abilities. The meaning of Bree is ‘strength or an exalted one’.

I’m a wife, mama, writer, reader, plant-eater, and friend to all animals. This name has seen a surge in popularity in the recent years. It also belongs to Israeli Paralympic swimmer. But in the yesteryears, this name was associated Ellen Ochoa, the astronaut. She refused offers to be observed or tested by psychical researchers. Mina Crandon (née Stinson) was a controversial Canadian-American physical medium.

He is best known for his séances with Bess Houdini (Houdini's widow) in which he claimed to be in contact with both Houdini and Houdini's mother. And in the United States, Mildred was one of the top 10 names from 1903 to 1926. Her supposed prophecies were not published until 1641, 80 years after her reported death. Most commentators also believe Feda to be a dissociated personality rather than a discarnate spirit.

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Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has been the most powerful woman on earth for ten years, as per Forbes. The sisters were investigated by several researchers, most of whom believed the raps were produced fraudulently. Tobias died a few years after. He also gave séances with physical phenomena, including ectoplasm and direct voice. Did you know the Coco Chanel original name is Gabrielle? As well as regular mediumistic phenomena such as clairvoyance and spirit communications, Home's séances sometimes included direct voice and other auditory phenomena, object movements, handling live coals, materializations, shaking of the room, and, most famously, bodily elongations and self-levitation.

Mother Shipton's Cave at Knaresborough remains a popular tourist attraction.

It was opened, but nothing of significance was found inside. Valentina is the feminine variation of Valentine and means ‘strength.’ This artistic and lovely name entered the United States list in the year 1994 but performed its best in 2015. This sweet name had vanished the baby name charts for forty years but made it back again in the year 2010. Get a strong hold on the list below.

Take a look at MomJunction’s exclusive list of baby boy and girl names, meaning sight below. In addition, some post contains affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a commission if you purchase from this link. Also not included are mentalists and psychic entertainers known or presumed to be using psychological or magicians' techniques. Ted serios was an American psychic known for his apparent ability to imprint mental images onto Polaroid film. Sally Morgan ('Psychic Sally') is a controversial British television and stage psychic.

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