That intricate design was done first and now they are tiling the sides and preparing the top, which will have a large cement slab placed on it. Seems daft to bury everyone in the front yard, that cannot have been happening for too long or there would be no land left. Manuia le aso. So yes it was my Great Grandfather and I have written proof as well. I can give you many examples. Rev. What I take from all this is that this song, along with many other songs, have different meanings for different people. My friend HC Tauanu’u gave me that information when I was in Auckland, NZ presenting a paper on Samoan Ancient Music (Faleula Conference, 2007). This song was written by a Minister Lauvi Anetelea Sopoaga Falealili he wrot it about a young boy named Timo who drowned. You can contact me via my wife’s email [email protected] or [email protected] if you need more info on old/new Samoan church music or traditional love songs. Manuia le aso. Solomona Lila Solomona (Karauna’s nephew… ).

Wow, Sapphira. Faauta o le mea matua lelei…; Aue ta fefe; etc). Wow sounds Great! So there must be a connection with Pisu’s family. There is still one remaining noble elder that may give you the substantial evidence that you may need, who is still alive today, residing in the village of Saleimoa and goes by the name of Italia. In my opinion the extra beats and fast pace take away meaning from the song. Seriously, I thought he was praying! I am very busy working on a new hymn book. … Insert: ..educated research. Mats are an important part of the Samoan culture. Nominate as many times as you like – just refresh the screen and start again. Review the lyrics of the song. Hi Paul you can listen to Sopoagas verses of the song sung by mapusaga youth choir/christchurch on youtube if you hadn’t heard a choir sing it before. It’s a very beautiful one at that. Jerome Grey borrowed my music Naunau i le Ufi). Manuia. Observing The Basics Of Funeral Music Classical However, based on my research and musical analysis, the tune was composed by Karauna Solomona, a well-known composer from the “Au Salamo Family in Apia/Faleasiu.” He set up a brass band in Vaimoso and entered the first brass competition in 1921, and won first place. This was done in an exchange between the village leaders of the sister who had passed away and the village leaders of her husband. His father Mata’utia Pene Solomona, Uncles Karauna Solomona, and Papalii Taime Solomona had taught many choir/band directors throughout Samoa including American Samoa (late 1800’s- early 1900’s). who had ten children. Songs are usually played in most funerals. Traditions (which the LDS church members are gradually breaking with) are for the youth to receive large tatoos when they reach adulthood. That’s all that matters. Do you have the dates Rev.

I remember a lot from growing up there though I will only list a few as we have many traditions in Samoa. Hope you’ll come up with some interesting facts regarding the origin of this song. I have photo evidence that maynot be of good use for its only photos. Would you agree? I also have to tell a story on myself, which will  give you a little insight into some of our continuing struggles with the language. Alofa tele atu. It is only 10 feet from the main fale (home). If they had said which songs they would like to be played during their burial service, honor their wishes.

Hi. You are absolutely correct that there were a lot of borrowing tunes/words in the 1900s – present. The first fabric was white, which you can see in the video below. I just call him Uncle, but anyways Rev Tumama had to ask my Great Uncle if the EFKS could use it and my Uncle had to go to Samoa and ask other elders there and they said yes, that is why EFKS could use the song. very old age and death is so remote and clinical and outsourced in western cultures. Thank you much Seumanutafa Sopoaga. Very cool. The exchange of food and fine mats are to cement the genealogical links between families related to and married into the family of the deceased. At times he had everybody laughing. This is another view of the fale which held the casket. Thank you Paul & Sapphira for confirming & validating that my grandmother Eseta Fretton Lameta Palamo from Vaimoso wrote this song. . Today, there is copyright law in Samoa that prohibits this practice. Talofa Phaira. E moni ai le poto o Solomona ” O lana fua i o’u luga o le alofa lea” Malo le foe, Malo le folau manuia. Sign up to get news from us straight to your inbox. You said he wrote it for Timo.

This song was written by my great grandmother Eseta Lameta Palamo of Vaimoso.

Around 9, we gathered in an open area where the women's organization (comprised of women from  the village as well as family members) began a processional to the main fale where the casket was sitting. No there isn’t 17 verses there is only 4 verses.

I’d post my lineage but that doesn’t matter. I never heard a choir/group that recorded different words for this song. His tunes have been borrowed with words revised by many faalumas for village choirs in flag day activities. The auntie of some ward members had passed away. I also studied Viis of songs from Savaii that people now claim wrote, that are actually written by people of special needs in wheelchairs/ or should I say market beggers that samoans themselves dont even want to acknowledge.

Yes I agree its a lovely song that is used and loved by many. Thanks. Wow - so interesting! When choosing funeral music, listen to the songs first so as to be sure that they are appropriate. I can also stop by in Falealili to view Rev. Christchurch EFKS a few years back had recently recorded it and paid tribute to the original composer. Mo’omo’oga is a common funeral song. Eseta, Sopo’aga, Solomona. They have put the casket on a mattress, so that people can sit or kneel by it. One question:What was the date that she wrote the song? They have a big funeral coming up.

During that time, Karauna Solomona, a renown composer of LMS church music was a band director in Vaimoso. They should give you guidelines on what is acceptable and what is not. I pay homage to the elder samoan freelance song writers for their gift, their songs have been passed down so many generations and will continue to do so. They contained chicken, sausage, fish, potatoes and bananas.

It reminds me of a well-known composer Talitimu Toleafoa who wrote many traditional songs for many villages (e.g. My Great Grandfather wrote that song, I have proof that my Great Grandfather wrote it too, it’s in the books of Samoan history that my Great Grandfather wrote it. You’ll hear this beautiful lament at just about every Samoan funeral. Your prayer/talk story is great. (being a humble faifeau from kua could be one of the reasons).At that time Samoa did not have CopyRights to their songs to protect their work, Sopoagas last two remaining daughters have passed away over 2-3 years ago both in their 90’s. According to retired Prof. Ueta Solomona (University of Fiji), his uncle Karauna Solomona was adopted by LMS missionaries (late 1800s?) Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven? I hope my findings have enlightened you all manuia le po.

Samoan Funeral Songs, Memorial Music Tips. Sopoaga may have borrowed this song / lament in remembrance of Timo’s tragic death.

I Love You Messages for Dad: Don’t wait for Father’s Day or a birthday to express your feelings. Research is imperative to find out the origins of music/words. It would be interesting to find out about their music history/background. The houses are on ancestral lands. Ask them if there is anything offensive, which should not be played at the event. I think it’s better to post your findings on this song after your research. I know the Seumanutafa family in Apia — I’m related to them. Sopoaga Lauvi Anetera is my Great Grandfather. This will help you avoid any potentially embarrassing situations. Alofaaga. (They took her out of the rented casket and had her wrapped in a cloth). It reminds me of a well-known composer Talitimu Toleafoa who wrote many traditional songs for many villages (e.g. Alofa atu. Sopoaga is what you can call a Phantom composer where he composed alot of songs/hymns but was never credited or acknowledged for his songs/work. Who knows…Karauna and Eseta might be related or friends? Honestly I absolutely hate it when people try and claim my families songs as there own which is why I’m so happy that you’ve posted your comment. Instead of being overly friendly, he was probably just checking to see if I was still alive!). Thank you so much for your comment, it really touches my heart that people have this kind of knowledge of my family. The ones you find online don’t do the song justice.

Karauna wrote a requiem (Vi’i) for Robert Louis Stevenson died in 1894.

As with each of the preceeding days, food was an important part and we were given two large containers of food when we arrived at 7:30 in the morning. That was pretty interesting to read! Malo lava Sapphira, According to Pisu Palamo (see his comment posted here on Dec. 7, 2013), the words were written by his great grandmother, Eseta Palamo in Vaimoso. I told Mike that it looks like this dog must miss whoever it is that is burried here! Alofaaga. They call them matai (not positive on the spelling)  Most of them have tatoos on their bodies. Do you know where Lila’s name originated from? Very interesting! I hope my information has been useful to you and I may need to further my reserach and go to Vaimoso. can you please translate this beautiful song for me please? The one shown here would take several ladies several months to make. I'm really amazed that I didn't open my eyes and peek, especially since the young man sitting next to me kept pushing up against my legs during the prayer. The men without shirts are village leaders. I am looking forward to meeting Eseta’s family in Vaimoso next year. Manuia le aso, Malo lava Sapphira, It’s very interesting if we look at the first verse “Mo’omo’oga sa molia….ta nonofo faatasi i lenei olaga” (it was a wish/prayer of a woman that she lived together — ta nonofo — with her together in this life) and the ending lines of ‘tali’ (Musu e… La’u penina, la’u pele toatasi (my pearl, my only dearest one). I also have families there. Forums like these help provoke conversation and consider the facts and authenticity as mentioned by Paul & Sapphira. They are known for their traditional love songs (e.g.

Last Update: 2019-12-10 Usage Frequency:. The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to Godʼs law, nor can it do so. That line refers only to my one and only child inscribed by a woman. Alofaaga. This is a family member, at the casket of the deceased.

That is why I wanted to know if Timo was a son/daughter or member of the church. We attended the last day, when the service for the community was conducted, as well as the burial. Oi si a’u Rosa e, by MPS) and church music (e.g. Well, very interesting discussion! Anyone can change the words to fit its purpose but it cannot take away the uniqueness of the original words. He led the Vaimoso brass band that led the Mau demonstration against New Zealand, the very demonstration during which Tamasese Lealofi was killed by New Zealand troops. Stream LDS SAMOAN FUNERAL SONG - PIANO ARRANGEMENT BY DINI TUILETOA at BISHOP NISAS HUZE by Dj YEAh from desktop or your mobile device Everybody takes off their footware, mostly flip flops out of respect. I totally agree with you, hopefully with the new findings wont open a world war 3 lol Sopoaga and Eseta are probably from the same generation. Anyone could borrow a popular music and write his/her own words. They are also to affirm the relationships between the village and the family of the deceased. Talofa Sapphira — you posted Timo was drowned and Sopoaga said Timo fell from a coconut tree?

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