She probably could've joined the fight herself, but she's leaving the fighting for the one with flame powers.... After months and more months of development, Magicka Wizard is finally ready to battle. A Premium Skin for Ranno. A living, walking asernal of superior fire power. After consuming three clouds, Forsburn is charged up and can use Down Special again to combust: knocking opponents away at high speed.

This Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon was discovered in the Sinnoh region. (enjoy barely being able to see unless I... YoRHa No.2 Type B, 2B, slashes her way into the Rivals of Aether universe! Rivals of Aether is a fighting game released in 2017. did you want another random rhythm heaven character after paddler? OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 A Promotional Color for Wrastor. Play against your friends or test your skills in RANKED MODE to climb the leaderboard.

Plays voicelines from Ultimate when the match starts and ends. A Promotional Color for Zetterburn. He was the seventh human to fall through the barrier.". This color features a Red, White and Blue Wrastor with Stars and Stripes effects and an American Flag Taunt. Revealing herself from her home hidden in the depths of the Aetherian Forest, Hime joins the roster! This mod features fully custom sprites. The most Original Characer of all OCs. He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. Gatekeeper has broken free to spread chaos and despair across the land of Aether. Okay so from the Sonic fangame "Sonic Robo Blast 2" the Greenflower Zone becomes a stage for rivals. Another one from the Ashikaga bloodline, Big brother to Mayu, a forest ranger with burning spirit.

In this game you have to battle against your rivals.

Sylvanos can use Down Special to call Plants Rise and damage any opponents standing on grass. Wall-E's been cleaning up trash for over 700 years, and now he's come to clean up Aether too! POISON STACKS - Ranno’s Specials Strong Attacks and Jab Combo apply up to four poisonous stacks on his opponents. Moonchild joins the ensemble!". This is Paddler's stage, Night Walk from the Nintendo series Rhythm Heaven! It's Shy Guy, of Mario and Yoshi fame! In the Aether version, you can make your opponents misinput by hitting the GameCube controller!

His gimmick is that he can switch between 4 different types of swords using the taunt button.

Do you love the visuals and music of Rivals of Tether, but not the gameplay? The Steam Workshop makes it easy to discover or share new content for your game or software. - 96% of the 492 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. Siren the Abyssal Maiden is cursed with the ability to weave essence in and out of beings, transforming essence into missiles and creating brand new life forms to defend her. SHOVEL DROP – Shovel Knight’s signature ability is his Down Air in Rivals of Aether. By taunting, he summons Chester and can use his treasure to purchase either Relics or Armors to improve his fighting ability. You like original characters? Featuring all 12 special moves from Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mii Brawler possesses quick movement and a fast, flashy combo game, in addition to trademark special moves... Miiverse comes to Rivals with its own compatibility functions similar the original stage in Smash for Wii U. Miko Mitama is summoned by Cat God to fight in Rivals of Aether!

Orcane is a playful trickster, notorious for escaping even the most precarious of situations. This version of Cloud shares few similarities to smash, with this version having more inspiration taken from the Final Fantasy series. It features an original remix of the NSMBU Athletic Theme.

Portrait, Preview, Character Select and Result Art by Wis... "Not one death will go unaccounted for, NOT ONE!". Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,,, Ronald's neutral special, side special and up special can all be charged.

Feri is a Rushdown Fastpaced Fighter from another world, who's gimic revolves around a charm inducing down special, with the downside of a cool down in order to make sure people don't just spam it. Poké Floats. The Basic version will randomly swap between stages, while the Aether version will let you Link with entities on Bright Moon Cottage!

Each game or software might support slightly different kinds of content in their Workshop, so it's best to check out the official documentation for more details on what can be created and shared in that area. An expert in improvised explosives. WIND CURRENT - Wrastor can create a Wind Current with his Forward Special, allowing him to move faster within it and chase his targets more effectively. SEED SHOT - Sylvanos’ Neutral Special fires a deadly seed into the air. Slashe is a heavy sword fighter variant character with some shared moves from one of my previous characters, Ash. He begins it with a Poison Lunge that is quick and knocks opponents away. High away in the middle of a mountainous region lies a fountain, holding the magical power of a mysterious orb.

Once overheated she can no longer use her specials or hover, becoming more vulnerable to her enemies. My first stage using stage scripting is Yoshi's Story from Super Smash Brothers Melee!

Blue Blob, the friendly blob from the Mattyverse comes to Rivals of Aether! Able to sing at a frequency few can match, this popstar's song can manipulate ... A liberal adaptation of the classic game Pong into the Rivals of Aether engine, just move your character from left to right to control your paddle. Yoyo, from the popular stick fighting series RHG on Youtube, makes his grand entrance in the world of Aether!

AVALANCHE: Etalus can use his Down Special to shatter all nearby ice, instantly freezing any enemies who are standing on it. Bandana Waddle Dee from the Kirby series joins the battle with his signature spear and parasol!

The soft looking gymnast may appear harmless, but his kicks carry more f... As of the most recent workshop update, this buddy is no longer necessary for playing workshop with abyss runes. Please see the. DECOY – Through his Forward Special, Forsburn can create a smoke facsimile of himself that can attack opponents. Slice and dice opponents with her flashing blade. DIE MONSTER, YOU DONT BELONG IN THIS WORLD.

Directly from Deltarune, the Card Castle makes an appearance in the world of Aether!. CONDENSED STORM - Absa focuses the power of a lightning bolt to the tip of her hoof. Goku from Dragon Ball Super is here in Rivals of Aether! or returning to it after he has done business with Ronald McDonald. This skin comes with an arcade cabinet Lily and a hologram Lily taunt.

here's a stage based on the ghost houses from super mario world. My first custom character. Break the Targets comes to Rivals of Aether!

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Pomme is a technical aerial fighter who brings the float ability to Rivals of Aether.

You and your fellow rivals suddenly awoke one day in search of one thing: demon girls. Currently an Aerial Ace for the Air Armada, Wrastor is wrecking havoc among the Armada’s enemies and generals alike. Master hand joins the fray. TREASURE HUNTER – Shovel Knight’s attacks knock coins and gems out of his opponents. Entering from the Dark World, and into the Land of Aether, Kris is ready to face any challenge that comes in their way.

Minimum: They were the seventh human to fall through the barrier. Kragg is a defender of the colossal Aetherian Forest. RIVALS OF AETHER is an indie fighting game set in a world where warring civilizations summon the power of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. AVALANCHE: Etalus can use his Down Special to shatter all nearby ice, instantly freezing any enemies who are standing on it. How do the timed hits work? Her airdodges and rolls have been replaced by a dash that can go in eight directions. The illusory Forsburn breaks into smoke after being hit by a single attack.

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