The young look pretty scrawny. I haven’t been to Melbourne for over two years, so can’t comment from personal experience. A smaller red wattlebird adopts a horizontal appeasement posture side-on to the aggressor in which it lowers its head, flutters its wings and edges closer to the other bird. [21] Honeyeaters are related to the Pardalotidae (pardalotes), Acanthizidae (Australian warblers, scrubwrens, thornbills, etc. They line their nests with it but they are also very serious about their territories and protecting them from untrusted creatures. I’ve been having a problem with an aggressive red wattlebird swooping my cat every time he steps out of the house. As a species we are very slow to learn from history and to correct the errors of the past. It is one of the largest nectarivorous birds in the world, feeding from a wide variety of flowering plants. I have a Red Wattlebird and a Brush Wattlebird that visit my garden and attack the Rosellas and dive bomb my cat.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with Red Wattlebirds Ken. We have at least one juvenile red wattlebird in our garden in the Adelaide Hills which seems to enjoy interaction with humans. I am sorry if these comments upset you, but that is the reality of the situation.

Sign me up for the Trevor's Birding newsletter! [35] Despite this, they are classified as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, as they occur over a wide range, have a large population, and the population decline is not rapid. I have been as well. Pairs of birds appear to duet, particularly at food sources, with the male producing a loud cackle and the female a whistling call. I have heard of play routines amongst parrots in the wild – Galahs for example. The birds behaviour is quite vicious, in fact on a par with a magpie. Does it recognise in Shade a hunter? We had a pair of red wattlebirds in our Melaleuca and Callistemon tree for some years. [37], Open sclerophyll forest and woodland, generally dominated by eucalypts, is the most common habitat of the species. I would be interested to hear of any similar cases. It sees your cat as a definite threat. Magpie-larks look similar to Australian Magpies, however they are smaller and have more white on their feathers, especially on the belly. Legally, you really should do nothing as all Australian native birds are protected. This one is a bit cheeky and may be new. They never nested in the backyard. [50] They seldom look for food on the ground, though do so to feed on shrubs such as the cats paw (Anigozanthos humilis). Does anyone have any advice? Hi Beth, The wattlebird’s instinct on what creatures are “safe” to have around vs what must be driven off at all costs must be like an inbuilt pattern recognition system, and sometimes it gets it wrong. Future generations will never know or see any other birds except these wattle birds.Even fires kill less bird than them because fire occurs once in a while but they are there permanently everyday. Thanks for the advice.

I would love to see some small, sweet wrens and more New Holland honeyeaters, but all I hear is the wattlebird’s nasty gurgle.

[45] They are mostly brooded by the female, but sometimes the male will also brood. These attacks may be so vigorous that most other birds are excluded from an area occupied by Noisy Miners. Hi Trevor. [57] In New England National Park, red wattlebirds would be more aggressive when there were moderate amounts of nectar in groves of flowering banksias, but were less so at lean or abundant times. I’ve made sure they have fresh clean water and I want to put out some store-brought nectar mix for them from time to time can you recommend any brands in particular? I don’t really like your advice RE cats – because I think a harmony can be reached if you are an attentive cat owner. They are usually built high in the gum trees. Hi Timothy, Thanks for your comments and questions. BB cares nothing for our other cats, and seems disappointed when they’re around and Shade is indoors. I wouldn’t be too worried about the rosellas and cockatoos; they can usually look after themselves, or will leave and go elsewhere if they feel too harassed. The Rosellas are losing feathers and the cat hides inside. I now have to coax her outside . The Red Wattlebird is defending a nest somewhere. Fortunately Ash didn’t even attempt to swipe at it, and we’ve had the luck of not having a decent hunter between our two cats.

I recently wrote about this in detail here:

[49] It often prefers plants with easy access to nectar, rather than those with tubular flowers (and thus difficult-to-access nectar). Yes I agree Lea, it’s sad that Trevor has a very limited view point in classing all cats as the same. The bird never gives up. It flies straight or with a slightly undulating pattern, alternating between gliding and flapping its wings with quick shallow beats, at or slightly above the level of the tree canopy.

[13] Unlike many species in southwestern Australia, the red wattlebird was given names by the local indigenous people that were onomatopoeic (sounding like the calls they make). Sadly, we cannot turn back the clock of history. [60], Red wattlebirds are adversely impacted by land and undergrowth clearing, and have vanished from some habitats thus altered. Both problems arise from a dramatic increase in their abundance resulting from the creation of favourable habitat by humans. [26] The distinctive pinkish-red wattles dangle from the lower rear corner of the ear coverts on either side of the neck, and there is a sliver of pink bare skin at the lower border of the white patch on the face. Solution: keep the cat inside until the breeding season is over. What’s happened to them all? [37] In addition to nectar, it takes insects and other small creatures, usually by hawking, and it also feeds on berries and other fruit. The boss around every other species which dares to come near to the bird baths. Their flight-feathers are black with a white stripe and they have a white patch between the beak and eyes. What do we do as I think that any male visitors are now in peril? I was actually excited when I first noticed it, as I was hoping it might attract Rainbow Lorikeets (introduced, I know, but a personal favourite of mine).

[22], The sexes of the red wattlebird are similar in size and plumage, the length of the adult male ranging from 33 to 37 centimetres (13 to 15 in) and the adult female from 34 to 37 centimetres (13 to 15 in). The nestlings are fed by both parents, and occasionally immature birds will contribute. Grey Butcher birds have a beautiful, melodic warble and a discordant chortling call. Have same problem with the wattle birds at present. [19], The red wattlebird is hard to confuse with any other species, though in poor visibility it might be mistaken for the spiny-cheeked honeyeater, or little or western wattlebirds. I thought it was about to feed on the many flowers in this bush. They are extremely active, noisy and quarrelsome, with a loud, harsh and varied call. [34] The yellow wattlebird replaces it in Tasmania. Furthermore, cats have been the prime reason for the EXTINCTION of many mammal species in recent years. [26], Immature red wattlebirds are generally less flamboyant. It is a stunning picture and we enjoy seeing it in flower for so long. Is there anyway I can deter this from happening they don’t attack my mini schnauzers only my poor black cat.

[37] A mainly resident population on the Swan Coastal Plain near Perth is supplemented during winter by more arriving from inland areas. The feathers of the breast, back, median and lesser covert feathers are moulted before those of the crown, remiges, and rectrices. The Red Wattlebird is a large, noisy honeyeater.

Your theory about the one being attacked being a juvenile is quite plausible. Also not a bad idea to try to befriend them. Additional 'helpers' also feed the young. The whistling call consists of up to five rapid whistles that may or may not ascend in tone, and are repeated 3–4 times. You can buy a powder to mix into water for nectar lovers. When called it will fly onto your arm and ride around on your shoulder. Magpie-lark attacks are less common, though people have been seriously injured by this species. My solution was to fly my small cheap drone around when they are present. We been having a terrific fun with him or she she been on our tree from more then 24 hours I think she past the night eating the whole apple she still have another half to go, I do feed my garden birds with canary seeds, Cook rice, the Indian dove,the miners,the king doves we live in South Australia close to Adelaide hills. It looked like a red wattle bird. That might work and will not harm it in any way. We have a Red Wattle bird that started coming around a couple of months ago, He has a crooked beak but feeds OK. After him hanging around with us on the verandah for a couple of weeks we started to feed him watered down honey which he loves. Red Wattlebirds are very territorial and can be quite aggressive. I have plenty of birds that come into/nest around my garden, and my cat never harms them – the issue is people/humans, and not cats, remember that.

Magpie-larks breed from January to December and build a solid bowl for a nest made from mud and plant material. Peter (author) from Australia on December 17, 2018: Hi Chris, the Red Wattle bird may think that you are a threat to a new born chic and is trying to drive you away. My yard is tiny – about 3 metres wide, and 20 metres across – it’s minuscule. Red Wattlebirds have mainly dark grey-brown feathers streaked with white and a large patch of yellow on the belly. Thanks for your comments Alison, but you are very wrong and quite misguided in your opinions. The wattlebirds are nesting at this time of year. However the bully bird has had children, and these have learnt from their parents that Shade is priority number one to harrass. I have an interesting case in behaviour, concerning a Red Wattlebird, whom We affectionately call ‘The Bullybird'(BB), in reference to it’s attitude toward other birds. Has he wronged it in the past, maybe killing it’s young? As they flew off two of them were aggressively chasing the third one.

Temperatures are soaring here (44 today in Melbourne and it’s not yet Xmas) and there’s no rain in sight at all so food would be at a premium for them I’m guessing. [33] They give a harsh call when trying to distract intruders from the vicinity of the nest or when picked up, often trying to flap or peck the handler. Hi Lea and Trevor Their eyes open at around 7 days. [24] The crown, forehead and upper lores (area between the eyes and nostrils) are dark brown, streaked with pale brown at the front of the crown and white at the rear of the crown.

[23] The gape is grey-black, while the inside of the mouth is orange. First immature birds are more similar to adults overall, having red irises with brown rings, wattles larger but still smaller than adults, and a greyish pink gape.

They seemed to think they owned it. this has been continuous for about 4-5 months now. [35] In 1924 in northern Victoria, the red wattlebird was described as very wary, on account of being highly regarded (and shot) for its meat. Once the wattlebird has finished nesting in a few weeks it probably won’t worry about what is in your yard. .if anyone has any way to help deter the birds and save our chickens from being tormented, I would greatly appreciate it. [1] He wrote that it was the "size of a missel thrush, but much larger in proportion". Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

[31] Both sexes commonly utter a single chock note that may be harsh and guttural or have 4–5 harmonics. The wattlebird has been dive bombing me and guests in my backyard for 2 years now.

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