Henry explored the idea of other possible wives until his advisor emphatically reminded of his promise to marry Elizabeth. Then in their marriage essentially War of the Roses ended. While Elizabeth Woodville supported the movement to bring Henry Tudor to England, she may well have been pragmatic enough to know it was safer to hedge her bets. Etc…. Omg No, he never thought of marrying her, Richard specifically was planning marry Joanna of Portugal, this all well known, and Gregory utterly ignores this, he was also planning on marry EOY to the later Manuel I of Portugal. Henry VII may have also feared Elizabeth would try to dominate him the way her mother dominated her father. Change ). I don’t think she hates Richard for not accepting based on historical evidence that he was some maligned, innocent king.

The original letter is no longer with us, nor are the original Buck’s notes. The Tragedy of King Richard the Third is replete with demonstrable errors of fact, chronology and geography.

He may have objected to “open adultery”, however, I don’t believe there is any historical documentation that speaks to his either loving his wife, or being a chaste faithful husband all his married life. Five months after that he married Elizabeth and the Tudor dynasty was in full swing. 6 myths about Richard III. Isn’t Ricardo supposed to be spending more time in the north of England? The negotiations came to a sudden halt with the news of the Battle of Bosworth. Anne seems to show EOY great favor and they were similar in appearance and Anne probably shared a dress with her during the Christmas festivals of 1484, probably during some type of dance. ( Log Out /  And then she intimated that the better half of Fe[bruary] was passed, and that she feared the Queen would nev[er die].”. Edward died fairly young even for back then, at the age of 40. Because Anne and Richard’s only son had died around the age of 8 earlier that year, and Anne had not shown any sign of a pregnancy to produce second child, there were plenty of rumors that Richard would need to set Anne aside in the hopes of having an heir. It was such an out there idea that it never crossed his mind or Queen Anne’s when they decided to make a show of favor towards Elizabeth. ( Log Out /  If Richard wanted to thwart a marriage between Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor, all he had to do was marry her off to anyone else. It was rumoured that Richard III intended to marry Elizabeth of York because his Elizabeth of York did not exercise much political influence as queen due to . ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Richard is still sleeping with Anne until Doctors order him out of her bed in January of 1485.

During this party , it was recorded by a chronicler, actually let me just quote it . George Duke of Clarence drowned in malmsey wine: Fact and Fiction. At some point Richard likely had a conversation concerning the question of marrying Elizabeth. The likeliest scenario is that this gossip either stemmed from a fleeting idea, like Kendall says, or didn’t come from Richard at all. However, Tristan has to marry Iseult to someone else, they have no choice, but tell each other their love lasts. However, to me, declaring it invalid because its contents are out of the bounds of possibility is naive. Elizabeth was invited to join the court of her uncle, Richard, and his wife, Anne Neville, as a guest of honor. The Woodvilles were thought to be upstarts due to the prestigious marriages and titles Edward and Elizabeth had procured for them, and were thought to have haughty attitudes to boot . That kind of reading is possible, particularly given discrepancies in grammar. A betrothal to the heir to the French throne, the Dauphin, had fallen through previously. Elizabeth of York was the oldest child of Edward IV and his scandalous bride, Elizabeth Woodville.

So logically in the case of Elizabeth, he would have to act accordingly. I see no reason to put any credence in a letter NOBODY else ever saw.

Having grown up with Westminster as the primary London base of her parents, the visit would mark Elizabeth’s first not as the daughter of the king or even a princess, but as “Lady Elizabeth,” bastard niece of King Richard.

( Log Out /  What he didn’t want was Henry Tudor/Elizabeth of York marriage, suspect if she really were a proven bastard princess, as he tried to make so legally binding. — Terry Breverton.

So what? So what? We do not know Richard’s feelings about his wife. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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