Upstream from Lake Huron you will find one of Ontario's best trout and salmon runs.

The Upper Saugeen River will be the Colder Trout waters of the river, the central portion is still a cold-water section but is warmed as the season progresses into summer, then the lower sections that are warmer water which are only cold enough for the migratory species to run through to reach the cold-water spawning grounds. #12, Box 150, Formosa, Ontario. 100%. From the headwaters in the Dundalk area to the Town of Southampton where it empties into Lake Huron, it falls a a total of 1,158 feet - a distance almost equivalent to the height of the Empire State Building! People come from all over the world for the Fall Steelhead run of the Saugeen River and from our camp, you will be on the river in just a few minutes. The updates come from a combination of creel clerks and other DNR staff around the state and reflect past fishing conditions over the last seven days. For river levels on the Saugeen River (current and historical data - Station #5) or Teeswater River (Station #2) - please see Environment Canada  This is a map link. Following a great day of Bass fishing come back to the camp, relax at your campfire in the evening reminiscing of the great Smallmouth day you have just had and of the Trophies you have just released and figure out the Tactics for tomorrows adventure. The Chinooks or better know as “Kings” have been migrating the Saugeen river for a great many years and when caught earlier in the season, they can be an incredible fight when presenting flies or casting lures. We ask that you release all these old Bass. Weekly Fishing Report. Large bulky flies are the trick with fast strips, and you will make this large predator attack. The Saugeen River can be broken down into 3 major sections. A good population of salmon run through the waters of the Camp and are great fun in late August and into the end of September. middle of December. The Saugeen River is the third largest river system in Southern Ontario at approximately 198km in length.

On fly gear recommended weights are 9 or 10 wt.

Sample local hospitality in area hotels, motels, campgrounds, B and B's and eateries.

Local shops stock a wide variety of tackle bait and outdoor supplies.

Given the size and depth of the lakes, they are for lack of better words “Inland seas” compared to most fresh water bodies of water. Saugeen Conservation has over 20 automated gauges across the watershed that monitor water conditions and levels. For river levels on the Saugeen River (current and historical data - Station #5) or Teeswater River (Station #2) - please see Environment Canada This is a map link. class with a few we have only heard about in the mystical 8 lb. Steelhead are world renown as the fastest fighting fish in freshwater. Compared to the Smallmouth you would find in a lake; these fish fight so hard with great jumps and runs you will think they are a different species! A very rough estimate of 50 % of the entire Steelhead migration is that of fall run fish. More. For many this is the Steelhead of choice. Once again, a slow growth fish, so handling is with great care, you are better to support the fish in the water “Not Out” for that awesome photo with a quick release back to the depths of the river.

The mid reaches of the river might not hold as many fish but can sure provide all the explosive takes and fights a musky angler would enjoy through the course of a day or evening fishing them. The route itself begins officially in the Town of Hanover, although there are many other locations where one can put in and canoe or kayak for the day. An incredible display of acrobatics, fierce runs and total explosive chaos is the best description I can make of fall Steelhead. Fishing Map - (pdf) Download a large map  to see all of the lakes and rivers of the area. We are very fortunate to have Bass well into the 4-7 lb.

So why not. 1st of June, 1st Saturday of June to approx. October 30, 2020. Take only photographs and leave only footprints, or in this case, paddle strokes!

Sample local hospitality in area hotels, motels, campgrounds, B and B's and eateries. We are located just upstream of the upper limit of open season for the fall Steelhead fishery and will do our best to keep you informed of the progress of the fall run. For a great number of years, the Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario has been successful in stocking the great lakes with a Chinook Salmon originally found only in the Pacific Ocean. 1078 Bruce Rd.

When a Steelhead takes the fly, complete chaos sets in and the explosive jumps and runs these fish are capable of is what is so attractive to Anglers all over the Globe. TRESPASSING for TROUT Large Flies & Large Browns On The Saugeen River | Saugeen River Trout Fishing - Duration: 5:31.

World class Trophy Smallmouth Bass are a resident species of the river and can be found in all the classic haunts in which large bass love to hold. y 31. ÿB. [email protected] Giant class. If you were not aware this species, when found in cold, clean water rivers has a very long life, a 20” bass can be over 20 years old and they are incredible quarry on a fly or spinning rod. Then head back to camp and tell the Tale of the Legendary Saugeen Monster “that you landed”. In that book, he placed the Saugeen as the number 1 spot for trophy Smallmouth in North America. I was with my grandpa and my dad. Graphical presentation of real time levels at Port Elgin (station#02FC001) and Walkerton (station #02FC002) can be found at the following website administered by Environment Canada. This species, because of a long life is fragile.

Whether you would like to fish the waters of the Camp or move to other areas all short drives from the camp, you can experience the awesome Trout fishing the Saugeen has to offer and be back at your site in time for the evening campfire.

Our bass season runs from the 4th Saturday of June into November and can be found in all the waters Flow around the Camp or water that can be accessed within a short drive from the camp. These amazing fighters are bright silver,” not in spawning colors yet”.

Spin fishing with lure or floats will also work on this river. Please respect the Saugeen River Canoe Route. 1078 Bruce Rd. The birds are busy setting up their nests, the trees start to bud and as the snow melts and the river rises the great Steelhead of Lake Huron and the Saugeen River begin to make their annual Spring Spawning run up past the camp to the nursery tributaries where the fine gravel becomes the spawning grounds for these incredible migrating Rainbows. The Saugeen has become well known for its Musky fishery and the great sport it provides. CANADIAN. **Please check the Ontario Fishing Regulations for accurate opening & closing dates for species**, 1343 Bruce County Road 4 / RR2 Walkerton, Ontario / N0G 2V0, 4th Saturday of April to approx. The beginning of each year at the Camp is the onset of Spring. Simply enter Ontario, Canada and narrow down the pins on the map to either the Saugeen River  (Station 5) or the Teeswater River, (Station #2). The warmer sections of the lower parts of the river do have the highest density of River Musky. Some of the best dry fly fishing in the province of Ontario is yours to be had during the Spring Hatches of Caddis and Mayflies. #12, Box 150, Formosa, Ontario.

If you love to cast lures or streamers this river will and can present you with some huge Trophy Brown trout.

The top two sections of the river are home to a good diverse population of all three trout species, Rainbows, Brown Trout and Brook Trout.

Fishing Resources But the great positive for anglers, when they move to their spawning waters the other great species of the river structure downstream to feed on the abundant protein trail of eggs coming out from their nest. For more fishing information be sure to check out the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Fishing Regulations for the Saugeen river, SVCA Our Spring Steelhead season begins with the onset of Trout season (4th Saturday of April and will complete when they leave the river around the first of June to return to the lake, they call home. Even off our property we have seen several beautiful rainbows and browns sipping mayfly spinners during the evening hours.

The Saugeen River's naturally sheltered feeder streams and spring-fed lakes are also prime waters for brown trout, bass and pike. Steelhead fishing at the Saugeen River. If I had to label it, they fight almost twice as hard as they will in the spring. Like the Steelhead fishery of the Spring, we enjoy a great Migratory run of fish that enter the river very early for the spring Spawn, these are the Steelhead that push into the river each Fall. Just a 5-minute drive from the camp you will enjoy an extended season of the Saugeen until December 31st, which will allow you to access the fishery at any time during the day. If one is taken, it will take 20 years to replace it and all the off spring it would produce would be lost forever. The Upper Saugeen River will be the Colder Trout waters of the river, the central portion is still a cold-water section but is warmed as the season progresses into summer, then the lower sections that are warmer water which are only cold enough for the migratory species to run through to reach the cold-water spawning grounds. B L O G. MORE. SVCA The waters of the Saugeen River from Denny's Dam to the westerly edge of the concrete abutments situated downstream from the said dam, County of Bruce. it was our first float down the saugeen and we cot lots of fish. I’m sure that’s kind of how that thought process came to be!

The weekly fishing report is intended to give you an idea of fishing conditions around the state. But like the rest we asked you to put them back so they can finish the spawning cycle they came to the river to do! They do spawn in the river and once they are in the river for a length of time, do tend not to take flies or bait to easily.

34150 South Fraser Way Abbotsford, British Columbia T 604-746-1481 . The Saugeen River is one of the most popular canoe routes in Southern Ontario, the majority of which passes through private land.

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