The list is separated into hourly methods, which can be done more or less continuously, and recurring methods, which can be done once every set amount of time. 90 recommended

Location: Second Floor of Canifis Slayer Tower, Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave, Requirement: 60 Slayer, Nose peg/Slayer helmet.

Delivery Times If you are not level 100+ combat or 50 slayer, and you can’t go to Duradel, make sure that you are going to the highest Slayer master you are able to receive assignments from. 96+ recommended 87 recommended for Nihil familiar

However, there are a couple things you can do, in order to better your chances of getting good drops, which is how to make quick Runescape money while training through this Runescape Slayer guide 1-99. Although the drops are less valuable than what the Dust Devils can drop, they are less rare and you can potentially earn much more from them in the time it takes to get your hands on a Dragon Chainbody from a Dust Devil. Slayer Level Needed: 65. 44 recommended, 95 recommended 92 recommended, 80 recommended 3 recommended, 70 recommended 30 (optional), 77 (80+ recommended) 90 recommended For a full list of all the money making methods, see the Money making guide..

68 recommended, 67 Requirements: 72 Slayer, Elemental Workshop quest, Elemental Shield, or Dragonfire Shield, Elemental Workshop quest is the requirement because you need either a Dragonfire shield or an Elemental Shield to kill Skeletal Wyvern. Some of the best methods are farming Herbs and breeding your animals then selling them either to other players or on the Grand Exchange if they are unchecked. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 85 recommended, 88 96

138 recommended So if you are on the slayer task, I recommend going to a task only area. 138 recommended Turoths drop Seeds, Herbs, Runes, weapons, and some armour. Requirements: 70 Slayer, Leaf Bladed Spear, Leaf Bladed Sword, Leaf Bladed Battleaxe, or Broad Bolts for ranged. 95 71 (92 recommended for Soul Split), 138 recommended

97 recommended, 98 (boostable from 96 with Cup of soil tea) Skeletal Wyvern are by far one of the best Slayer monsters for Old School RuneScape Gold in the game. 92 recommended 1 skill is a Combat skill.

Dark beasts are fantastic, because they give great XP, and they have pretty good drops. 91 recommended

Also note you may only create one divine location per day and that there is a limit on how many resources may be gathered per day. You’ll not be able to kill a Gargoyle unless you have the Rock Hammer which you can purchase from any Slayer master.

Move onto Page 3 to find out the 3 best Slayer monsters to make money!

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