In this article, find the three best loadouts for the new pistol along with some handy tips and tricks to help you master this new weapon.

There has been a new stock added at level 34 in place of the Merc Foregrip, which was an error. It’s 2009. For more info on how to unlock Akimbo and our preferred loadout, see the video we posted on YouTube. experience. It is possible to down an enemy with a single burst, which comes out at an increased fire rate compared to single shots. Modern Warfare® Weapon First Look: Renetti, Join the Welcome Back Weekend November 5–8, Shadowlands: Adventure Awaits in the New Starting Experience, Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - November 4, 2020, Shadowlands Preview: Forge Your Own Legendary Items, Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software, Weekly Bonus Event: Battle for Azeroth Dungeons, Warcraft Short Story: “Terror by Torchlight”, A Deep Dive into the Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Campaign. Like the Akimbo configuration, this Renetti version prioritizes getting shots down range, except now, each pull of the trigger will be a burst capable of downing an enemy quickly. It’s 2009. © 2020 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY, CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, GUITAR HERO, GH, SKYLANDERS, SKYLANDERS SUPERCHARGERS, SWAP FORCE, PORTAL OF POWER, LIGHTCORE are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Suggested paired primary weapon: marksman rifle or Riot Shield, Suggested paired perks: Double Time, Restock, Amped, Suggested paired equipment: C4, Stun Grenade. Suggested paired primary weapon: assault rifle Suggested paired perks: Kill Chain, Hardline, Tune Up Suggested paired equipment: Frag Grenade, Flash Grenade, Suggested paired primary weapon: marksman rifle, LMG, Riot Shield, Suggested paired perks: EOD, Restock, Amped, Suggested paired equipment: Frag Grenade, Snapshot Grenade. Akimbo Renettis could be used in one of two ways: either as a back-up to a long-range weapon, or the offensive firepower in a Riot Shield class that is quick to switch to.

Pair that snappy trio with a Match Grade Trigger and a G.I. All this is done with the 9mm ammo type, a fairly common one for SMGs and handguns, making picking up ammo easy no matter what game mode you play and without the need for the Scavenger perk. Enjoy using this weapon once you earn it, free, at Tier 15 in the Battle Pass system. The burst fire barrel looks to give this weapon 1 shot kill potential similar to the 50GS and the .357, but it has a much higher fire rate, more ammo and more mobility than both of those weapons. Push up for close range devastation with this customization of the Renetti. When having to trek behind enemy lines, you need to have a trusty handgun that can pick off enemies at any range to pair with a quick and lethal suppressed primary weapon.

It is possible to down an enemy with a single burst, which fires at an increased rate compared to single shots. For more information and the latest intel on Warzone, visit and follow @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The Lightweight Trigger increases your fire rate by 15% which is very important when using a pistol. Infographic #2 – Loadouts, Advanced Stats & Attachment Details One note here about the stock attachments is that they severely impact your strafe speed, so although you get rock solid aim & recoil, in our opinion, they aren’t really worth the massive 20-30% decrease in your straf… Hopefully you found the Renetti attachment unlock levels helpful. Miniature reflex optic features a wide, thin frame for an unobstructed sight picture. You can view the revised policy. The Renetti blends together some of the best qualities of the pistols within the handgun class, resulting in a weapon that can fit a variety of combat scenarios despite it being a secondary weapon. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Suggested paired primary weapon: marksman rifle or Riot Shield, Suggested paired perks: Double Time, Restock, Amped, Suggested paired equipment: C4, Stun Grenade. Finally, and what’s most important, you will need the Akimbo perk. If you get at least one headshot in, then that tango will go down in just two hits. Selecting a frag grenade gives you the ability to throw it longer distances that a Semtex or another piece of equipment while the smoke grenade can be used to disguise your cover if you want to reposition to another location.

The addition of the burst mod gives the Renetti a three-round burst, increasing its damage and fire rate making it slightly quicker to take down an opponent. Looking for some new Gaming Supplies? As part of the new season, two new weapons have been added to the ever-expanding weapon arsenal – the SKS Marksman Rifle and the Renetti handgun.

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