On Preventing Time-Traveling Immigrants From The Future, 16. It’s a serious wake-up call for Randy, who previously referred to COVID-19 as “some dirty virus from China” and downplayed his brother-in-law’s diagnosis because “Jimbo’s a fat alcoholic who would be in the hospital anyway.” Randy is desperate to hide the truth from his wife because, as he points out, “If she finds out I started the pandemic, she’s going to be a total bitch about it.”. 10 Tegridy Farms.

Friday Night Kegger would be, by all measures, a more constructive way to spend time with the family than would be a good old-fashioned, Mormon-style game night. "Bloody Mary" is one of the show’s most controversial episodes, but it also includes one of Randy’s best quotes. The portly troublemaker, who angrily concludes that “Cartman’s life doesn’t matter,” is determined to make things very uncomfortable for his classmates.

Needless to say, he succeeds.

But he lives in South Park, and sarcasm is among the many things that this town is incapable of understanding. Eventually, his testicles become so large that he uses them as a hoppity-hop—we’re cringing at the thought of such pain, but he’s probably so high that he can’t feel much of anything. “Yea, it is an angry and unforgiving Economy.

Ironically, several characters become convinced that he is the real Lorde as he sings this quote onstage. It’s called a smorgaswein and it’s elegantly cultural!”. Randy then reacts childishly and yells this quote. Randy is the master of momentary obsession, but the time he decided to become a practitioner of food porn probably ranks among the strangest of his phases (right up there with cock magic).

“I mean, this was something I made!

Best Fargo Season 4 Name? Thinking quickly, Randy buys himself some time by testing a new theory: If he can get his DNA into COVID-19 patients, he could vaccinate them without them anyone learning the truth. Matthew Guida is an Organic List Writer for Screen Rant. In the end, his drinking only becomes more excessive and he fails to learn a thing. Have you ever tried marijuana? This includes sunbathing while smoking with several phones taped to his head, as well as exposing himself to x-ray radiation.

Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick have always been considered the main cultural icons of South Park. Here is a list featuring the top 10 funniest quotes by Randy Marsh on South Park. And instead of helmets, they should wear little tinfoil hats, ‘cause, you know, it’s the future and we shouldn’t be so barbaric!”. Ten or even five years ago, Eric Cartman would have been the clear-cut most iconic character on South Park. Randy is at his funniest when he's embarking on insane hijinx. After dismissing the shooting as a “COVID-related” injury, the cops force the entire school into lockdown. Randy is then forced to perform a simple sobriety test. Naturally, football morphs into sarcastaball nationwide, as Randy becomes the head coach of the Denver Broncos, and the only way he can be shocked out of his constant sarcasm is by drinking Butters’ “creamy goo.” Because there’s totally not a connection between sarcasm and sarcastaball, just like there’s no connection between football and concussions… right, NFL? Maybe it’s time.”. (As if it hasn’t been through enough already!) Big election coming up!” Yikes. Zach Blumenfeld’s worst fear is that he will grow up to be Randy Marsh. And More Qs!

But Randy remains confident in his latest venture, and it isn’t long before he’s rubbing his success in his family’s face.

“Just gonna get a little bit of cancer, Stan. They beg him to return to South Park and stop the pandemic, to which he asks, “Why would I do that? Randy didn’t really mean this.

The police claim they can’t get involved because they’ve been defunded, so the mayor signs an executive order to re-fund them. Does SNL's Biden Favor Count Olaf? Now the Japanese are normal, like us.”. Randy is desperate to hide the truth from his wife because, as he points out, “If she finds out I started the pandemic, she’s going to be a total bitch about it.” He not only fails the test but also drops his pants in the process. All while insulting the police and yelling this line. And More Qs. All while humiliating his son as his friends Cartman, Kyle, and his little brother Ike watch. He writes songs in the women’s bathroom, he autotunes the hell out of them, and all of a sudden he’s inspiring young women and music lovers around the world. All rights In a futile attempt to defend himself, he tries to convince everyone that he was “slimed” by a ghost. "Randy "Yeah, you know penis pen, wussy vape, lady joints." But in recent years, Randy Marsh has taken the throne.

“Freemium Isn’t Free” satires the addictiveness of freemium games and links it with other forms of addiction. Wall-Mart isn’t our enemy, it’s our neighborhood friend.”. I’ve never been able to say this before, but… I love you son. Lalalalala fraîche. The above quote is the theme song to his imagined cooking show in the South Park cafeteria, where he failed to match the prowess of Chef and eventually got himself destroyed by Bobby Flay. It was truly a solution worthy of his father. Towelie "Did you know that vaping is way healthier than smoking cigarettes?"

A one-stop shop for all things video games. “We have that, Stan. In Season Nine’s “Bloody Mary,” he gets a DUI and, in the course of attending AA meetings, is informed that alcoholism is a disease and that he must give himself up to a higher power. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

Auggghhhhhhhhhhhh.”. "Night of the Living Homeless" is just one of many episodes that shows just how over-the-top the adults in South Park can be. “I’m not chugging beer! Ho ho hohoho.”. He gets another chance to shine when Blizzard Entertainment executives entrust him to deliver "The Sword of a Thousand Truths” to the boys to defeat the griefer. So of course, in typical Randy fashion, he doesn’t initially let his son Stan in on the truth when the boys form Fingerbang. He winds up getting caught by volunteers and his family. Stan’s dad Randy is one of these characters. September 30 2020, 6:47 PM PDT. Since his official debut in “ Volcano,” his eccentric behavior and tendency to overreact made him into a fan favorite. No one listened about global warming, and then, one day, it came for the citizens of South Park.

From there the situation deteriorates hilariously, as Randy threatens to shoot anyone he thinks is homeless. "Bloody Mary" is one of the show’s most controversial episodes, but it also includes one of Randy’s best quotes. Then again, things at South Park Elementary School are already a mess, what with most of the teachers being replaced by police officers. Don’t you see?

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