How couldn't he? Paint Shells Whereas your opponents will get an entirely new voice line. Brazil While some delighted and entertained our ESPN Esports staff with their barrage of quips (hello, Phoenix), others left us mystified or downright angered, wondering how many times we must endure the same catchphrase drilling itself into our minds forever to be forgotten. How many times did I die?" Edit: also, looks like the v.a that voiced Viper is the same that voiced Irelia in LoL, atleast the voices are reeeallly similar.

It just won't go away. Welcome to the Raze experience, which looks like VALORANT’s first balancing headache. Thought that was neat and thought I'd share. Either that or some of the lines could have already existed in the files but for some reason were bugged and didn't activate (this second one happens a lot in League of Legends), video of raze's old voice lines for comparison, I think I noticed something that seemed off but I couldn't tell you what that was, other than that I haven't noticed a difference really, To me it sounds like they made that line clearer (considering nobody knew wtf she was saying there) and in turn it sounds less peppy and a little off, I mean we heard her just fine before, no ... we heard her better before. Most character voice lines announcing an enemy player has used their ultimate usually lead to players methodically outmaneuvering the ult. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Affiliation(s) Riot announce new Valorant v1.11 and Skye release date Ultimately, the question of Raze rests with Riot and what type of game it wants VALORANT to be. He sounds like reaper to me... Its Jason Marnocha. VALORANT’s newest character might be its most exciting, and judging by the amount of grousing online, also its most broken. Really? But compared to the other Duelists in the game (Jett and Phoenix), Raze stands out because, well, all of her abilities seem to be able to kill you with a low risk to the player and a low skill floor to using the abilities as well. Instantly throw a Blast Pack that will stick to surfaces. cypher, can you see under my hood? Yes, those abilities change the meaning of what “tactical shooter” actually means, but for the most part, the baseline of success in the game is how well you can aim and how you coordinate with your teammates while shooting a gun. We go from the guy who probably became an agent because he wanted to use dating apps worldwide to a lady who likes to talk a lot about poison, death and anger.

It’s a tactical shooter with hero abilities. ", "One more win and we're going out for drinks, lads. thanks for the info. Just me? Biography Link ️ I am Razor.

Out of every single voice line in this game, this is the one that sticks. While her voice lines can get a bit tiresome the 100th time you hear them, I feel like that almost suits Jett's character, a mischievous and energy-riddled bender of the air, always ready to fly into another gunfight with her signature five floating knives. Izzie/Izzy

The Boom Bot is easily the funniest ability in the game.

Fictional spies come in all shapes and sizes, but a few staples are a must for any good secret operative. Showstopper ultimate Cost changed from 6 to 7 Ult points. Phoenix has a bit more utility that can damage others and an ult that grants him a second life, but again, he still has to be able to shoot people accurately. Kudos to her voice actress Carolina Ravassa, who took the material given to her and ran with it. To drive that point home, VALORANT’s agents are all given classes. Also a character in The Incredible True Story album. Way-too-early 2021 League of Legends Global Power Rankings, DAMWON usher in next generation of South Korean League of Legends, Jensen signs three-year extension with Team Liquid, DAMWON Gaming win 2020 League of Legends World Championship, Sources: Rogue to sign Odoamne, promote Trymbi, NBA 2K21 includes more WNBA-focused modes, Sources: Evil Geniuses to hire ex-MAD Lions coach Peter Dun, Immortals plan to decline Xmithie's option, hire Guilhoto as new head coach, Sources: Team Liquid close to multi-year deal with Alphari, Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra expansion draft, A conversation about race and diversity in esports and gaming, Overwatch League Grand Finals -- how the meta played out, Overwatch League free agency 2021 -- signings, rosters and schedules, San Francisco Shock win second consecutive Overwatch League title, 2020 Call of Duty League free-agency news, rumors and rosters, Moinuddin Amdani, the garment salesman who is India's best PES player, How DAMWON dismantled Suning in League of Legends World Championship final, Suning's SofM and SwordArt reach long-awaited League of Legends World Championship final, DAMWON look to close out dominant League of Legends World Championship run, My First Worlds -- stories from players, casters and more. Jett also gets to swear in one of her signature lines with "There you are, you little s---t," so that's also pretty nifty. Link ️ I will raze my enemies.

You have to nail the unique look, from the sleek in black ready for undercover espionage aesthetic to the classic confidence of a well-tailored suit. But now I might give her a chance.

As a result, it is being used a bit too often. Ravassa appeared in GTA V, Just Cause 4, Max Payne 3 and other titles, while also starring in several TV shows alongside. As players understand abilities and gain more map knowledge, Raze might wind up being in a completely fine place within the meta—or at least just a strong-but-not-broken one.

I listened to over an hour of all of the agents with their voice lines and as I began crafting my list, I found out that over half of them were going to be Phoenix quotes by the end of it. The game operates on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where you select a unique agent to play for the entirety of the match. Out-of-Universe

im crazy with Raze #VALORANT He's a prodigy. Showstopper Raze, the graffiti artist and demolitions savant, is extremely fun to watch.

Riot has been clear on what it sees VALORANT as.

From speedster Jett to toxic Viper, every one of them has a unique voice line that shows their personality. ", "Not my words, baby" -- VALORANT's best voicelines, Dodgers' Cody Bellinger on World Series win and his appearance in the new Assassin's Creed. Thought that was neat and thought I'd share. Probably the same people that complained that Lúcio didn't have portuguese voice lines, complained about Raze's voice lines, neither was necessary to begin with … Basic Abilities Equip a single-use Rocket Launcher and light its fuse. Does Riot want to separate itself more fully from CS and explore what an ability-centric tactical shooter looks like? Link ️ To the Narrow Maze with you! Steve Blum is also in the voice actor lineup as Brimstone. Literally every single thing in Raze’s kit has the potential to kill you just by being tossed in your general direction. XQc showed off as much when he triple-jumped over an enemy Sage’s Slow Orb and turned around 180 degrees to spray down the hiding Sage as he landed. From the minute his first promotional images were released, he became the de-facto face of the game alongside South Korea's Jett, the two front and center in the official promotional art for the game's June 2 release. Yes I noticed. Her ultimate, a rocket launcher called Showstopper, has multi-kill potential every single time it’s used. Omen [Enemy Omen] "There is another of me. Players who master the movement options afforded by the Blast Pack, in particular, can gain the ability to move places on the map quickly, unexpectedly, and with their gun already out when they land, unlike Jett’s Tailwind and Updraft abilities or Omen’s From the Shadows teleportation ultimate. Breach [Enemy Breach] "I will silence their Breach" Raze (codenamed Clay) is an Agent in VALORANT.

But if James Bond has taught us anything over the last half-century of his globetrotting antics, there's one important weapon all agents have to have holstered in their expansive arsenal -- a killer one-liner. Carolina Ravassa Raze?

After testing out Raze for a few minutes in the practice range, I noticed you can hold down the comma key ',' to open up a comms wheel of many various voice lines. - Duration: 10:02. Her Paint Shell cluster grenade can deal out big splash damage, while her Blast Packs even give her interesting movement options since she can use them to boost up and over boxes, enemy abilities, and anything else in her way. For example: if your allies are close and you are Raze, the voice line warns your teammates of the incoming rockets. Raze's playstyle is very aggressive compared to many of the other agents in VALORANT, as most of her abilities are focused on mobility and damage instead of intel gathering or support. We know an original design of his had a sweet blonde ponytail and an even sweeter mask since it's featured in some of his spray art, so where did that all go? While it seems Raze might be in line for a nerf before the game officially launches this summer, Riot also needs to be mindful of the fact that all of Raze’s abilities are incredibly fun to use and exciting to watch, if not so much to play against.

None of these classes determine how you must play an agent, per se, they just give you an idea of what a character might be good at. Female Cookies help us deliver our Services. [Kill] "Let go." Game Details Link ️ Your ashes will fall like rain. Gender Press J to jump to the feed. i notice too, i whas thinking that maybe a corrupt voice line or just i never heard that line (some characters say the same lines but with an diferent tone). Still, at the end of it all, it's impossible to say Phoenix isn't cool. Raze’s ultimate is one of the most impactful in the game and useful in almost any situation.

Not his words, people, not his words. I think of all of the agents, Raze's lines are the ones that stick with you the most. ", "Yes, yes, it's me, autographs if we survive, yeah? Raze’s Blast Pack has been hitting players a bit too hard, able to kill a fully armored enemy in certain situations. Voice Actor Probably the same people that complained that Lúcio didn't have portuguese voice lines, complained about Raze's voice lines, neither was necessary to begin with and that's coming from a native speaker. It's like, yeah, we get it, Breach, you're super strong and can make a magnitude 7.6 earthquake with your spiffy transforming arms, but what really makes the tattooed, bearded craft beer enthusiast really tick? in Hey You Video Game Blog. Maybe it's the fact that each time I'm waiting for a different punchline to a dad joke Brimstone should be telling me instead of an explosives expert from South America.

The voice actor Afolabi Alli, one of the more relative unknowns in the cast, should be applauded for how well he turned Phoenix into such an iconic character before the game was even officially released. When I first saw Cypher, I groaned a little bit. We're preemptively apologizing to all Brimstone fans, it's us, not you, we promise, big guy. What separates Phoenix from a lot of the other agents in the game is that his character and personality are on display in every aspect of his design. In a single line, Jett has already asserted herself as far cooler and someone better to hang out with than Brimstone. This line, describing his excitement over the opposing side having nowhere to run, is just great voice acting, you can hear the pure delight of Cypher as he realizes that his boobytraps are about to catch a new band of victims.

Cypher calls Raze "Izzy" in one of his voice lines, possibly implying that this is her real name. I immediately recognized the voice as Carolina Ravassa, who voices Sombra in Overwatch. But the character design philosophy at work with Raze seems to go against all of the other agent’s abilities. [Kill] "You can finally let go." Maybe she stays the same. In terms of character development, so far Breach isn't super high on anyone's lists.

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