This chart highlights the differences between living trusts and wills: Oklahoma doesn’t levy an estate tax – or an inheritance tax, for that matter. Setting up a living trust in Oklahoma makes sense if you are worried about whether your heirs will have to wait for probate to end before receiving their inheritance. Both are key parts of a solid estate plan. MS Word. Rich Text. Why does the Oklahoma Secretary of State show my LLC as terminated or expired?

After all, a living trust is a legal document that requires technical knowledge about the law. It all depends on how you create it and how complex your estate is. If you want to make sure you’re loved ones receive part or all of your estate without delay, an Oklahoma living trust can help them avoid probate. Many people, though, prefer to hire an attorney, whose legal fees can easily jump to $1,000 and beyond. A: A revocable or living trust is a written document provid­ing for the management of your property which becomes effective while you are living, unlike a will which takes effect after your death. The primary purpose of a living trust is to avoid probate, the court process that approves and enacts your will. While living trusts aren’t only for the wealthy, they are not necessary for Oklahomans whose estates are worth less than $200,000.

Use SmartAsset’s. This estate planning tool allows your heirs to receive your assets without waiting for probate, which takes longer in your state than the states that have adopted the Uniform Probate Code. Take these steps to establish a revocable living trust in Oklahoma: Start by determining which assets you want to put in the revocable living trust. A trust provides continuity because it is a separate entity that continues in existence after your passing. (Fees for retitling your property and assets will add to your costs.). Unfortunately, however, Oklahoma is not one of these states. Download this Oklahoma Revocable Living Trust form which provides a method of making sure your wishes as to your assets and property are carried out after your passing.

Oklahoma is one of the states in this country that does not use the Uniform Probate Code.

The grantor may specify in the trust document that funds should only be disbursed for education purposes until the child has obtained his college degree. Why would you use a trust? What are the consequences when an Oklahoma corporation is suspended by the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Rich Text. With a revocable living trust, you can name yourself as the trustee (you must name someone else with irrevocable trusts) – and maintain control of the estate. SAMPLE OF A REVOCABLE TRUST by Karin Sloan DeLaney, Esq. Create the trust document with trust-building software or with the help of an attorney. Assistance in transferring all trust-appropriate assets to the trust; Review, revise and finalize documents based on client feedback. MS Word. So don’t do it alone. Other people who should consider a living trust are those who want to provide for a disabled heir, own property in other states that also have lengthy probate periods or have complicated directions for their estate (such as delaying distribution of a property until a second spouse dies).

If you name yourself as the trustee, you can continue to manage your assets during your lifetime. This because there are plenty of dangers to DIY estate planning. Here are several blog posts I wrote discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Trusts and Wills. Even if you set up a living trust, you should also write a will.

The revocable trust package includes services which are necessary to establish a comprehensive estate plan including: Revocable Living Trust Agreement (one, two or more depending on the facts); Pour-over Last Will and Testament for Husband.

Some may be more suitable to your situation than others. You can also say in your will how taxes and debts are to be paid. Be sure to explore all types of trusts before you decide to create one. When is a Revocable Trust better than a Will? A trust is flexible, because a… Adobe PDF. But if your estate is larger than that, a simple or revocable living trust won’t protect it from Uncle Sam. If your estate is worth more than $200,000, you should consider creating an Oklahoma living trust. A trust is a private document, unlike a will. The _____[(1) your name (or name of trust, if different)] ... After the death of a spouse, the surviving spouse can amend his or her continuing revocable living trust, Trust 2, as defined in Section V, Paragraph (B). Let me know your thoughts and questions. A living trust is just one type of estate planning tool. 114. Some hover around $80.

Name a trustee, who will manage the assets in the trust. First Name and Wife First Name Last Name Living Trust 2-1 . A living trust will also enable you to provide for a disabled heir or set the terms for when property is distributed. There are several factors that come into play when determining whether a Trust or a Will works bests in your situation. To get started on this project, please let me know you would like to move forward and I will email you an engagement letter. The Grantor has this day delivered … If you do, you’ll also have to name a successor trustee to manage the trust should you become incapacitated or pass away. Oklahoma estate planning using a revocable living trust as the centerpiece It is a good idea to have either an Oklahoma revocable trust or an Oklahoma last will and testament in place to take care of your family. For help with complex estates, consult a financial advisor.

For instance, a grantor may have a child who he fears would use the funds to buy a corvette, before he thought of paying for his education. Baldwinsville NY 113. Transfer assets and property into the trust by changing titles from your name (and the name of your spouse for joint trusts) to the name of the trust. It is a good idea to have either an Oklahoma revocable trust or an Oklahoma last will and testament in place to take care of your family. With a will, you can cover what happens to property you didn’t or couldn’t transfer into your trust.

Oklahoma Revocable Living Trust Form: Download this Oklahoma Revocable Living Trust form which provides a method of making sure your wishes as to your assets and property are carried out after your passing. Is an Oklahoma Divorce the answer for you? First Name Last Name is referred to in this trust as husband, and Wife First Name Last Name is referred to in this trust as wife.

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