The report concluded that the need for leadership at a consultant midwife level was a key factor in supporting successful public health work in maternity services. Department of Health, (2003).

Caldicott Report in December 1997. Because of the changing nature of influenza viruses, they are modified according to the latest virus strains and in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations. A nurse and student nurse must always be able to justify the nurse patient trust and never forget what a privilege it is to care for someone (Goldsmith J. There are currently no UK-specific guidelines on safe weight gain in pregnancy, although there is NICE guidance on weight management before, during and after pregnancy available. As a student nurse it is very important to learn how to write clearly and keep written records in order and accurately updated.

This is generally undertaken by work such as: In light of this, it's apparent that public health is a core part of the work that midwives do every day., Doh (2003) Confidentiality NHS Code of Practice Retrieved 23-2-13 from, حاصل على ماجستير الأمراض الجلدية والتناسلية من جامعة طنطا -مصر, أستاذ مساعد الأمراض الباطنة بجامعة الملك عبد العزيز والبورد الأمريكي والزمالة الكندية في الباطنة وأمراض الجهاز الهضمي, استشاري ورئيس قسم أمراض النساء والتوليد بالمستشفى وحاصل على البورد العربي في النساء والتوليد منذ عام 1996, مدرس الباطنة العامة بكلية طب القصر العيني وحاصل على الدكتوراه في الباطنة العامة من كلية طب القصر العيني – مصر, الدكتورة هدى أخصائية النساء والتوليد بالمستشفى والحاصلة على ماجستير النساء والتوليد -2013- القصر العيني – مصر, د. All work is written to order. Reflection has become such a key component in the role of a nurse that the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have seen it fit to include it in their professional code.

British Journal of Nursing, 19(14), 912-917.

Stepping Up to Public Health describes obesity prevention as healthy eating advice that is generally part of a broad-based discussion on healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Consent to treatment. The RCM is represented on the committee of Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly (BBF) England, which has developed an evidence-based toolkit through highly structured technical and academic collaboration, led by Yale University.

نتميز في الأطباء المتحدون بتوفير أعلى درجات الجودة للرعاية الصحية المقدمة ، ونسعى باستمرار لتطوير خدماتنا باستخدام التكنولوجيا المتقدمة وطاقم من الموظفين على أعلى درجة من التأهيل والكفاءة ، وفي بيئة آمنة ومهيئة لذلك . It is expected that all information will be held in confidence by all medical staff that are legally bound and obliged to follow the rules and legislation put into place by the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Computer Misuse Act (1990), (NMC 1998).

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