W. E. Brown, D. Dollimore and A. K. Galwey (Eds. your Lab Report, also calculate the % yield. justine travis. 07g| BP: 500 ? a simple example of the use of sodium borohydride is illustrated by the 3. density        mp                           bp, C6H5COC6H5                     Print. Chem. D.C. Wigfield, Tetrahedron, 35 (1979) 449. 188 0 obj <> endobj M. Epple, S. Ebbinghaus, A. Reller, U. Gloistein and H. K. Cammenga, Thermochim. | Anhydrous Calcium ChlorideCaCl2| 110. http://www. The second is the addition of hydrogen to a bond and thirdly, the replacement of a more electronegative atom with carbon or hydrogen. When all NaBH4 was added and H2 evolution became noticeably slower, the reflux apparatus was assembled using the longest condenser possible (Figure 1. CMP: -116. M. Epple and L. Tröger, J. Chem. 12 g/mol| 0. Examples of good reducing agents are electropositive metal elements such as lithium, sodium, iron, aluminium, zinc, iron, magnesium and carbon. Nov. 2011. flask. Making the Connections? 51g of benzophenone was dissolved in 50mL of methanol. 2. Post Lab Questions: 1) Write A Balanced Chemical Equation For The Reduction Of Benzophenone By Sodium Borohydride.

[ 3 ]. C| Irritant| 6M Hydrochloric acid| 36.

Sodium borohydride, sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are corrosive; if any of these solutions come in contact with your skin, rinse immediately with cold running water. Chem., 102 (1990) 1363.

The pH was checked with pink litmus paper and HCl was continually added until the litmus paper turned blue. J. P. Dunitz and J. Bernstein, Acc. The melting point for the synthesized Diphenylmethanol, was obtained and the range was observed to be between: 65.2ºC to 66.5ºC, which is. Sodium borohydride is a weaker reducing agent than lithium aluminum hydride because th e B-H bond is less polar than the Al -H bond.

98 g/mol| 2.

46 g/mol| | | BP: -85. This process only works for carbonyl groups. Pre-Lab Complete the pre-lab assignment in WebAssign. “Stereospecific Reduction of Benzil with Sodium Borohydride; Determination of the Stereochemistry by NMR Spectroscopy. Add the hot solution to 15 gm of ice in a 50 ” Home | UW Madison – Department of Chemistry. Web.

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