Requested Input File Is Invalid Since Libre supports exchange with the Microsoft standard file formats, I'm not sure of the demand among our users.

WARNING: Some character data was lost during transcoding in column: QSORRES at obs 175. This prompts the question: When does SAS plan to allow data set options with the XLSX LIBNAME engine? Segmentation Violation. Not exactly, but you can generate a list of sheets (tables) easily: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Need further help from the community? Hi Chris, 8 41971 0.5236111 41971 0.5291667 I have used import Macro with Infile. If you have SAS/ACCESS to PC Files, you can use PROC IMPORT DBMS=XLSX or LIBNAME XLSX to accomplish this. The coloring and more are field attributes within those XML's. Hi David, I'm not sure what's happening for you here.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. We smuggled Yet Another Excel Engine into a SAS release. Can you help me how can I get this donme. Keep up the good workI tried range with dbms=xls but it didn't work but when i changed dbms= EXCEL it worked just fine? Would you know if a pivot table built with a data source coming from a proc export in SAS is considered a reference? She has presented over 90 papers at local, regional, and international SAS user group conferences, and currently works as a consultant through her company, Avocet Solutions.

- &c1. The Autosave location for EG is usually something like "%appdata%\SAS\EnterpriseGuide\7.1\ProjectRecovery" on you local machine, so be sure to check there for historical versions of you project file. For these reasons, I recommend using DATA step to copy the Excel content that you want to another SAS library, then CLEAR the XLSX library to free the lock on the Excel file. I tried to recapture the EGP from the location assigned as the Project Recovery area on Windows, but the only thing saved there, was the last copy of a program I had last executed, nothing else from the EGP. You can't automatically change the sheet names on the way in, but you could use PROC DATASETS to copy and rename the data members into another library. The entire .EGP was lost and unfortunately our IT is not doing backups of SAS-related files in this filesystem at a new data center. With the XLSX LIBNAME engine, you can convert an Excel file to a SAS data set (or vice versa) if you want to, but you can also access an Excel file directly without the need for a SAS data set. it is damaged. From the doc: The XLSX engine allows the sequential reading of data only. I'd suggest tracking with SAS Technical Support -- they can get you a definitive answer. proc import datafile="C:\Users\data.xlsx"DBMS=excel replaceout=Report;mixed= yes;getnames= yes;DBDSOPTS= 'FIRSTOBS=9';sheet='Compliance Report';run; When i used the above code i am getting the data into dataset but the variable names become F1, F2, F3.......... proc import datafile="C:\Users\data.xlsx"DBMS=excel replaceout=Report;mixed= yes;getnames= yes;datarow= 9; When i am using the above code i am getting an error stating that "ERROR 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order.". I have a question I am using the following: You can't use DATA step to read an Excel file directly. Hi,can we import sasb7dat file to SASUniversity Edition ? which is done by defining Sheet = "Sheet Name"Deepanshu Please correct me if I am wrong, Hello Deepanshu,The below command is not working when I provided variable name in Second Row of Excel sheet.PROC IMPORT DATAFILE= "E:\SAS Code Repository\Book1.xlsx" DBMS=XLSX OUT= TEMP REPLACE; NAMEROW=2; STARTROW=3; GETNAMES=YES;RUN;when I import excel file It still Takes variable name row as an observation and create Variable names as A,B,C...Z .Please suggest.RegardsRajat. I would copy the path directly from the explorer to make sure there wasnt a small typo somewhere as well. cpu time 0.01 seconds. NOTE: Libref RSSB was successfully assigned as follows: If you think this is NOT the case for your workbook, you should open a case with SAS Technical Support with the details. And have you seen this blog post about SAS and Excel and Pivot tables? For example, the XLSX engine does not support Excel named ranges (which can surface a portion of a spreadsheet as a discrete table).

I would expect that .csv files would allow for larger amounts of data due to the file type? All tabs have data in them and all of the source headers are "Variable name" (which get converted to "variable_name" in SAS). Susan Slaughter (left) is best known as one of the authors of The Little SAS Book. If you have a large Excel Workbook with many Worksheets inside, you can also import specific sheets into SAS, one at a time. 396 set lk.decodes ; out=tp dbms=XLS replace; sheet=sheet1; GETNAMES=YES; If you don't have SAS/ACCESS to PC Files licensed/installed, and you do have Excel installed on a local Windows machine along with SAS, you can try to use DDE. Error code=80001019, This looks like a bug in the XLSX engine. 1. You have raised a good point. workbook. How to solve this? Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is the link:, This note says "The problem occurs when the named range includes only one cell.

What do you mean by 'use a macro'? Therefore, the designated size for this variable during the compilation phase is 32,767. Using SAS 9.4 TS1M4, using HEADER=NO in the LIBNAME statement with the XLSX engine gives an invalid option error. Work with SAS Tech Support if you continue to see errors. if the file is open. 1 CLASS DATA TABLE. It is either not an Excel spreadsheet or To define a named range in Excel, highlight the range of cells to include and simply type the new name of the range in the Name Box: Then to import into SAS, specify that range name in the RANGE= option: The original question asked for a method that didn't use RANGE=.

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