Adventure Digest® is a free resource for outdoor enthusiasts, with everything from in-depth product reviews to expert outdoor recreation advice. If you know which model you want to buy and don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping, buying online isn’t a bad idea. Packed height also is a highly variable factor and can heavily impact gas mileage and noise while driving (and remember to factor in the added height when going under bridges, entering parking garages, etc.). What we don’t: Lacks the fit and finish of a Tepui model. Here’s what to consider when selecting a roof top tent for your adventures in the outdoors: What is a roof top tent and how does it work? All told, the Walkabout 56 is a reliable and 4-season-ready rooftop tent that’s built to handle just about anything you (or Mother Nature) throw its way. Regardless of the model you choose, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your tent. ft.Peak height: 45 in.Weight: 160 lbs.Capacity: 4What we like: Premium build quality, roomy interior, and quick setup.What we don’t: Expensive and overkill for solo travelers and those don't want a king-size bed. Why do we have the AirLand ranked here? In general, if your car, truck, SUV, or van can be paired with a roof rack, chances are you’ll be able to attach a rooftop tent. The SkyRise comfortably sleeps two (or bump up to the medium for three) and offers more headroom than most softshells with a wide ceiling and steep sidewalls. Most rooftop tents come with a fairly standard feature set that includes an aluminum ladder (sliding or telescoping), window awnings, and a hanging gear hammock.

Compare the top deals and get notified when the prices drop! It allows you to quickly and easily swap out the canopy depending on the season and weather elements. Keep in mind that 23ZERO does charge extra for shipping ($260 for the 56-inch model), but the Walkabout still is a nice value for what you get.See the 23ZERO Walkabout 56.

But despite undercutting most of the competition by around half, the Overlander still is a good overall performer: like the Kukenam above, the Smittybilt sleeps two or three campers comfortably, uses heavy-duty materials including a 600-denier ripstop polyester, 420-denier rainfly, and robust zippers and fly poles, and comes with functional features including an integrated LED lighting strip and rubber boot bag to hang your dirty shoes outside the tent. The Odyssey will withstand the hard times on the journey like low hanging branches on the trail and carries the weight of life with 250lbs of gear on top (with rack system - sold separately).

A top-heavy load drastically affects your vehicle’s center of balance, and overloading your suspension can have lasting implications. If you happen to find mold or mildew on your tent, first wash the affected area with a mild detergent as described above. Built for rugged off-road adventures, this tent is ideal for 4X4 trailers or off-road rigs. If you like to bike, ski, paddle, or surf, you might consider a rooftop tent with external storage compatibility. Regardless of which tent you choose, it’s best to sleep with the windows and vents open to encourage airflow and minimize the accumulation of condensation overnight. ft.Peak height: 37 in.Weight: 177 lbs.Capacity: 2What we like: Rooftop tent and cargo box in one.What we don’t: Heavier and more expensive than the Roofnest Sparrow above. Below our staff at Switchback Travel breaks down the best camping gear... You can leave your dehydrated, salty, and unsatisfying meals at home—today’s camping stoves bring a whole new level of gourmet to your car camping and basecamping adventures. In addition to its solid waterproofing, sturdiness, and durability, the Overland also packs a full complement of convenient and comfort-enhancing features, including three windows with mosquito netting, interior LED strips, two skylights for stargazing, an extra-wide ladder, and a plush, high-density foam mattress. Category: HardshellFloor area: 28.2 sq. It has a sunroof, mosquito netting, aluminium frame, LED lighting on the inside and many more features. But premium models don’t stop there.

He’s climbed a handful of 6000ers in the Himalayas, 4000ers in the Alps, 14ers in the US and loves nothing more than a good long-distance wander in the wilderness. Softshell Tents Hardshell Tents With the tent canopy installed, pop up the roof and you have a snug sleeping area for two, complete with a plush, 3-inch-thick mattress and well-ventilated yet waterproof walls. The good news is that most manufacturers list the closed dimensions of each tent on their product page, and it’s a worthwhile spec to dig into before buying. In our opinion, your best bet is to opt for a protective cover (waterproof/breathable) and supplement with a sheet set (brands like Tepui sell custom-sized sheets or you can make do with a standard bed sheet set). Yes. Further, unlike a ground tent, you’ll have to pack up camp every time you choose to move your vehicle, and getting in and out via ladders can get old quickly. ft.). Most first-time rooftop tent shoppers opt for softshell models, and for good reason. This product is certainly one of the best roof top tents for 2020. At only 6.5 inches tall when closed, Roofnest’s Falcon is the slimmest model on our list, undercutting even the aptly named Low-Pro above. Rugged Life - Coastal Series Roof Top Tent - Mark II. This two-person tent boasts excellent waterproofing, a robust frame and materials, and comes with very handy “bonus feature”—a large, 5′ x 6.5′ awning that provides shade for you and all the family. Denali below. Category: SoftshellFloor area: 28 sq.

Rooftop tents have come a long way since their dusty beginnings in the wild outback of Africa and Australia. As a result, we advise looking closely at these specs before buying—you’ll want to be clear on your vehicle’s load limit (both static and dynamic) and remember to factor in the weight of the rack and your bedding as well. Further, the Roofnest’s awnings and full-zip doors offer a big boost in protection from the elements (the Maggiolina doesn’t come with awnings and its doors only zip on the sides). What’s more, the Kukenam is reasonably priced, widely available at many retailers (just pop into your local REI Co-op or vehicle accessory store), and pairs seamlessly with Thule racks. As its name suggests, Thule Tepui’s HyBox is a hybrid design that is part rooftop tent, part cargo box. Roofnest also offers an XL version that’s 10 inches wider and costs $100 more, or you can opt for their simplified Sparrow Eye, a trimmed-down and lighter-weight clamshell without the cargo-carrying capabilities ($2,895). Additionally, manufacturers often add anti-condensation mats underneath a hardshell’s roof or under the mattress, minimizing pesky drips in the middle of the night and mold buildup (these also add another layer of insulation). It takes a bit more time and effort, but we like the simplicity of the design and find it to be more reliable overall. What we don’t: Hardshell tents offer better weather protection and last longer.

It has everything you can ask for… sunroof, waterproof rainfly, mosquito netting, aluminium frame and many more features.

Their 93-pound Roof Top Tent (formerly the Featherlight) is the lightest model on this list and a nice option for smaller cars, solo travelers, or those who plan to take their tent off their vehicle between trips. ft.Peak height: 41 in.Weight: 145 lbs.Capacities: 2, 3What we like: Insanely high quality and premium feature set, including a solar-powered fan.What we don’t: Expensive. Hardshells fare much better, with secure waterproof shells that last longer and stand up to the elements more than the canvas or nylon covering on softshells. Hardshell tents are the speediest to assemble—it’s often as simple as unclipping the shell, engaging the hinges, and watching the roof rise. Most share the same name to make things easier, and manufacturers also typically list which tents are compatible with which accessories. However, the Yakima weighs around 16 pounds less, and we also like the larger doors and windows, which open up the interior in a big way. In the end, the Ranger 3 strikes a nice balance of functionality and affordability, which earns it a spot on our list. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Key Features: Roof top tents have a number of benefits that make them a more appealing option than traditional ground tents to many campers. Denali is one of few models with the floorplan to back it up. 2019 has come and gone, and as with every year there are always new products that hit the market.

With standard features including a solar-powered ventilation fan, gas-strut assisted opening (setup takes 30 seconds), and LED lighting, even James Baroud's base models are a cut above the rest.

This oversize version of our top pick boasts the same rugged, waterproof construction as its smaller sibling but offers enough room for all the family. The best way to clean your roof top tent is to use a mild detergent with warm water and a sponge and then rinse the off the detergent with a clean sponge. And we’d be remiss not to mention Thule’s innovative HyBox here, which is a pop-up hardshell designed with a removable mattress and zip-off fabric walls that allow it to double as a 23-square-foot cargo box for gear storage. Paired with the annex room (which can accommodate a queen size mattress or a dining table and chairs), it’s big enough for the whole family with a combined size of nearly 100 sq.

ft.Peak height: 60 in.Weight: 140 lbs.Capacities: 2, 2+What we like: Streamlined shape that still can accommodate cargo on top.

Adventure Digest (AD) uses cookies to give you the best experience of the website. Category: HardshellFloor area: 28.7 sq. We have created the rooftop tent to take you there…with easy set up in under a minute, a 7" profile which makes it one of the lowest profile tents on the market today. And an incredibly convenient feature: both tents feature a removable canopy, which means the Sparrow’s hardshell can double as a cargo box when you need added storage space. And Tepui also offers a new “Wedge” version, which is similar to the model here but only opens in a clamshell configuration.See the Thule Tepui HyBox. All our products are tested to the fullest in the most extreme weather conditions to ensure they withstand New Zealand’s extreme weather. For those looking for a roof top tent that offers just a little bit more in the way of elbow room, the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent deserves its place somewhere very near the top of your shortlist. Pop-top and clamshell models like the James Baroud Evasion and Roofnest Falcon use their shells as roofs, with clamshells providing the strongest structure (as long as you park with the shell towards the direction of the wind) and a quieter sleep in blustery conditions. Both are functional designs from one of the most respected brands in the business, and a final decision will come down to how you prioritize price, ease of setup, and carrying abilities.See the iKamper X-Cover. Priced at around $1,000 and often found on Amazon for less, the Smittybilt Overlander is one of the best values on the market and our favorite budget-oriented rooftop tent design of 2020. Finally, expect a softshell to take significantly longer to set up and take down, similar to a ground tent (most hardshells pop right up once you release the locks or latches). In our experience, the most user-friendly tents are those made by rack companies (Thule and Yakima in particular) that are compatible with specific racks—you can purchase the rack and tent at the same time and know you’re getting a pair that works together.

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