I gave it a lot of thought and actually I can't find a real meaning. Please make a choice African Antillian Arab Armenian Belgian Bosnian Brazillian Bulgarian Chinese Croatian Cuban Czech Danish Dutch Egyptian English Ethiopian Finnish French Frisian German Germanic Ghanian Greek Greenland Hawaiian Hebrew Hindu Hungarian Icelandic Indian Indonesia Irish Italian Jamaican Japanese Korean Latin Lithuanian Malay Maroccan Mexican Mongolian Nigerian Norwegian Papiamento Peruvian Polish Portugese Romanian Russian Scottish Slavic Slovak Slovenian South African Spanish Surinamese Swahili Swedish Swiss Syrian Thai Tibetan Tunesian Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Yugoslavian, Do you already know when your puppy arrives at your home? To my understanding in English "Chick" is not really flattering it's still a sort of slang... hence the translation with "gagică" which is as you rightfully pointed out a bit derogatory and can be even considered rude by someone. "My prince" is "prințul meu"

M When the name is too long it will be more difficult to train your dog.

I would certainly not translate "chick" by "puișor". thanks, "hemeie" is not a Romanian word. I understand that in French it is different. O S bamby, leuț (little lion), floricică (little flower), filozoful (the philosopher… With meaning Without meaning

J Names with connections to Roman Mythology have …

Ap Good luck! I found out she was not his sister but was told she was his close friend. I felt hurt that he was addressing her in this way as my view is that such endearing terms should be for a love partner. Great article. Y X The Romanian male dog names sound very masculine so it will be the perfect choice to go for a Romanian boy dog name. Az D G Mr, Do you want a dog name with meaning? A unisex dog name, Do you want your dog name to have a specific first letter? It means "I love you little angel".

These cool dogs from Romanian deserve Romanian dog names. R The question does not really make sense, asked like that. Romanians use as well the English love names such as honey, bunny, baby, babe, sweetie... thus feel free to choose the pet name that suits your situation best. His lyrics are deep and meaningful, a challenge for any translator :).


I also searched for "picuța" and found out it's a rare last name.. Hi,

Please make a choice O

It could be a good idea to use our dog name generator and widen your preferences.

By the way, did you know that this website is also translated in French, https://www.learnro.com/fr It can be addressed to a man or to a woman. As long as your partner likes it, that is the most important. With meaning Romania has a lot of different landscapes due to their mountains and it looks beautiful. What type of dog name are you looking for? Due to the fact that these languages are closely related to Romanian there is a big possibility that you will find the perfect female dog name. T Yes, in a few weeks “Vreau să fii gagica mea”, It sounds quite direct as a statement, you might want to ask: "Faino" could be addressed to a woman/girl as the "o" ending is characteristic to feminine endings.

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