They managed to get the red-coloured rig to the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, with Denny reportedly coughing up blood. Trucker Reginald Denny arrives at the Federal Building 27 September 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Most markets … Most markets will see the first part today and the second part Wednesday.

Watson says the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that data suggests African Americans have been disproportionately infected and killed, underscored the plight of people of colour in the United States. There’s no regrets. Ain’t nothing changed.”. Lindsay Brice/Getty ImagesAn estimated $1 billion of property damage ocurred during the uprising, with more than 60 people killed. “Okay, he’s moving,” described the reporter as the camera captured Denny lying face-up next to his truck. YouTubeDoctors prohibited Reginald Denny (pictured) from driving commercially after his attack due to his ongoing treatment. I feel it all as though it was me myself,” he says.

We’re holding hands and singing Kumbaya’. “If no one had helped him, he would be dead.” After he gained most of his strength back, Denny was reunited with his rescuers. Natasha Ishak is a staff writer at All That's Interesting. I don’t make this up.

“People seem to forget it was Black folks that saved my life,” he said. Black people, they get beat up for years. He points to widespread incidents around the country of young black men dying at the hands of police – Eric Garner in New York, or Michael Brown in Ferguson – as proof that the criminal justice system remained overwhelmingly weighted against people of colour.

You’re asking if I’m still upset, if I’m still angry. He unknowingly drove into the heart of the unrest, and his truck was suddenly attacked by an angry mob.

“This is a civil war,” said Denny, who needed intensive hospital treatment and later moved to Arizona where he maintains a low profile.

Denny would later appear with Watson on Donohue’s show. “Everything that happens to a black man, woman or child upset to to the utmost. “This is a civil war,” Denny said. “Those people didn’t even know him and risked their lives to aid him,” Kelley told the Los Angeles Times of Denny’s rescuers. It’s not. Angry residents took to the streets in protest over the acquittal of the white police officers who were caught on video beating an unarmed Black man named Rodney King. “I’m not going to tell you ‘Oh, everything is wonderful. It took mere seconds before the scene on the streets in front of his truck turned ugly — and nearly robbed him of his life. Or when he appeared with that driver, Reginald Denny, on The Phil Donahue Show after being released from jail, shook his hand and apologised “for my participation in the injuries you suffered”. NEW YORK (AP) _ When the truck driver beaten during the Los Angeles riots shook hands with one of his attackers in front of the cameras of ″Donahue,″ not everyone smiled.

So, I’m gonna give you what you need to hear.”. The person smashed through the window with a crowbar, hitting the left side of Denny’s face. Reginald Denny Perhaps the most ... Henry Keith Watson, on a TV talk show and forgave him. It’s ridiculous. Amid the sound of bottles breaking against the ground, tires screeching, and people screaming around him, Denny saw someone break the right-side window of his truck. The intersection of Florence Ave and Normandie Ave where Denny was attacked. Watson, who was only convicted of a minor offence and served less than six months, said he had no regrets for his actions. It’s worldwide. The construction worker was ultimately saved after the intervention of four black people – two women and two men – who went to his aid, and managed to drive the truck away from the junction, with him in it. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. Watson, who was 27 at the time of the attack, apologized to Denny “for my participation in the injuries you suffered,” though later he admitted to the press that he didn’t regret his behavior during the violent uprising.

The scene quickly escalated into one of the most violent incidents of the LA uprising. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. The problems were happening before Mr. Watson and I were born.”, However, despite Denny’s views on his life-changing assault, in more recent years alt-right groups have co-opted his image and story.

In 2016, a viral post featuring Denny’s beaten face encouraged motorists to run over Black Lives Matter protesters who blocked their path saying, “Don’t be like Reginald… if ‘protesters’ are blocking the road hit the GAS not the breaks[sic].”, Denny’s story resurfaced again on social media in 2020 following protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody. You know how British feel about black people. Or when he appeared with that driver, Reginald Denny, on The Phil Donahue Show after being released from jail, shook his hand and apologised “for my participation in the injuries you suffered”. Getty ImagesOutrage from the unjust results of the Rodney King trial boiled over onto the streets of South-Central LA. For at the past 20 years, he has run a limousine car business.

“This is not me against Mr Watson—it’s not a personal vendetta. That’s when he knew the situation was about to get worse. During an interview on Good Morning America, Denny said his truck had become stuck at the intersection due to the crowd that had congregated in the streets. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. You know how Americans feel about black people. Though Denny himself hasn’t commented publicly on the Black Lives Matter movement, based on his words from the ’90s, it seems likely that he would not be too happy to see the way his ordeal is still being used to stoke fears of Black violence and reinforce division. YouTubeFour residents came to Reginald Denny’s help including Terri Barnett (pictured), a local resident and nutrition counselor.

Last year, the mural was removed when he had his work done to his home.

Again, his story was mentioned in posts encouraging drivers to hit protestors and insinuating that truckers are in particular danger of being beaten by “rioters.”. Denny, still dazed from the chaos around him, was pulled onto the ground and brutally beaten. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate?

Denny also sought to make peace with his attackers' families, saying that Watson had "been through quite enough" having been jailed for 17 months awaiting trial. He says he is unsure about the origins of the disease, but feels that the “elites” of China and the United States, are looking out for each other. Reginald Denny: The Innocent Bystander Whose Televised Assault Came To Define The 1992 LA Uprising. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. As a news helicopter hovered overhead, Denny was pulled from his truck and beaten within an inch of his life. “He’s a really nice guy, the kind of guy you meet and you always remember because he’s just so nice,” said his roommate Don Kelley. The reason, he says, is that the structural racism that helped fuel the anger and riots following the beating of King, has not gone away.

Throughout the 28 years since the riots, Watson has continued to live close to the intersection of Normandie Ave and Florence Ave, where the attack on Denny, then aged 36, was carried out.

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