"Everything's fine, it's great, it's Miller time." "Also, in February 1974, a man named Samuel Byck attempted to commandeer a plane at Baltimore Washington International Airport with the intention of forcing the pilots to fly into Washington and crash into the White House to kill the President. His role in the musical is built largely around the tapes sent to Leonard Bernstein and other famous public figures, which he "records" during two scene-length monologues, the first addressed to Bernstein and the second to Nixon himself. Who do we trust? His role in the musical is built largely around his tapes sent to Leonard Bernstein and other famous public figures, which he is depicted recording during two scene-length monologues, the first addressed to Bernstein and the second to Nixon himself. Dick!

The History Channel a également diffusé une émission spéciale sur Byck intitulée The Plot to Kill Nixon .

They lie about what's right, they lie about what's wrong, they lie about the FUCKIN' HAMBURGERS! byck. Assassins: The American Musical. Before the police could gain entry to the aircraft, Byck committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Would it be bad for me to use a monologue that has swearing? Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the... Time Magazine and BraveHeart: "Lecturer Of Truth". He enlisted in the US Army in 1954, was honorably discharged in 1956, married shortly thereafter, and had four children. In early 1974, Byck made his decision to assassinate Nixon.

Entering the cockpit he ordered the crew to take off. You know, Dick—in this, the waning hours of your administration, it seems appropriate to look back at your long years of public service and to conclude that as our President, you really bit the big one. L'avion n'a jamais quitté la porte et l'emploi du temps de Nixon n'a pas été affecté par la tentative d'assassinat, même s'il était à la Maison Blanche à l'époque. Police outside the airplane shot into the cockpit and hit Byck twice. It wasn't, but it is. I leaned forward slightly in my seat as a certain proprietor smiled deviously.

And schmucks like you, you're tellin' us it isn't? In 1972, Byck began to suffer from severe bouts of depression after his wife divorced him and after experiencing many business failures. [1][2][3] After pilots Reese (Doug) Loftin and Fred Jones told him they could not take off until wheel blocks were removed, he shot them both and grabbed a nearby passenger, ordering her to "fly the plane".

[6], Since Byck was already known to the Secret Service and because legal attempts to purchase a firearm might have resulted in increased scrutiny, Byck stole a .22 caliber revolver from his friend to use in the hijacking. SAM BYCK Monologue (Byck sits on a park bench as he sends a tape recording to Leonard Bernstein) (He slowly walks in. [1][9] Byck told a flight attendant to close the door, or he would blow up the plane. Do they? What the hell is goin' on here, Dick!? Grandma lives in packing crate. He shot and killed Maryland Aviation Administration Police officer George Neal Ramsburg before storming a DC-9, Delta Air Lines Flight 523 to Atlanta, which he chose because it was the closest flight that was ready to take off. He enlisted in the US Army in 1954, was honorably discharged in 1956, married shortly thereafter, and had four children. Un examen des dossiers a révélé que Byck avait été arrêté deux fois pour avoir manifesté devant la Maison Blanche sans permis, et qu'il avait plus tard vêtu un costume du Père Noël pour une autre manifestation. The best monologue in the piece. He intended to crash into the White House in hopes of killing U.S. President Richard Nixon.

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