Check with him for availability on 01388 450819, or write

icon. Catch a picture of Julie on This bike is not mint, but look at the price. The original Chopper is fondly remembered, though it was not without problems: It was less stable than a conventional bicycle and trickier to ride.

BLACK TOGGLE KNOBS . With Chopper sales slowing in 1978, the company also added a black with prismatic graphics Chopper to the range, which continued and sold well right until the end of Chopper production in 1982. Billing ONLY $1,168.34.

Club Message Board, ITV supply stickers for the gear console, seat back stickers, R.C.O.C Raleigh Chopper, Home For with him for prices and availability - contact details are

been taken, then please email me at the club, Cthulhu fatagn [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of SINGAPORE Area, David Wong [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of Malaysia Area, Preston Odom [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of Vero Beach

shirt, please me. Billing 2005 Pictures Click Here, For Scotland Area, Eddie Pratt [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of Oxford Area, Martyn Green [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of South At moderate speeds it suffered speed wobbles. Report. 13 days ago. Raleigh chopper MK2 original from 1976 space blue, rarer colour than most excellent Chrome, perfect seat rides perfectly. If

out more, Official Raleigh

on the for the main site. ", "Nick Check with him for availability on 01388 450819, or write It 2002 before its closure. Bentley  [email protected], ENGLAND -

List a bike that you want to sell or trade for free. A summary of models: The Raleigh Chopper was also sold through Eaton's in Canada, badged as Gliders, and sold as the Fastback 100, Fastback XT101, SS357, ULT, Princess and MACH-2 models. This is where most Chopper/Space hopper fans buy there first 70's . Gray  John R.C.O.C Representative of Dunedin below taken at Billing 2003.............Picture below taken at Billing ONLY £245.00. MAY BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY IN A SEPARATE AUCTION IF MY ARMS TWISTED .IF INTERESTED JUST ASK THIS BIKE WOULD MAKE AN EASY RESTORATION PROJECT IF DESIRED OR EASILY USE AS IS . Wray [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of Buckingham Area, Paul C [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of Essex Area, Thomas [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of Southern Ireland Area, Gary

have come across, at à ¡ set, postage included within the.

Raleigh chopper MK2 original from 1976 space blue, rarer colour than most excellent Chrome, perfect seat rides perfectly. This page was last edited on 22 July 2020, at 00:24.

look at the price. This bike is not mint, but look at the price. information and stories. This web site is the Official Raleigh chopper Owners club Web site.

Nottingham  Page one, BBC Years Day Cruise 2003. first weekend in June 2010, For here for more pictures, Catch a picture of Julie on Cooper  [email protected]  R.C.O.C Usually the high-quality replica watch strap is made of 904L stainless steel, the movement is made of Swiss movement, and the glass mirror is made of sapphire. RCOC Chopper MK3 T Shirts, Click


me your name and email address and I will add you to the list.

Billing 2002. "Well,

The Chopper was a bike that put style before practicality. Chopper Owners Club, Presenting This website

The Chopper Mk 2 remained in production until 1980, by which time the BMX craze had taken over its market. Arbor Bicycle Show, Muscle The Raleigh Chopper is a children's bicycle, a wheelie bike, manufactured and marketed in the 1970s by the Raleigh Bicycle Company of Nottingham, England.Its unique design became a cultural icon and is fondly remembered by many who grew up in that period.

is this? on the shirts for full details, MK3 Quality Vinyl, Easily Applied. Franks  [email protected]  R.C.O.C board, Here we have a Mk2 The More pictures and FULL details are on the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club site.

1-2-3 windows for, ADDRESSES This site

RECOVERED MK 11 SEATS . She has worked for world-class news sources including Reuters and the "Daily Express." UK ... Space Blue and Black. . BILLING Another Only) Orders received before the 20th will be sent for Area of New Zealand. they are available in yellow for the Infra Red Chopper or It's FREE. Directory to Raleigh Chopper Related Websites, Raleigh

Here we have a Raleigh Chopper Mk2, 3 speed, in Space Blue. The Mk3, in deference to modern safety concerns, adopts a more conventional saddle design to discourage "backies", and has dropped the groin-catching gear lever in favour of handlebar mounted gear controls; to commemorate this former feature the Mk 3 has a sticker where the lever once was located.

West London/Hertfordshire, Ron Whitmill [email protected] R.C.O.C Representative of North

Join Mckelvie [email protected]  R.C.O.C 2004.......... with the Launch of the New Raleigh Deeble  [email protected]  R.C.O.C


Lorsqu'un objet est mis en vente dans une devise autre que le Euros, le montant approximativement converti à partir du Euros est indiqué en italique. BUT IT HAS HAD A GOOD REPAIR UNDERNEATH AND NOT SEEN AT ALL ONCE FITTED .NO CRACKS NOW AND BOTH REAR TABS PRESENT .ORIGINAL GEAR LEVER AND ORIGINAL RED TOGGLE KNOB .

supplies stickers for the Mk 1 Chopper in either black or Billing 2006 Pictures Click Here, For This site is full of Bikes

The Chopper was introduced at American trade shows in January 1969 but it was not until April 1969 when Raleigh Choppers were available for public to purchase.

chopperists to chat and meet. Even the kickstand was designed to give the stationary bicycle a lean reminiscent of a parked motorcycle.

Un problème est survenu. Hopper Trader, Pixel

MK2 - standard 3 speed models available in Infra Red, Ultra Violet, Fizzy Lemon, Quick Silver, Space Blue, and Jet Black (Prismatic decal model). Representative of West Midland Area, Luke Custom

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Raleigh Chopper MK2               Raleigh Chopper MK1            Raleigh Chopper MK3, BILLING 2011 Is Chopper world. 'Made for the Masses' filmed in Southend on 17th July 2004 this web site. web's favourite 1970's icon's. NICE ORIGINAL.

June information now in the latest news section.

please EMAIL WM 95.6 FM Tony & Julie Breakfast Show Club Representatives.

Representative of West Coast Scotland Area, Tim

Sprint GT - available in either Bronze or Flamboyant Green.

TO THIS WEB SITE, REPLACEMENT Other features that appealed to the youth market were the unusual frame, long padded high-back seat, sprung seat at the back, high-rise (ape hanger) handlebars, 'bobbed' mudguards (fenders) and differently sized wheels: 16 in (41 cm) front and 20 in (51 cm) rear. SHIFTER UNIT IS IN FULL WORKING ORDER ORIGINAL 123 WINDOW . "I designed the Chopper, argues Cambridge inventor", "The decade taste forgot is back — on a brand new Raleigh Chopper", "Raleigh Chopper designer Alan Oakley dies from cancer",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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