You were typing something on your phone in a sleeping position and did ever your phone hits you on your face? Have you ever said I love you to your teacher? – Have you consumed aphrodisiacs to improve your sexual performance? -Have you ever thought of cheating on me or another couple you had? We hope you would say yes and have a really great time with them. For example: ‘Have you got a car? Slept with your girlfriend naked for a long time? -Have you yelled someone else’s name while having sex? -Have you ever kissed or been kissed in the rain? Have you ever kissed your girlfriend just to taste her lipstick? I have corrected it. When you are walking through the road do you have a habit to read all the advertisement boards or shop boards? Combining aesthetics and rhythms, poetry is an important genre of …, Christmas is the most important time of the year. -Do you reuse your underwear several times before washing it? – Yes, I am. -Have you ever run to someone in your house after having sex? Have you ever got insulted in front of your girlfriend? – Have you ever been pushed into the pool with your clothes on? -If you could choose a new partner, would you choose me one more time? – Is money a decisive factor when choosing your partners? – Would you kiss someone inside your circle of friends? You don’t really want to think about anything or you don’t need to elaborate on your answer. Has Backgammon been played for 5,000 years? -Would you like a one-night relationship with me? – Have you had relationships with more than one person in the same day? – Have you ever been surpassed in intelligence by another person? Another way of asking a "yes-no- question" is to say a statement, but raise your voice at the end: Eine andere Art, eine "Entscheidungsfrage" zu stellen, ist, eine Aussage zu treffen und dabei die Stimme am Ende zu heben: Hier findest du alle Kanäle, auf denen wir dich mit Updates zu neuen Lerneinheiten und Lernmethoden, sowie hilfreichen Lerntipps versorgen.

– Would you leave your companion on a half date if the latter was a complete disaster? – Would you kill if you could do it and be free of repercussions? → Example: Yes, I am. Yes-no question are often used in surveys to gauge people's attitudes with regard to specific ideas or beliefs. In the next exercise,  look at the answer to a question. Baffle even the biggest sports buffs with a few unexpected questions. -Do people usually form the wrong idea of ​​you? If you are looking for some trivial facts without too many details, then check out the following list of yes and no quiz questions and answers. Got beaten by others with no reasons in front of your society members? Yes / No questions are those questions that expect ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as answer. Made out with a member of the same sex? Do the lizard people like to come out of the ground and sun on the rocks? -Have you ever written someone a love poem? Die Sonderform „there is / there are“, Verben, die aus mehreren Wörtern bestehen, Nebenordnende und unterordnende Konjunktionen. Yes/No questions – be (am, are, is) Subject and verb change their position in statement and question. Were you excited when you learned George Washington was you ancestor? – Have you ever been hooked with a very bad television series? Have you ever been a too serious street fight with someone? They are sitting in a row.We have clarified the doubts.I want the answer in yes/no questions, This questiona any question ia very dificult, What is the question for you need to go home, I love this this help me in my English subject, One answer is wrong in this? Danced in front… In the same way, they are ideal to create controversy, since by only answering yes or no, without explanations involved, these answers are open to interpretations. Yes and no. The above sentences become the following questions: Note two things.

– Written by Matthew Barton (copyright) / Creator of NOTE: If the answer is Yes, we always use the long form. Yes/No Question Intonation and Pitch "Yes/No Rising Pitch" in Unmarked Questions. Do Tall Whites get spooked when they see you, or do they just wave? – Have you ever been to school or work the next day without having slept a little? Slept with earphones and music playing on all night? – Do you ask your partner for forgiveness even if it is not your fault? -When you harm your partner, do you apologize? Please help us improve. -Have you ever made a compliment about your genitals? Are there 12 tiles for the letter E in Scrabble?

– Have you ever been caught evading your responsibilities? However, there are some sentences that have neither. Ask someone a weird, funny or odd question and you're likely to get a weird look from them, but if you're lucky enough, the person you decide to present your question to will not only answer it, but a great discussion will be the result of it. In North America, we add ‘Do’ to make a question when the main verb is ‘have’.

-Are you doing what you always wanted to do in your life? Do you get scared when the lights get off at night when you are alone at your home? -Would you make a striptease on your partner? No 4. – Have you used Tinder or any other dating application to make occasional sexual encounters? (The main verb is … Yes / No questions are used to check information or ask for confirmation. – Have you ever seen someone get dressed or undressed without that person knowing? After this lesson, Lesson 2 explains WH-Questions like what and who. – Do you think confessions are a way to strengthen relationships? -Does the silence bother you when we are together? Do you think anyone saw you steal that laptop? For example, I have a problem. Here are some typical examples of survey questions:

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