Does WEBTOON withhold any taxes from my payments? Your favorite comics, but in a shirt form. Check your Coin Purchase/Use History on the ‘My Series’ tab to track your purchases. If you are experiencing problems accessing unlocked episodes due to a purchase error, contact us at. You can access your reading history from ‘My Series’ once you log in again with your account. For PC web, please go to your account page to access the Promotion Coin menu. This amount will update on your dashboard on July 21st. . We share 50% of the net ad revenue with you! Whether you like 1 or 100 Webtoons you are always welcome here! How do I put music/gif/animations into my series? I've used up all my Daily Pass. - If clearing the cache does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you reinstall the app. My history, subscriptions and coins disappeared. You can manage your downloads in the ‘My Series’ tab, under ‘Downloads.’. If you don’t see your Coins, try checking your balance after closing the app completely and starting the app again. If you are using an iPhone, you can use the guest-user feature to purchase Coins. They cannot be accessed or used on Android devices. ● Violations of Ad Display Terms of Service. Can I delete my history for Fast Pass and Daily Pass (payment history)? Look for episodes that display the Fast Pass icon, and you can access them with Coins. If we find that you’ve violated the Agreement or our Terms, we will notify you by email. The content review takes place when you apply for Ad Display on your series. Coins are not interchangeable between Android and iOS due to the platform providers' policies. Hello, I am Dyumint. Check to see if you are logged in to the correct account. 1. I keep getting a "Payment in progress" message. The withholding rate depends on the Tax treaty between the US and your country of residence. Your submission will be rejected if it needs to be revised. 73.5k likes, BL 07/12/19. Your Coin balance may increase if your content purchase was refunded due to service issues. Look for episodes that display the Fast Pass icon, and you can access them with Coins. A select number of completed series will be locked. You can also unlock the episodes using Coins, and these episodes will be available to you for as long as the series is on WEBTOON. Posts (3) Wall . You will find the ‘AD SHARING’ tab under ‘MY WEBTOON’ if you are publishing one or more series on your WEBTOON account. Our system does not support the modification of Fast Pass and/or Daily Pass history. We want to keep this program sustainable for everyone involved, and open the possibilities of more revenue in the future! Just how to be close to your crush? If you are using an iPhone, it's possible that you used the guest-user feature to purchase Coins. How do I change the app's display language? Try logging in again using the original sign-up method. You can join the Ad Revenue Sharing Program by clicking the ‘JOIN’ button, selecting your creator type, and agreeing to the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service. Your balance will then be $130 on July 21st. I want to provide a translation for my favorite series. To access your original account, please login using the correct sign in method that was used for the original account.​. Direct credit card payments for Coin purchases are not supported at this time. You can use Free Coins the same way you would use regular Coins to unlock episodes. Your history, subscriptions, and downloads do not carry over to different display languages. To opt out, click the 'Opt out' button at the bottom of the 'AD SHARING' page. You may even learn something. There are no age restrictions on spending Coins if you are a WEBTOON app user. You can contribute your own translation by visiting: * You can only contribute your fan translations at: Which devices does the the WEBTOON app work on? Can I use Coins to access paid content across multiple languages? How do I subscribe to my favorite series?

Please refer to the information from the IRS website, Your suggestions, feedback, and ideas are always welcome! The episode will be locked again after 14 days. You can check the number of remaining Free Coins and their expiration date, and your Coin purchase history by going to the ‘MY’ tab and tapping ‘My Coins’. This is not an exaggeration! Mobile: Tap ‘MY’ at the bottom of the home screen on the WEBTOON app to enter the ‘My Series’ page. They cannot be accessed or used on iOS devices. If your balance is still not updated, contact us at. The WEBTOON app allows you to download Originals so you can read your favorite comics on-the-go without a network connection. You can change your email notification settings in the ‘EMAIL’ menu. 2.3m likes, BL If you have been restricted, or your Ad Revenue Sharing Program has been cancelled, you will not receive your balance. Can I register my Payment Method using Internet Explorer? Each unlocked DP episode will be available for 14 days. Your regular Coins are used after all your Free Coins have been used. We are unable to offer tax advice. You can access any episode you unlocked using Coins from your account while the respective series remain on our service! If you attempt to make another payment before a previous payment is complete, the system automatically blocks any payments from being made. You can also unlock the episodes using Coins, and these episodes will be available to you for as long as the series is on WEBTOON. Check the amount of Coins required from the pop-up information which appears before you unlock Fast Pass for a paid episode. Share this series and show support for the creator! So watch out, boys! My auto login was disabled and ‘My Series’ history has disappeared. There’s a mistranslation in an Original or something I want to suggest. 2020 WEBTOON CANVAS Awards Oct 31, 2020 like2,522 #81 EDIT Episode 23.2 Oct 30, 2020 like 4,152 #80 EDIT Episode 23.1 Oct 28, 2020 like 4,437 #79 EDIT I can’t find Coins I’ve purchased or episodes that I’ve unlocked.

LINE is currently one of the most popular webtoon platforms out there as it features both native and translated webtoons, making it …

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