lands at the bottom (end) instead of the top (beginning) of the page.

hmmm I must say I’m new to grasshopper, and I’m not sure to understand everything. Explode a Grasshopper mesh into its faces

However, using an external image editor to reduce the range of a number of values is […], Researching implies producing lots of PDF’s. Save the .gha file and all other included .dll files there. Here's a Rhinoscript that will remove the examples you've given. I would think that the boolean the geometry would be the route to go. Use the criteria carefully. Hello all, Ive been trying to wrap my head around this concept for quite some time now.

Replaces duplicate points in a list with null values, keeping the first instace of the duplicate in place. and splitting. I give up!


While using Grasshopper, I’ve …

For instance you can test for equal N of faces + edges + volume + face area + vertices + you name it … but still … it’s 1M miles away from really finding duplicate breps. This is my take to the problem of splitting multiple curves in their intersections. Seems quite impossible to clean the data list, so the only option I see is to use a component/plugin which removes overlapping geomteries… anyone know ? Im really interested in keeping this process inside grasshopper. I created this tool because I wanted to be able to compare statistics between two countries, and I haven’t found any tool […], I created a quick Google Sheet to calculate the end time of a process based in the percentage done and time elapsed. Many of the volunteer old-timers handle it more gracefully than I do by just ignoring these threads completely. Im not a programmer so i dont think i could build an algorithm that would work this out. Duplicated buildings shared the same verticies coordinates (see image), Is there a way to call out similar virticies, find their path (or index) and remove them from the list ?

All to no avail. I know David, and I’m sorry for being so touchy and impatient about this.

However I cannot seem to find a workflow that will delete internal ‘non-duplicate’ faces for either meshes or breps. The more faces you have the longer the operation. (29.6 KB), Sorry about that, like I said I’m new here. Sometimes these PDF’s are exported without much control and become several MB large, which is inconvenient to send out to some else (e-mail) or even to the cloud or a printer. The bit mask is defined as a list of Boolean values. Well … hope dies last for sure. For some reason the Shapefile I’m using in the Meerkat plugin, have some duplicate informations.

Ive been trying to wrap my head around this concept for quite some time now. I have created such an algorithm, taking advantage of recursive computing provided by the Hoopsnake plugin. To access this information you need to have the morphocode plugin for L-systems. Test each mesh face to see if it is inside another mesh, if it is then cull it - but then you will have to find a way to stitch the result meshes back together as their will be gaps. Maybe could you post just the mesh, so we dont have to install rabbit to look into?

im not sure if im using any other tools currently in this script. Can’t explain it over and over every day to people who don’t bother to read the forum a little bit before their first post, and who believe they know better about what is relevant to finding solutions. Groups gives the right groups, but I am unsure how to then use that list to select the groups of lines. First time I’m posting in a forum don’t even know how its working and what to read…. Also, in item #3 of that list ( 3. Hey @billytalent.exe, it’s really bad form (and annoying) to always expect a personal invitation to post your model/code please! Better upload your file for good answers. Dithering is a technique to avoid banding or moire patterns.

McNeel employees are paid to grin and bear it while the rest of us are here for fun. If one 3d geo…, I found Seldup command in rhino… works fine. and splitting. Personally, I resort to booleans if there is no other options. But you have something intersting here, and its maybe a part of the solution. If you are interested I’ll try to find my approach(?) Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Deleting internal faces of surfaces or meshes that are not duplicates, Wrap the geometry with a mesher (cocoon, zbrush, meshlab, ect.). I didn’t keep it, on the right it is just line coloring with Human plugin and a color wheel. To deal with this issue, a common solution is to down sample the images in your PDF to […], A friend of mine who has been a long time SketchUp user has recently asked me how to do push pull in Rhino. However, I cannot see the whole definition Can you post the updated .gh file? Use the criteria carefully. You can download the .gh file here: The overall idea of the algorithm is to find the curve that has the shortest angle relative […]. This definition is the interior of a cluster I created that allows for the culling of duplicate items of any type based on a criteria. Which result in overlapping geometries when baked.

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