For an amp in the budget price range, you’d think you’d get the same cheap wiring terminals that so many other amp manufacturers use. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I opened my amp to show you all the gritty details so you can see what I found. Unfortunately, after trying 2 identical amps and confirming the problem I can’t recommend the RXH-F5 if an affordable 5 channel amp with good sound quality is what you need.

Basically this means while it’s a traditional design, the power supply reduces output depending upon power needs to help improve overall efficiency. Overall, though, I’ve been pretty happy with how the Phenom series amps are built and mine had no manufacturing problems at all.

That makes no sense to me.

Continuous root mean square (RMS) power ratings existed long before the industry standard CEA-2006 method of rating an audio amplifier’s power came along.

No problem!

Unlike some other Phenom series amps (like the 4 channel RXA-F1 I tested) there aren’t any crossover multiplier switches to add more flexibility.

Also, when the amp overloads it literally goes into error mode and won’t turn back on until power is removed and reapplied, which does not make any sense. No problems with the power & remote wire terminals, however. They also list (as do some other manufacturers) another RMS power rating that’s measured differently.

It is similar to NobSound, Mistral, etc.

2 bad amps in a row!! Real music and test tracks, A problem with the Rockville RXH-F5’s design (noise). The rear channels offer not only a high pass filter (15Hz-1KHz), a low-pass filter (50Hz-3KHz), but also both can work together to provide a bandpass filter.

There are quite a few features you’ll get for your money and the specs are pretty good for its price range.

Or any other recommendation?

Unfortunately, installation accessories aren’t included with the bass remote.

Bottom: A high-fidelity album from Mapleshade Music featuring unprocessed, excellent sound quality used in some high-end car audio demos. The owner’s manual is surprisingly good.

This prevents damaging the plastic mounting feet as the amp doesn’t use metal mounting tabs as many do. A higher number is better, and typical car amplifiers are around 90dB and above.

It makes for a very tight space during installation and it’s easy to scratch the plastic with your tools when driving the mounting screws into place. Check out my installation guides and technical info, too! Once I got the amp I was able to install it, tune my system, and give it a real-world test.

I can’t recommend the RXH-F5 and that’s a shame – I REALLY wanted to like it as the sibling RXA-F1 is a good buy.


Music is crisp, clear, and can really jam hard when you crank the volume. You’ll need to be careful not to overtighten the mounting screws when installing it. Rockville BluTube 70W Tube Amplifier/Home Theater Stereo Receiver with... Rockville BluTube 70W Tube Amplifier/Home Theater Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth. I have had one in my personal vehicle for about 18 months now and it just failed yesterday, which was a disappointing surprise. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2019. Sadly, there’s no change and I’m easily able to reproduce it every time. Oh and wiring kit or kits to run 2 amps. 5 channel amps are a special group of car amplifier and there aren’t many to choose from – especially affordable ones. To have a fair and honest review, just in case the amp was a single defective model I called Rockville and exchanged it for a replacement.

It definitely offers a lot for the money – especially subwoofer power. Fortunately, the Rockville amps are industry certified to deliver at least the CEA-2006 power ratings advertised.

They differ in a few ways, but both are useful when comparing similarly rated electronics: Clipping is the point at which an amp can’t amplify the input signal anymore. For bi-amped custom speakers systems though, it’s not a problem. After installation, I gave the amp around 1 day for burn-in time to be sure any initial problems would show up and the parts had a chance to break in a bit. Phenom amps also offer more channel configurations (like this 5 channel version).

Join our newsletter for discounts and best products deals. I use this as the sound device for my 50" tv since the built in speakers are a joke, as usual for today's tvs, and the eidifiers driven with the bluetube makes for a perfect sound system at a great price and music sounds astounding through the bluetube, my am/fm, cd player, turntable is on input chanel 2.

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